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Trade Forum Rules

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No Angel

Please Read before posting and check back regularly for updates

1. Follow all other Serebiiforums rules.

2. Do not ask for/offer hacked Pokemon or Items. This includes "fan events."

3. Be specific when offering. Don't say "offering shinies," say "offering level 1 shiny Cleffa and level 10 shiny Butterfree" or something.

4. You may only post once per page (except in trade shops) TA page is 20 posts; you can check the post number if you are unsure.

5. Don't conduct trades within the threads (except in trade shops, though trade shops still have rules on how much you can post; see the subforum for details). If you see something you want to offer on, pm the person.

6. Don't say "see my sig/website/shop/etc" for a list. You must post your list in the thread itself.

7. Do not bother moderators asking if/when your thread will be approved. We go through when we have time. If it has been a long time and your thread has not been approved, you probably did not follow the rules. Re-read and see what you could have done wrong, then try again.

8. No trading for other-game goods, real money, or anything other than things within a Pokemon game
Not open for further replies.