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Ruby Team (Help)

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Latch, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    Recently i have decided to play Ruby again and I wanted to use different Pokemon than I usually use. I was wondering if you guys can give me any tips on my team and help me choose a 6th member to my team. Also any changes to my team (moves, team members, etc.)


    Gardevoir (Lv. 31)
    (Psychic, Confusion, Double Team, Calm Mind)

    Gyarados (Lv. 31)
    (Surf, Strength, Dragon Rage, Facade)

    Skamory (Lv. 32)
    (Fly, Steel Wing, Swift, Agility)

    Camerupt (Lv. 33)
    (Magnitude, Take Down, Ember, Rock Slide)

    Grovyle (Lv. 32)

    (Pursuit, Rock Smash, Leaf Blade, Quick Attack)

    Note: I'm only on the 6th Gym so, obviously, my moves will be much different later on. You're feedback will be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking about using Magneton, Ludicolo, Dusclops, Glalie, Lanturn, Rhydon, Golduck, Raichu and Slaking. I'm open to any other suggestions as well. Sorry for any spelling errors I'm extremely tired right now. Thanks guys!!!
  2. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    I would suggest Ludicolo or Dusclops, since those two are good tanks. Dusclops have higher defensive stats than Ludicolo, but Ludicolo can heal off damage with Rain Dish/Rain Dance and Giga Drain. Also, Ludicolo can deal more damage than Dusclops.

    IMO Gyarados isn't that great because it's a water type with 60 base Sp.Att and 4x weakness to electricity. You could replace it with Lanturn and have 2 surfers or Manectric which has respectable Sp.Att. and Spd and can learn Thunder Wave to cripple enemies and Crunch as a different way to utilize its Sp.Att.

    As a final member, you could go with Hyper Beam Slaking which is pretty darn powerful or Salamence which can run effective sweep sets
  3. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    I decided to go Tentacruel, actually. Thought it would be challenging and fun! After I defeat Wallace I plan to capture a Bagon and use Salamence. I never actually used Salamence ever in any play through surprisingly. Should be a pain training it up. Thank you for you feed back though I really appreciate it!

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