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  1. ImBeVillain

    Some fans still complain and hate something.

    I just figured out that there were reasons to hate each series. I started watching Pokemon in 2019, of course from the Original Series, then I continued. Reasons to hate: AG: May and Harley D&P: probably Ash and Paul (I didn't like Paul myself, but now i want his comeback - especially for...
  2. Genaller

    Character Relationships Face-Off; Winner -> Ash & Paul

    Welcome to the character relationships face-off! In this face-off pairs of fictional characters will compete to determine which pair has the greatest dynamic. Relationships include friends, partners, couples, rivals, family, nemeses, comrades etc... Each member may make up to 4 nominations...
  3. Genaller

    SPPF Character Face-Off Champion League

    Welcome to the SPPF Champion Characters Face-Off! This will be a face-off exclusively comprised of winners of other character based face-offs in SPPF. The criteria for determining the participants went as follows: The character must currently be a champion of a face-off in SPPF. The iteration...
  4. Dragalge

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Characters Discussion Thread

    Well we got new people revealed aside from the protagonists! So discuss your thoughts about em and speculate and whatnot. Leon, imo, does have an aura of being a villain. I just wish he dropped that clunky outfit of his haha.
  5. NovaBrunswick

    Sun and Moon player characters' names

    Usually, in the Pokémon games, the playable characters each have default or ‘canon’ names to act as a placeholder if the player doesn’t want to name them: (Heart) Gold/(Soul) Silver: Ethan, Lyra (Omega) Ruby/(Alpha) Sapphire/Emerald: Brendan, May Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Lucas, Dawn Black...