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Negative Edge


Rated R for scenes of an implicated sexual nature.

Anyway, bobandbill approved this, but warned me to warn you that this fic contains scenes that imply certain sexual things in a serious manner. Some dudes also die, but it isn't really expanded on much, so it's 'k. Either way, if you are uncomfortable with things of a sexual nature being said and implied in a non-consensual environment, then you may not like one certain scene in this fic. This message serves as a warning to all. Don't blame me if you don't like the content (unless it's grammar related, then totally blame me)

You may remember that I had a Dawn/Darkrai banner at one point (you probably don't, but play along here) It advertised a fic... well this is that fic. Only about eight months late, eh?

Anyway... I found this fic in my archive and thought I'd clean it up a little and tack an ending onto it for no reason at all. It's quite old, but try to enjoy it.

Negative Edge

It was a balmy, summer afternoon in Canalave City, most folk were staying indoors where the heat wasn't so omnipresent. Other folk were paddling their feet in the canals, trying to make the best of the warm weather.

One person however, could be seen wandering through the streets wearing a slightly frayed, white scarf wrapped around her slender neck. She thought about taking it off, but she had survived worse wearing it, the little scarf that could had become her unofficial lucky charm. Thankfully, the rest of her outfit was much more sensible considering the weather. She wore a dark waistcoat over a white vest, the neckline of the vest conserving her modesty. With that she wore a short, pink skirt, the hemline of which was dangerously high and finally, she wore a pair of pink open-toed sandals on her feet.

The girl ran a hand through her long, dark blue hair. She hadn't bothered clipping it back, instead letting it cascade naturally down her back.

She was turning quite a few heads as she made her way down a canal-side street, although not because of her looks, but because this was the girl who defeated the current champion, Cynthia. The girl had declined the offer of becoming the champion herself however, saying that she had a full life ahead of her, which should be experienced rather than her being tied down to such a position as Sinnoh League Champion.

In her own mind though, she was scared, inadequacy wormed into her skull every time she thought of Cynthia. Statuesque, collected, imposing, confident, that's what you needed as a champion and Cynthia had it in spades. So the girl ran away, travelling to all of her old haunts to try and relive the glory of her past, sure there were new challenges to face but she didn't quite feel that she deserved to face them.

Dawn made a silent apology to her pokémon. 'If it wasn't for you guys, I'd be nowhere, I'd be no one. I'm sorry that you've had to suffer under my care, but you all know that it had to happen this way.'

It was only very early, but Dawn didn't feel much like doing anything. 'Maybe I should just find a place to stay and figure out what I want to do.' It was the best thing she could think of so she kept her eyes out for any hotels along the side of the canal. She had reached the coast before she saw something, looking out over the sea was a small place called the 'Harbour Inn', it was quaint, with the decorative life preserver on the door and the general weather-hewn appearance. Dawn figured that she would probably have a good view of the ocean from one of the windows.

Dawn pushed the door open and heard the tinkling of a bell. She looked around the Inn, to her right was a small seating area, beyond that were the stairs to the upper levels and to the left was the reception desk. Standing behind the desk was a man who was the complete antithesis of his surroundings, he wore a crisp suit that was as black as the night, underneath was a similarly black shirt with a deep red tie standing out against it, his hair was long and pure white, the fringe covering one of his eyes, the one eye you could see was a bright cyan and glared directly at her with a fierce intensity.

“Do you have any rooms available?” Dawn asked from the door.

The man smiled and beckoned her forwards, Dawn did so tentatively.

“My name,” he was softly spoken but Dawn didn't have any problem hearing him, the surrounding city seemed to have been blocked out by the Inn's walls, “is Darius Krait, the owner of this fair establishment. How may I be of service to you today?”

“I'd like a room if you have any left.”

The man smiled once again. “We are not currently entertaining any guests at the moment, you have your choice of rooms.” He gestured to a list on the wall without looking at it, instead he studied her face.

Dawn gave him a fleeting glance before looking at the room list, each room having a description of it's contents and price per night. “I'll take room six please, I don't need anything fancy.”

Still with his eye firmly locked on her face, the owner grabbed the key for room six from somewhere under his desk and handed it to her. “I'll expect payment when you leave.”

She looked at the key, with it's tarnished bronze key fob, the number 6 in chipped paint on one of it's sides. She took it and said a quick thank you and when he didn't react or look like he was about to say something, she walked to the stairs and placed her foot on the first wooden step.

“Sweet dreams.”

Dawn froze and turned her head, she saw the man, his eye boring into hers. Dawn smiled nervously and hurried up the stairs. She almost ran down the corridor and saw a wooden door with a number six on it, she opened it and entered the room, locking it almost as quickly. Dawn took a calming breath and pressed her ear to the door, footsteps could be heard walking down the corridor, coming closer and getting louder until they stopped, right outside her door. She backed away, falling onto the bed. Dawn turned and took one look at the pillow, her eyes fell closed and her conscious mind shut down, she collapsed onto the mattress, fast asleep.

