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does anyone know if there are any good places in emerald to train because i am training some pokemon for fun. thanks for all of the help in advance

Also please keep in mind that the pokemon are around low 20's to about low 30's

Crimson Riven

The Crimson Master
Low twenties to low thirties eh?

I would suggest trainning in the Meteor Falls cave and then around Lillycove in the grassy areas, and once you get your pokemon to around lv 50 I would train either in Sky Pillar or the caves leading to the Elite Four, and then finally once they are strong enough to handle the Elite Four without trouble, I would use the E4 to train them, thats how I got most of my level 100 pokemon


Mouth+Belly = Gible
I would give a training pokemon a Exp. Share

Hehe, I do that all the time with my box PKMN I wanna train. *I'm training my linoone to lvl 100~Really for the pick-up ability so I can get earthquake*
Then i'm going to do my beldum next.

I don't really ev train them...


Armed with a Mind
Hmm...you might want to try route west of Mauville (what route is it? I'm forget) The trainers there have pokemon around 30's. With the right attack, you should be fine.


When I train, I usually battle trainers. In Emerald, you get that device to re-battle trainers, so...

Altaria Lover

Boulder Trainer
Sandstorm can be quite good early on in the game, the PoKeMoN there are all about Lv. 20 so......yeah.


Matt the Drat
Lots of replies now for places to train. Use those and you should be good to go. :p

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