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Metallic Spark

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Hi! I'm new to this forum...at first I noticed those trainer cards and I loved them! So I went to the fan art section and got one AZAP! Then I went to the adopt a newbie section and me is still waiting to get adopted....another thing I've noticed is that everytime I post somewhere that thread dies....which would mean that I have the power to destroy serebii....lol :p (No that wasn't a threat) XD

But whatever, just came here to say hello and hopefully get some friends...so...uh.....HELLO!
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Welcome fellow newbie! Serebii is very addictive, PM me if you want to be friends ^^

Metallic Spark

2 hawt 2 b stalked
Thanks^^ And yes I've noticed that Serebii is addictive, now I have to visit the site daily...-_- Even though I have other things to do :p