Dawn woke up on a plush sofa, the soft light of morning irritating her eyes.

She lifted a hand to her temple but found the path blocked by a small bunch of flowers pinned to her hair, just above the ear. She brought her other hand up, it was the same story. Dawn stood up, taking a proper look at the room she was in, to her left was an immaculately white desk with a vanity mirror on top, countless cosmetics littered the desk top. To her right was a four poster bed, white like the desk with burgundy covers. Dawn sat at the desk and looked into the mirror, as she thought, three pink roses decorated her hair in place of the old clips she used to wear.

Now that she looked closer, she noticed that her arms were covered in almost shoulder length white gloves and she was wearing a strapless white dress that hugged her waist and flared out into a short skirt at the bottom. With barely enough time to wonder what was going on, her mother bustled into the room wearing a lovely lilac dress. “Dawn, darling! Where have you been, we can't start the ceremony without you after all.” Johanna grabbed Dawn's hand and pulled her up. “Oh, you can't forget the train!” On the back of the door, resting on a hook, was a long piece of white silk that Johanna tied to the back of Dawn's dress, “Perfect!”

Johanna pushed Dawn down the corridor until they reached a large pair of ornate wooden doors, she opened it slightly and poked her head in, Dawn could hear a few whispers and an organ sounded from behind the door.

Dawn recognised that song and she knew what it meant. “Erm, what-”

Her mother shushed her, “Just smile, Darling.”

The doors swung open and a sea of faces turned to look at her, she recognised a lot of them, Professor Rowan was sat in a row nearby, he looked weird in a tuxedo. Johanna lead her along the carpet in between the two blocks of pews, further up Dawn spotted Lucas, who was determinedly looking anywhere but at her and Barry who was grinning like a loon at Lucas' discomfort. Dawn spotted a figure stood before the altar, wearing a long form fitting gown and a large veil that obscured their head from view. Stood next to them and looking uncomfortable in a forest green dress was Gardenia, the Eterna City Gym Leader. She was whispering things into the person's ear.

Before she knew it, Dawn was stood next to them at the altar and the priest was saying things like 'dearly beloved' and 'join these two in matrimony'.

“I'm glad you could make it,” came a disturbingly familiar voice.

Dawn looked up, way up, into the stormy grey eyes of Cynthia. The Champion was smiling more than Dawn had ever seen. In fact, she seemed to radiate happiness. “Aww, you're speechless.”

The priest said a few more things and a reverent silence fell over the crowd, Cynthia turned to Dawn and grabbed her hands, staring lovingly into her eyes. “You're the first thing I want to see when I wake up and the last thing I want to see before I go to sleep. You're the light of my life, Dawn and I truly have no idea how I ever survived before you came into my life. Your loving attention, your fierce determination and caring devotion all result in the most perfect woman I've ever laid eyes on. I can't wait to start loving you in the same way for the rest of our lives.”

Dawn looked away and at the the priest, she heard her name being said. “I do,” her mouth reacted before her mind could even process what had happened and Dawn watched in horror as the priest addressed Cynthia with the same question. Bursting with glee she answered, “I do.” Without even waiting for the priest to say 'You may now kiss the bride,' Cynthia bent down and grabbed Dawn either side of the head with both hands and kissed her like Dawn had never been kissed before.

People were cheering and clapping but all Dawn could hear was a faint buzzing as Cynthia explored her mouth with her tongue. She finally relented, leaving Dawn to stand on her own two feet, but with the confusion, the weird feeling in her stomach and the heat that pressed her brain against her skull, she collapsed, sprawled across the carpet. Cynthia looked down, worry etched on her face. Others soon joined it, some recognisable, others less so, but soon enough they all melted away into the darkness.

Dawn sat up, she didn't feel sick any more. She looked down and noticed that her clothes had come back, the waistcoat, the vest, the skirt, even her lucky scarf.

“A wedding, or so you humans tend to believe, is the joining of two souls as one. You treat it as a sacred bond that ties those two people together for eternity.” Darius Krait appeared from the shadows, his suit was so dark that he appeared only as a head and a tie, two hands appeared from behind his back and he made a small gesture. “But that is simply not true.”

Dawn rubbed her head, it had started to pulse angrily. “What's going on?” She asked, fiercely.

“Marriage vows mean nothing, they never have, they're just one more contract in a business age. The thing with contracts is, there is always one party searching for a loophole. Cynthia is a voracious woman isn't she? Is respect truly all you've thought of her, or do you perhaps harbour a secret longing? Maybe a trip down memory lane might answer your question. Believe me, I had fun trawling through your memories for this one.” The man disappeared, his roguish grin the last to fade away.

