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  1. FluffyFurret

    FT: 5IV English Ditto, LF: 5IV Other Language Ditto

    Hi! I have a 5IV English Ditto w/Pokérus, and in need of any other language 5IV (-Atk preferably) Ditto.
  2. SoulPKMN

    Trading 5 IV Ditto w/ "Pretty good" IVs in HP

    I have a Ditto with perfect IVs in everything but HP which in that stat it is "Pretty good". Looking for a similar Ditto from another region to start trying the Masuda method. I'm American so anything not English will do.
  3. Z

    LF: 4IV non-eng Ditto or 4IV non-eng Eevee (male egg group)

    Offering: 6 IV ENG male Eevee 3 IV Shiny male Eevee 4 IV Shiny male Eevee Looking for: - min 4 perfect IV - non-ENG - Ditto / Eevee / male member of Eevee egg group
  4. 13mjvr

    FT: 4 Max IVs + 0 IV Speed ENG Ditto. LF: Non-ENG Ditto

    I just caught the Trick Room Ditto while videotaping for a 6 IV Ditto, so I have proof. Very lucky as a 0 IV in speed is rarer than a 6 IV. I am specifically looking for a non-ENG 6 max IVs or a 31/X/31/31/31/31 or a 4 IV Trick room ditto. Thank you for your time.
  5. T

    FT 5IVs(no SpAtk) jolly ditto, LF shiny mons

    This ditto has perfect IVs and nature for breeding physical mons. looking for a ditto for breeding special mons. If you have other interesting stuff, feel free to make offers :D
  6. Z

    LF non eng 5 IV ditto

    Preferably 5 IV except Sp Att I have 5 IV english ditto or 6IV male english Eevee
  7. 13mjvr

    FT: 31/x/31/31/31/31 ENG Ditto LF: Similar spread Non-ENG Ditto.

    I caught myself that Ditto in 5 star raids. Looking for a 5IV foreign ditto with X in ATK or Sp ATK.
  8. M

    Pokemon Sword LF: 5iv Ditto (-Speed)

    Hey, I have a 4iv Ditto with a spread of 31/31/31/31/30/pretty good if possible, I would like to trade it for a similar ditto, but with a lower speed stat (any language is fine). If there is anything else I can trade for it, i’m happy to negotiate. Then I will set up a link code for trading...
  9. B

    Looking for ENG Ditto 5/6 IV

    Can trade EUR 5IV Ditto but also every pokemon from the pokedex (excpet legendaries)
  10. Tyler Angel

    Looking for a shiny corsola

    Any stats is fine, i can alter them later. Willing to trade a japanese 4iv ditto in return
  11. V

    NA done

    Hey hey! Looking for a non english ditto and in return I will give an english ditto! No care about stats!
  12. Sightless

    Done Thanks <3

    Would greatly appreciate a non-english ditto for an english ditto (or fire starter)! Ain't got anything too fancy IV-wise yet, just some great stat dittos judge-wise to pick from. I honestly don't care about which one you pick, like I'm that girl who is bad competitive-wise and just wants to run...
  13. ohjeezitskim

    FT: Eiscue, G Ponyta, G Corsola, 4IV adamant Dreepy +

    What I currently have ready to trade: 3 Eiscue 5 G Ponyta 6 G Corsola 4 Deino (VE Sword) 12+ 4IV Dreepy 2 5IV Dreepy (NOT perfect 5iv) What I can trade if I have some time to breed/find them Can breed now: Sobble/Scorbunny/Grooky G Darumaka(VE-Sword) Croagunk(VE-Shield) Jangmo-o...
  14. C

    Looking for Foreign Ditto

    I have a lvl 60 English Ditto that I am looking to trade for an any lvl Ditto of a different language game, thx.
  15. P

    LF: Non-English Ditto, FT: English Ditto

    I don't care about IV, just would like a foreign ditto for the masude method of breeding shiny pokemon code is 8525
  16. T

    Looking for non-US Ditto

    Offer Closed
  17. I

    LF: 5 IV Non-English Ditto; FT: 5 IV ENG Ditto.

    Trade code: 9106 or PM me here. Thanks
  18. M

    FT: 5 IV HA dreepy, LF dittos

    Looking for 5+ IV English ditto, or decent IV non-English ditto! Also got anything else available for trade including giga charizard!
  19. M

    LF any IV non-English ditto or 5+ IV English ditto

  20. L

    LF 5IV Non-English Ditto

    Looking for 5IV Non-English Ditto. If you have one I will trade you with my 5IV English Ditto. I want to breed shiny competitive pokemon :)