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  1. A

    LF 2x Non english Ditto

    Will trade whatever you want. Have 4 and 5 ivs dittos. Also all my pokes have pokerus. Current Link code 0248
  2. Cloudy_Universe

    First Thread i guess. [Trade?]

    I'm looking for a Non-English Ditto. I'd like to breed some shinies for me and my friends. I can offer a freshly breeded sobble, scorbunny, and grookey. (Grookey might take a bit because the friend who's picking him just got the game) if your interested, DM me on discord for a Friend Code...
  3. M

    Trading for Foreign Ditto I Have an English one Ditto to swap with you!

    Looking for a Ditto from another language I currently have an English one to swap with you!
  4. K

    Trading for Foreign Ditto (from US)

    Hey everyone! I would love to trade a ditto from the US for a foreign ditto to masuda method breed for shinnies. Any takers?
  5. P

    Outstanding potential Ditto

    Hello, so after losing numerous legendary Pokémon to the GTS for dittos names 6V and all that, I am wondering if anyone has an outstanding potential foreign (I’m playing English version) Ditto that I can use for breeding. Just message me what you would want for a trade for it! Thank you!