Light began to flood the darkness, filling the space with colour and texture, the ground was hard and orange, the sky a menacing shade of purple. Dawn knew this place and she didn't like it. Strange trees faded in and out of existence nearby, water flowed against gravity and a horrible sound reverberated around her head. That grating roar, that revolting, metallic cry of pain and hate and anger.

Up ahead, two figures were locked in an intense duel, on one side, a tall blonde with an even taller garchomp. On the other, a calculating man with blue spiked hair, casually ordering his weavile to attack. There was a sudden flash of icy blue light and the weavile charged, launching an Ice Punch attack that smashed into the side of the garchomp's head. The garchomp folded, collapsing heavily onto the ground, Cynthia recalled the creature to save it from further harm, Cyrus merely shrugged.

“I expected more from the Champion, is that really all you can muster?” Cyrus said, advancing on the woman.

Dawn tried to run towards them to help Cynthia, but the quicker she ran the longer the distance between them seemed, time and space stretched out before her in an attempt to separate them.

Cyrus got closer and closer before finally grasping one hand around Cynthia's neck, he lifted her easily off the ground and carried her over to the edge of the floating platform they were stood on. Cynthia grasped at his hands uselessly, but Cyrus only grimaced as he dangled her body over oblivion. “If I dropped you, not even I would know what would happen, gravity seems to be in constant flux here. You could fall for an eternity, you could float away, perhaps you'd just get compacted by the pressure, are you interested in finding out?”

A hoarse whisper escaped her throat but despite the distance, Dawn heard it as though they were stood face to face. Hot tears streamed down her face as the futility of her situation set in. A roar sounded behind her, louder than she'd ever heard, she didn't want to tear her eyes away from Cynthia but a creeping fear compelled her. She turned and the fear turned into horror, looming above her was the serpentine form of Giratina, it lay coiled before her, ready to strike, the six wings beating softly, the armoured body reflecting light from an unknown source, it shrieked again, but Dawn narrowed her eyes and swallowed her fear.

“Help her!” She bellowed, “He'll kill her!”

A rumbling monotone echoed throughout the entire realm as the Giratina opened it's mouth. “Why?”

Dawn caught her breath, she turned and saw that Cyrus was looking directly at the huge, shadowed form of Giratina, his grip loosening as awe took hold of him. The tears wouldn't come any more, Dawn gathered her courage and sprinted towards the pair, Cyrus' arm fell, Cynthia with it, Dawn screamed and lunged forwards.

Her dress was ripped to shreds, grazes and cuts littered her legs and upper body, some bleeding openly, but Dawn smiled. Cynthia's hand was in hers, the blonde champion looking thankfully up at her, a new respect in her eyes. Using all of her strength and with the help of a sudden flux in the gravity, she pulled Cynthia up until they were both sat on the solid ground, panting through exertion.

Cyrus had made his way over to Giratina, a blank reverence in his eyes, “Giratina, Lord of this Dimension, Master of Opposites, heed my plea. Destroy this worthless reality so that I may rebuild it in my image!” He fell to his knees, arms in the air.

Giratina regarded him with a cold glare, it's insectoid head swaying back and to. Uncoiling itself, it's powerful wings blasted a surge of wind across the small platform, the rumbling monotone filled their heads again, “You are not a God, whelp.” Giratina inhaled and fired a volley of purple fire at the man, he didn't even react, his skin seared, his flesh burned and his body crumpled.

Cynthia grabbed hold of Dawn and pulled her around as Cyrus' charred remains blew into the wind. A shadow passed overhead and Giratina appeared before them. “Get out.”

Before they had a chance to turn tail and run, a blast of wind sent them careening off of the platform and into the dark abyss, there was a sudden light and Dawn found herself back in shadows.

Someone was laughing, the floating head of Darius Krait appeared before Dawn's eyes.

“Lucky you, it's not every day a mortal gets to meet Giratina. she's such a secretive being, locking herself in that reverse world of hers. She's not the social creature I am.”

Tears began to form in Dawn's eyes, she didn't even know why. “Who are you?”

He smiled again. “Let's just say that my name doesn't suit me.”

“Why are you doing this, what did I ever do to you?” Dawn tried to stand but the ground shifted beneath her feet, sending her flying onto her back again.

“I'm a social creature as I've said. Unlike most of my brethren, I actually need you impudent flesh-bags.”

“Need me? What for?”

“Human arrogance. Anyone would do, you just happen to wander into my realm. I'm currently feeding, you have such a rich blend of tragedy and angst that I happen to find delicious. The stuff of nightmares, you might say.”

Dawn paled. “Feeding on what?”

Darius Krait smirked. “Your fears, your grievances, your hopelessness, your regrets. Not that they'll go away, far from it. I'm reminding you of all the terrible things that have ever happened to you and making you face your fears. Maybe you'll come out stronger from this if you learn, maybe you'll go mad, I can never tell.”

