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I got Pokemon Ranger and now I'm stuck. I can't catch charizard!

Every time I try I either hit one of the little flames on the ground or him. I can't get more the three circles around him. I'm really stuck, please help!

Shiny Ho-Oh

Well-Known Member
Your doing the 3 challenges right? When he makes those flames around him, tap on the flames around charizard (not all the flames only the flames around him.) You'll lose some styler life but you'll be able to catch him easily. Hope I helped!


Zigzagoon luv
And be sure to have Plusle/Minun's electric Guage Full. ^_^
And then after you get rid of the flames, Parylize him, and you'll live. :p


Obsessive Beader/Mod
Discharge definitely helps here.

If all else fails, try circling him SLOWLY, going around all the fire and such and following him as he moves around.

legends r us

<-----feel bad!!:(
hold the stylus down more often...