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gifting codes

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by tomlithegreat, Dec 10, 2018.

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  1. tomlithegreat

    tomlithegreat New Member

    I've got 13 extra codes for zeraora (NA only)
    They had a bunch of extras at gamestop and the girl there gave them to me.
    Anyway I don't need this many so i'm giving them out.
    I don't need anything in return or w/e

    If you want one just post on here and i'll PM you the code.
    and again these are NA codes only.

    I also have 1 Ho-oh/Lugia code left so if you need it just say so.
    i'm just gonna give them out first ask first serve.
  2. te0001lm

    te0001lm Well-Known Member

    Hi there, can I have your ho-oh/lugia code please?
  3. Ashley G

    Ashley G New Member

    hi there can I get a Zeraora code please? thanks.
  4. narachan

    narachan New Member

    If you still have any zeraora codes, may I have one?
  5. Jumbletuff

    Jumbletuff New Member

    A Zeraora code would be appreciated if you still have one. Thank you!
  6. Decitime

    Decitime Member

    I didn't even notice the Zeraora event was taking place, I'd love a code if you still have one >.,,>/
  7. Decitime

    Decitime Member

    edit: Zeraora is also the last pokemon I need in my UM game... it's NA
  8. E561MR

    E561MR New Member

    Do have have anymore codes left to give me one? Thank you.
  9. Ghost94

    Ghost94 Legend Collector

    Hi, can I have the Zeroara code please?
  10. jeanLUC#C

    jeanLUC#C New Member

    Hi man could be late if you still have the Zeroara code that would be cool , if not not harm no foul (but would be cool if you did )
  11. Gijimu

    Gijimu Mirage Island Master

    • Bumping Topics
    Is there any way to get a Zeroara now? GTS?
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