With a rush of wind, Darius Krait became the spitting image of Cyrus, the cold glimmer in his eye eerily similar. “I hold your consciousness around the neck and I'm dangling it over oblivion. The question is, will you be there to save it in the end?”

Darius faded, the darkness retreated and colour flooded Dawn's vision once again.

Dawn woke up to the sound of starly chirping. She yawned and sat up, looking over at the clock on her bedside table, 6:52am it read.

Smiling to herself, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and climbed out. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt that was several sizes too big for her, it went half-way down her thighs but it served it's purpose as bed clothes. Dawn rubbed her eyes on the rolled back sleeves and looked out of the window, it was a fine, sunny day in Twinleaf Town. Dawn turned and made her bed so it looked like it hadn't even been slept in before leaving to go downstairs.

Entering the kitchen, Dawn saw that her mother was already up and making breakfast. She was wearing a simple white shirt, a pair of comfortable pants and an apron, she hadn't done anything with her hair except tie it back into a ponytail, “Good morning, Dawn, would you like some pancakes? I was in the middle of making some for myself, but I have leftover batter if you'd like some.”

“That would be great, mum.”

“Oh, Barry came by earlier, I don't think he realised how early it was, I told him to come back later at a more reasonable time.” Johanna mentioned, casually flipping a pancake.

Dawn perked up. “Really? Did he say when he'd come back?”

Johanna put a few pancakes on a plate and handed it to Dawn. “Soon no doubt, you know how impatient he is. Now eat up, I assume he wants to go on another adventure and I don't want you going hungry.”

Dawn grabbed a fork and inhaled her pancakes, you'd think the feat impossible from such a petite girl. “Thanks for breakfast mum, I'm going to get ready.”

“What?” Johanna turned, but Dawn had already sprinted upstairs. “Oh, that daughter of mine.” She shook her head and went back to making her pancakes.

Back in her room, Dawn was flicking through clothes in her wardrobe and trying to decide what would be best to wear for when Barry comes calling. She settled on a dark blue dress with a pink hem that her mother had bought it for her a few weeks ago. For convenience sake, she pulled on a pair of long white socks and her pink boots. She studied herself in the mirror for a few seconds before deciding that she looked good. She made her way back downstairs to see her mother eating a plate of pancakes, “What do you think?” Dawn asked, twirling on the spot.

Johanna smiled. “You look great, honey. Are you dressing for any particular reason... or person?”

Dawn almost fell over. “What are you implying!?”

“Oh nothing,” Johanna replied. “I don't hear you denying it though,” she giggled childishly.

Dawn left the kitchen huffily, deciding to sit in the living room and wait for Barry. Mere minutes later, there was a frantic knock on the door. “That could only be him,” Dawn muttered to herself.

She went to open the door but heard her mother shout from the kitchen. “Don't forget your hat and coat, it's still cold out.”

Hanging on a hook by the door was a pink coat and a white, wool hat, she jammed the hat on her head and slipped the coat on without buttoning it up.

There was another knock on the door and Dawn answered, Barry stood there looking mortified. “I've been stood here for hours! Leave me waiting again and I'll have half a mind to fine you,” he said this all very fast and pulled Dawn out of the door with just enough time for her to say a quick “Bye mum.”

Barry started talking about the adventures he'd planned for today, but Dawn wasn't paying too much attention to that. “Is that a new scarf, Barry? It looks good on you.”

He looked at the green scarf flung lazily around his neck. “What this thing? Yeah, it's a present from my dad, said he got it in Johto, it keeps me warm I guess.”

“It works really well with your outfit,” Dawn mentioned, smiling for added effect.

Barry looked down at his grey pants and the stripy red and white shirt. “Outfit? I just threw this together. My mum always tells me if I were any less patient I'd run around naked all the time.”

Dawn laughed nervously. “Yeah, nobody would want to see that.” She coughed and moved the conversation on, “So what are we doing today?”

“Weren't you listening!” Barry said, exasperatedly, “You can be such a space case sometimes, it's a wonder I put up with you.”

Dawn giggled.

“Anyway,” he went on, “We're going to Professor Rowan's place, I'm sure we can convince him to give two upstanding kids like ourselves some pokémon.”

“And why would he just give us some pokémon?”

“He's a professor, he gives them out like candy!” Barry said this like it was the most obvious thing in the world, Dawn rolled her eyes.

“Isn't the route to Sandgem was covered in tall grass? There's no way we'd be able to get through all that without protection.”

Barry brushed off her comment nonchalantly. “Minor technicalities.”

“One of us could get hurt!” Dawn pointed out, trying to pull Barry back by the sleeve.

Undeterred, Barry continued walking. That was until a booming voice demanded that they stop immediately.

Dawn and Barry turned to see an older gentleman walking briskly towards them, flanked by a boy around their age wearing a thick, blue jacket and a red hat. “Did I hear correctly? You two were about to enter the tall grass without a pokémon to protect you?” The old guy said, brandishing his briefcase at them.

