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Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Ayra, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Ayra

    Ayra ~Master Coordinator~

    I'm writing a story, but, I'm having a hard time with the editing. I don't know what I should change and what I shouldn't change. In addition, I'm writing the fifth chapter but I haven't completed the fourth. Also, this thing is going to be 44 chapters long, but, I can't seem to get any inspiration. Can someone lend me a hand? I'd really appreciate it. It'd make writing this fan fiction easier.

  2. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Try this thread - here you can as for someone to beta read your story - have it proof-read and whatnot.
    Just look at people's post, see if their style of beta'ing suits you, follow the instructions there and then PM, asking for help.

    Good luck with your story!
  3. Falthor

    Falthor The Magma Incarnate

    First things first. You can't automatically "get" inspiration. If you wish to be technical, the word inspiration comes from the Latin in meaning "in," spiro meaning "spirit" or "breath," and tion meaning "the act of." So inspiration really means, "The act of breathing in," which generally means that that burst of creative energy cannot be obtained; it can only be found and thus stimulating your right side of the mind.

    Furthermore, if you have already a template (44 chapters!!), then you won't feel the need to write, as there is a template which you must follow or else you're not in good shape. You need to find that inspiration by going for a walk or meditating, reading others' works, anything that generates that spark. When it does, you found your haven for inspiration. From then on, you can create a plot and characters and elaborate on those. Thus you can create a better story with an elaborate storyline and plot.

    As for editing, use a beta reader. If you're unafraid to show your "fanness," a better option would be to see your English teacher. He or she would definitely be able to edit your story, offer you suggestions, etc. But, if not, just find a beta reader in the thread bobandbill provided you in his post. Keep bettering your writing by speaking out your story, and then you can ensure that at least your diction and syntax are okay. Hope it all goes well.

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