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How are people finding the level curve? I am only exploring areas as I pass through them and battling trainers - only catching Pokemon if adding to my team. Currently heading to Artazon and my main team are all level 16. Should I consider only tackling the Victory Road story and craft new teams for the others or does the leveling even out as you get higher level wise and into the game? I don't enjoy being over leveled anymore in these games and want the challenge.

Any replies and advice are welcome



Manners Maketh Man
I did all 3 paths at the same time and never really felt over leveled, even with doing raids here and there.


Johto Champion
My team is underleveled, and I’m not specifically avoiding trainers or anything. I think that how the level curve feels is dependent on a lot of variables, including how much you stray from the game’s unstated ideal path for bosses across the three stories. If you’re feeling overleveled, it might be worth finding a chart that points you to which bosses to tackle in sequence - within a couple you should be on par or better.