“Erm... no.” Barry replied, trying and failing to look confident.

The old man's moustache bristled angrily. “I may be old but my hearing is as good as it ever was. Don't lie to me, boy.”

“Fine, I was going to walk through the tall grass, but Dawn here was trying to stop me, you shouldn't be mad at her.”

Dawn felt her cheeks growing hot, Barry was sticking up for her like a true gentleman, maybe there was hope for him after all.

“Oh really,” the old man raised an eyebrow and looked at her. “So you're the one who actually has a head on their shoulders, eh?” He turned his eye to Barry, “You, boy, at least have an honest heart and a fierce loyalty to your friends. Follow me, I have something for you two.”

Dawn didn't know what to think, what did her mother say about strangers? “Excuse me, sir, but who are you?” Dawn asked.

The boy in the red hat, who up until this point had remained silent, suddenly snorted with laughter. “You really don't know who this is? This is the world renowned Professor Rowan!”

Barry could have wet himself with glee. Dawn knew that there were forces much more powerful than her who couldn't stop Barry now. “The real Professor Rowan? Can I have a pokémon!?”

Professor Rowan merely reiterated, “Follow me.”

Barry did so obediently, Dawn had actually never seen him this attentive before.

“Please don't make me watch the rest,” Dawn pleaded, “I'd moved past this.”

“Opening old wounds creates the tastiest drama, but let us fast forward, yes?”

Dawn and Barry had followed Professor Rowan and the boy, Lucas, all the way to Sandgem Town and to a large building which served as the professor's lab. Inside, the professor had shown them various projects he had worked on, several pictures of notable names he had collaborated with until finally, even Barry didn't complain, he sat down behind his desk and placed his briefcase upon it. He flipped the latches to reveal three pokéballs set into foam padding that lined the inside.

“Choose one.” He said simply, indicating Barry.

Barry laid his hand on the one furthest right, “This one,” then jerked his hand away hovering over the centre pokéball. “No, this one,” only to jerk his hand away once more.

Dawn clapped him across the back of the head, “Hurry it up, moron.”

Barry narrowed his eyes at her. “This is a careful decision.”

“You're never careful about anything!” Dawn replied.

“Fine!” He shouted, he closed his eyes and lay his hand on a pokéball, grabbed it and opened it in one smooth motion. He opened his eyes to see a small, red monkey staring back at him, Barry turned to the professor, “Is he mine?”

Rowan nodded.

“Awesome! See ya, thanks, bye!” He was out of the door before any of them had a chance to say goodbye, before Dawn had a chance to say goodbye.

He didn't even want to say a proper goodbye to her, his best friend.

“Ah well, I suppose he doesn't want a pokédex, serves him right I suppose. Missy, would you like to choose next?” Rowan said, oblivious to her inner turmoil.

Dawn barely registered anything, she ran to the door and exited the lab, looking up and down the street for any sign of him, but nothing, he was just gone like that. Dawn felt tears building up at the sides of her eyes, but she blinked them back, she wasn't going to shed any tears for an arrogant, selfish idiot like him.

She stormed back inside and stood before Rowan, looking fierce. “I'll have this one, thank you.” She picked up a pokéball without looking at it and sat in a nearby chair. With nothing else to distract her, she opened the pokéball to see a little blue penguin with a tiny beak and pudgy flippers.

“And you, my boy.” Rowan said.

Lucas grinned, “So I guess that leaves turtwig for me. Awesome, I always liked that little guy.” He put his hand on the pokéball, but before he could take it off, Rowan stopped him.

“Our young friend here is feeling quite low, she may not say it or show it, but I can see she's suffered a blow today. It would be in your best interest to make her feel better, if only because it's your gentlemanly duty.” Rowan whispered. He leaned back into his chair and closed the briefcase, “My work here is done, if you'll be so kind as to excuse me, I have errands to attend to.”

Lucas looked over, Dawn was playing with the piplup and looking quite happy doing so, Rowan had proved himself to be an intuitive person though and Lucas trusted him. He coughed and Dawn looked up. “It's Dawn, right?”

She simply nodded in reply.

“That's a pretty name,” he mentally slapped himself for saying that. “Erm... So how do you like the piplup?”

Dawn stared at him oddly. “It's Lewis, right?”

“It's Lucas actually.”

She laughed. “I'm sorry, Lucas. Piplup seems great, although I've never had a pokémon before so I don't have anything to compare it against.”

The piplup chirped indignantly, making Dawn laugh again, “I'm sorry, I'm sure you're a fantastic pokémon.”

Lucas edged closer slightly, “So what do you plan to do now you have a pokémon? There are countless avenues you could take, I'm going to be travelling around Sinnoh and challenging the gym leaders, hopefully I can qualify for the Pokémon League at the end of the year.”

Dawn thought for a moment, she had the opportunity to begin a new life and throw away her old one, including that infantile crush. “I'll probably go to visit my mother first and tell her about it, but that travel thing sounds good, would you be interested in letting me tag along?”

