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Plot Idea Help


koledge graduit!!!11
Well, I don't know if this is really allowed, but I'm gonna ask you guys for help with a comic I may start drawing (or writing...whatever). I feel like I have a bunch of stuff that I'd like to put into comic form, cept I don't have a story line. For now, i'll just give you a bunch of the stuff I managed to conjure up over a period of time... about a month.


- Spirits: A spirit lives in things that we normally wouldn't expect anything to live in. For example, a ground spirit is a spirit that lives in the ground, a fire spirit is a spirit that lives in the fire. It started when spirits began to interact with humans and vis versa. A spirit normally can't leave from whatever they are the spirit of. But, when they began to learn to interact with humans, they managed to combine, and spirits, inside a soul (will get to that), gains newer powers and has the ability to control whatever they currently lived in. So, the human is in control, but with the help of the spirit, the human has newer powers, and the spirit can do things it previously wasn't able to do. Spirits can speak telepathically with the human and vis versa.

- Souls: A soul lives in living animals. Humans, Lions, Tigers, Bears (oh my!). Like I said earlier, a spirit combined with a soul gains newer powers. But when you combine a soul with a soul, (which is possible, unlike a spirit with a spirit) both souls can speak telepathically together, and also gain the same abilities and attributes of each other. So say a human and a human combine souls, they can speak telepathically together, and they each can fill in the gaps that one person had problems with. But if you combine a human soul with an armadillo soul for example, the armadillo can do what a human can do (including intelligence) and a human can do what an armadillo can do. But, when physically combined, they grow differently. So the human body grows a strong shell like an armadillo, claws like an armadillo, and instincts like an armadillo. Even together both souls can speak telepathically.

Now that you know that, I want to hear your guys ideas for a plot. I still have some ideas I don't really want to share now, seeing as how I may use it in the plot and I don't want to give it away early.

Thanks. ^^


Active Member
I actually have an idea for a plot, perhaps not very good and perhaps I wasn't exactly thinking of spirits, but I'm sure it can be made to fit rather easily. As you said yourself, perhaps this isn't the best place since we don't want to reveal too much right now. PM me if you are interested.


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Scizito_92, This is a fantastic idea! This could be one of the few unique submissions this year; but it might be better to write it as a short story first and decide what to illustrate. As for a plot idea, you could set your story in a situation where one group is fleeing while desperately trying to avoid being conquered, controlled or killed by a more malevolent group; this is a way to introduce a hero/heroine that is allied with a spirit. With the combination of souls idea, you could even use necromancy in the story.

Let me think on other possible plots, I'll respond when I've got better ideas. Message me if you like or dislike my ideas, they can be revised. Good Luck!


koledge graduit!!!11
Thanks guys.

And yeah, I was also thinking about putting this as a short story and maybe drawing a few illustrations for it.

And I'll get to PMing you guys right now. ^.^