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Higher catch combo = easier cathing?


New Member
So I've been catching Lickitung for some candy grinding and I noticed that they started out as being orange circle, than at some point lowered to yellow and around 50-60 catch combo it is now green (this is with two trainers, ultra balls and lures), but I've not seen any mention of it under the Catch Combo page (or mentioned with a quick Google search).

Anybody else that has experienced this ?

(I'm on Eevee version)


Dungeon Master
Yeah, apparently there is a mechanic where if you catch enough of the same Pokémon, eventually it becomes almost as easy to catch as Route 1 Pokémon. Several youtubers have been experiencing this and have shown it in-video. One competitive youtuber said that once he caught a total of 100 of a certain Pokémon (probably Vulpix, since he had at least 50 of them in his Box) it became absurdly easy to catch them. I'm guessing there's some kind of Catch XP that you get for each Pokémon that makes it easier to catch subsequent Pokémon of the same species. I don't know if it's the same amount for each Pokémon though.