“Travel with you?” Lucas jumped back a step, “I hadn't considered travelling with someone else.”

“I promise I'll behave.” Dawn smiled innocently.

“Fine, I don't suppose it would be too bad, welcome aboard.” He held out his hand, Dawn grabbed it and they shook. The scene fading before her eyes.

“I was so pathetic back then, lingering on to a childish hope that for once he'd look at me and see more than a friend. That selfish bastard was incapable of love yet I clung to him like the masochistic little bitch that I am.”

Darius Krait smiled gleefully. “Yes, release your true feelings, fuel the fire of your nightmares.”

Dawn roared and took a swing at the floating head, but it faded away, only to appear over her shoulder. “You can't fight me here, I can do whatever I want and I want to squeeze every last drop of pain from your disgusting little body.”

Dawn took another swing but overextended herself and collapsed onto the ground.

“Tsk tsk, do you want me to turn it up a notch?”

“If it gets me out of here quicker, then by all means!” She screamed in response.

There was an ominous laugh that echoed around her shadowed environment. “You asked for it.”

Dawn's eyes opened, but she still couldn't see, her head felt like it as about to explode from the pain, but all she could do was sit there and groan.

“Aww, is wittle Dawny-poo awake?”

“Great! I was pretty tired of doing stuff to her whilst she was unconscious.”

Dawn struggled against the ropes that tied her to the chair and almost screamed, but her voice choked in her throat. She knew those voices.

“Say, Mars. We've tried being abusive, both verbally and physically and that didn't seem to make her talk, should we try something different?”

“You have a point there, Jupiter. Should we try being... Nice?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of naughty.”

There was a sudden weight on her lap, as if someone was sitting there, she felt arms on her shoulders, then the blindfold was untied, falling to the the floor. The smiling face of Mars, co-commander of Team Galactic, was staring at her. “Did you miss me whilst you were out?” She asked with a mock simper.

“Get off me!” Dawn screamed, trying to move away.

Mars stood, only to sit down on her lap again, this time straddling her, “I hate it when we fight, can't we just get to the forgiving each other part? Make up sex is my favourite kind.”

Mars fell over, a huffy looking Jupiter standing over her, she glared for a second then took her place on Dawn's lap. “Forgive her, she has no self control.”

“You didn't mind last night, bitch.” Mars said from the floor, dusting off her skirt.

Jupiter sighed and collapsed onto Dawn, who squirmed in her seat. “Please Mars, I'm trying to work.” Jupiter's breath was ragged and warm on the back of Dawn's neck, her skin crawled.

Mars grabbed Jupiter by the ponytail and dragged her off Dawn, throwing her to the floor. The red-headed commander stood over her and slapped her hard across the face. “Don't push me you fucking piece of filth.”

A lone tear streamed down Jupiter's face as she looked up, he cheek considerably reddened. “Thank you,” she said.

Mars took her place on Dawn's lap again, her eyes still on her co-commander. “Now sit in the corner and keep your eyes on me, I want you to see everything.”

Jupiter obeyed.

“Now, Dawny-poo, whatever shall we do with you? All we want to know is why you insist on foiling our plans and perhaps a list of your co-conspirators and we'll let you go. It's as simple as that.”

“Don't call me Dawny-poo.”

Mars laughed. “Now hush, Dawny-poo. I realise you're a strong willed young woman, Jupiter over there used to be like you, but now look, she's my bitch.”

“That's her problem, not mine.” Dawn replied.

“Oh, but it is your problem, Dawny-poo.” Mars' twisted grin matched her eyes, glinting with madness. “I'm the one who broke her and I will do the same to you.”

“Y-You don't scare me.” Dawn said feebly, her wrists had been rubbed raw and she ached all over.

Mars giggled, Jupiter joined in but stopped just as quickly after being given an admonishing glare.

“I don't intend to scare you, darling. I intend to break you, mentally scar you so badly that you'll latch onto the faintest shade of affection that I give you,” Mars leaned in close, whispering into Dawn's ear, “Then you'll learn to love me, just as Jupiter has.”

Mars got off of Dawn and stared down at her, pacing back and to. Jupiter looked on from her corner, watching Mars intently, she was paying an unnatural amount of attention to the blue-haired girl and Jupiter could feel the jealousy burning through her veins at the very thought.

Lifting a leg, Mars rested her foot on Dawn's chest and pushed her backwards onto the floor, she screamed out as her arms got caught between the chair and the floor and as her head knocked against the ground. Her vision blurred and light popped in front of her eyes, she shook her head to clear it, but her headache burned painfully. She opened her eyes to see the smiling face of Mars approaching and sitting on her chest, she moved forwards slightly so her knees rested either side of Dawn's head, “Can you smell me, Dawny-poo? I'm not wearing any underwear and you make me so excited.”

Dawn pulled her head away, disgusted. “Stay away from me!” she shouted.

“You must be hungry, Dawny-poo, we haven't fed you in at least a day, would you like to taste me? Sample the fruit from my loins?” Mars inched closer and Dawn could see her short skirt slowly pulling up. “Don't be shy, Jupiter enjoys me as much as the food we serve in the canteen.”

Jupiter was shaking enviously, but perked up at the mention of her name, “What is it, Mars?”

“Be quiet and watch, Jupiter, do anything stupid and I'll never touch you again.”

Jupiter, against her own will, moved closer for a better look of the action, at her red-headed mistress and the defenceless little slut stealing all of her attention.

There was a sudden beep and the swooshing of the door opening, Mars turned her head to see Saturn stood at the door. “Is she still not talking?” he asked, staring at the odd scene before him with little interest.

“No sir, not yet. I doubt it will take me long though.”

“Never mind that, Master Cyrus doesn't need her information, he deems it irrelevant.”

Mars stood, leaving Dawn to look away, silent tears of relief running down her cheeks. “What!? She could provide us with the means to strike at the heart of our enemies! How is that irrelevant?”

Saturn waved his hand dismissively, “Comply before Master Cyrus deems you irrelevant, that will be all.” He walked away, the door closing behind him.

Mars fumed, “Don't think I'm finished with you, whelp,” she pointed at Dawn, crumpled pathetically on the floor. “Come Jupiter, de-stress me,” she said through gritted teeth. Jupiter smiled and followed Mars out of the room, her legs trembling slightly.

As the door closed behind them, the lights cut out leaving Dawn crying in the darkness. Her wrists soothed, her arms mellowed, the churning of revulsion in her stomach calmed and the tears running openly down her face dried, finally the figure of Darius Krait cut into her vision, his smile wide.

“You shouldn't try to fight me, child.”

Dawn sat up, breathing heavily, she felt like she had run a mile, “I... I...” She trailed off, coughing a few times.

“You may not be aware of it, but you're body is putting up quite the struggle, it's not often I get someone with the willpower to even snore when I put them under. The fact that you are actively trying to expel me is quite extraordinary, it's almost as if you were blessed by Azelf herself.”

“Maybe I was,” Dawn said, panting, “Maybe it's a sign that the others want you to stop.”

“Nonsense, my brethren have allowed me this simple pleasure for aeons, never have they raised so much as a finger to interfere.”

Dawn coughed, but smiled slightly all the same, “You've seen my past, you know what I've done, surely that's owed me a debt of gratitude.”

“Human arrogance, to presume you are owed anything.”

“I'm not just any human though am I?” Dawn stood, her legs trembling, “If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even exist, there wouldn't even be a Nature for you to hold dominion over. Cyrus had no place for you in his perfect world.”

“Does your arrogance know no bounds? This was a matter we could have easily dealt with, you just happened to interfere.”

“You'd have a hard time of it. Divine intervention is governed by a strict set of rules, Cynthia told me all about it after... after it happened.”

Darius Krait disappeared. “You've said too much.”

Dawn screamed.

There was a small explosion as a ball of pure energy impacted the ground nearby. Dawn looked up into the night sky, the looming figure of Dialga stood above her, Palkia stood next to it, together they rained destruction upon the mountainside. The diamond set into Dialga's chest glowed blue and a Galactic grunt faded into ash before Dawn's eyes. Palkia joined in, rending voids into the Spear Pillar, people would fall in only to get crushed by the pressure of space, crumpling into nothing before the eyes of friend and foe alike.

Dawn stared as Cyrus approached the pair, brandishing the unholy Red Chain and shouting for obedience. Dawn was about to yell for help when she heard a terrifying voice fill the air, she clamped her hands over her ears it did nothing to block it out.

“Insolence! You shall pay dearly, human.”

The two legendary pokémon merely brought their gaze to Cyrus, the blue haired leader of Team Galactic stumbled, dropping the Red Chain and clutching his heart.

“Your trinkets hold no sway over our power.”

Cyrus screamed as his body was rent in two, collapsing in on itself before vanishing entirely in a flash of light.

Dawn stopped, this wasn't how she remembered it. “This never happened, this is an illusion.”

The scene faded as the words left her mouth.

The irritated form of Darius Krait floated into view. “That was some of my best work, need you really destroy it?”

Dawn recovered faster this time, getting to her feet without too much trouble. “You can't fool me with cheap tricks, have you already exhausted my supply of genuine memories?”

“Cheap Tricks? Don't underestimate my powers, mortal. I am a being of nightmares, they are MY domain!”

“If you're so powerful then why am I beating you? A mere mortal, as you would put it, is forcing you to create fear to feed on. I've faced down things more terrifying and more powerful than you, you've seen my memories, you've seen Dialga and Palkia, you've seen Giratina. You are nothing compared to them, a parasite unworthy to even associate with them! I'm not afraid of you and I'm not afraid of my memories, so release me!” Dawn has closed the distance between her and Darius Krait. She was in his face, a mad glare in her eyes.

The floating head faded away, but this time it stayed away. No taunting jibes came from the darkness, no memory or illusion fell before her eyes, Dawn was merely surrounded by the darkness.

A pink light filled Dawn's vision and an ethereal female voice sounded from an unknown source, “You've overstepped the line. The girl is mine.”

When everything faded, Dawn found herself back in Room 6. She sat up immediately and gasped, the room had turned from a cosy guest room into a dilapidated mess. Beams from the roof had snapped and fallen in, dust and grime had settled upon every surface, even the bed Dawn was lay on had large rips in the covers. The girl rolled off the bed and stood still in the middle of the room, the only light in the room came from the window, a nearby street light was illuminating the room, but Dawn could swear it was day time when she fell asleep.

She back up and found the door handle, she turned the knob, but the door fell off rusty hinges before she had turned it too far. It landed in the corridor, sending up a massive cloud of dust. Dawn sprinted down the corridor, feeling the floorboards under her feet almost snap. She didn't have as much luck with the staircase, as soon as her foot touched the top step, it crumbled and sent Dawn flying down the stairs, her body impacting the stairs causing them to snap even further.

Battered and bruised, Dawn picked herself up, she was pretty sure one of her arms had been badly damaged and it was certain that she would still be feeling these injuries for many days to come. Nothing she hadn't experienced before however, Pokémon training isn't all sunshine and smiles after all.

She limped her way through the destroyed lobby, dodging broken beams and gaps in the floorboards. Just as she was about to reach for the front door handle, it swung open, the sudden change from gloomy darkness to lamp-lit brightness sent Dawn staggering backwards, tripping over a pile of debris.

“Dawn, is that you?”

The blue-haired girl was trying to get back up, but her injuries plus the sudden fatigue she felt was stopping her, she barely even recognised anyone else in the room.

“You're hurt! I'll get you to a hospital right away.”

The background noise of Canalave City was coming back to her, she had missed the hubbub of city life.

Before long, the blackness had claimed her once more.


Dawn's eyes were closed, but the light irritated them anyway, shining across her eyelids and turning her blackness into a warm redness. She slowly opened her eyes and blinked as the light got her once more.

“Oh, is the light in your eyes? I'll get the blinds.”

The girl stopped, she knew that voice. She turned her head towards the window to see a woman stood with her back to the bed, she wore a long black coat, but the most prominent feature was her almost floor length blonde hair. “Cynthia?”

The blonde turned slowly, her hair flowing behind her. “It's good to see you looking better.”

“What are you doing here?” Dawn tried to sit up, but her body was still aching all over.

Cynthia chuckled and took a seat next to the bed. “It's a funny story actually. Someone told me to come to the Harbour Inn, something about rediscovering a treasure once thought lost. They disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived and you know how I can't ignore a mystery.”

Dawn coughed before replying. “So you just trusted some random stranger?”

“Are you saying that I shouldn't have listened? If I hadn't, who knows what would have happened with you.” Cynthia leaned forwards in her chair, resting her elbows on her thighs. “I wouldn't say this stranger was random either. They seemed insistent that I reclaim my lost treasure.”

“And what's that supposed to mean, what treasure?”

Cynthia could only smile. “Treasure is different for different people. Me, I treasure those around me, the people that I care about. I treasure the preservation of history, no matter how long ago it may have been and I hate the way we left things after our battle. I know you need some time to try and figure your life out, what you really want to do, but don't shut me out. I can help you, somebody obviously agrees with me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Mesprit never left you, she was with you every step of the way. She guided me to you when you needed it most, whether you wanted it or not, you carry her blessing. That's what makes you such a fascinating person, Dawn. If you're of interest to the gods, then what does that mean for a human? What should I think of you?”

Dawn lay silent for a few seconds, trying to digest what Cynthia had just said. “You shouldn't think any differently of me, I'm nothing special.”

Cynthia lay a hand across Dawn's cheek, caressing her slightly before pulling back. “Dawn... you're special to me... and in the end, isn't that what really matters?”


If you'll notice, Darius Krait says his name doesn't suit him. Dar(ius) Krai(t) the word in brackets is suit backwards. Whilst the rest is just Darkrai. OH SNAP! Did I just put some thought into naming something? I think I did.

Negative Edge is a term used in Fighting games, it means to activate a special attack by using a button release instead of a button press. It allows for tighter/quicker inputs because you can react a little faster through merely releasing the button. It sounded fancy for a fic about Darkrai, so I thought "Why the hell not?"

As I said, this is old. Don't take it too seriously, because I don't take pokémon fanfiction seriously any more. I only wrote the ending to this because I really like the Team Galactic Interrogation section. I also really like Dawn/Cynthia, so have that as well.
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