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  1. W

    LF Ditto (specific natures) Offering other Ditto

    I am looking for Dittos with careful, and quiet natures. Have most of the other natures between levels 30 and 34. Also I have duplicates that I will trade for other pokemon.
  2. S

    [Trade Completed] FT: ENG 5 IV Ditto LF: 5IV Foreign Ditto

    As the title says I'd love to trade my 5IV English Ditto for a 5IV foreign one. I'll throw in an ability patch too.
  3. RPBaskett

    Sword - 6/6 IV Ditto for trade please!

    Hello! I am in search of/in need of a 6/6 IV Ditto for breeding in Pokémon Sword. It doesn't need to be Japanese but would be excellent if it were. I can trade you anything I may have that you need in return. If you have one my friend code is: SW-7387-3333-3513. Please and thank you!
  4. P

    Looking for a 6*31DV Ditto (Sw/Sh)

    Hello guys! I'm desperately looking for a 6*31DV Ditto. I can't offer a lot, but a 6*31DV Ralts and a Master Ball... Thanks!
  5. KalloFox34

    Can a Ditto talk if it’s transformed into a human?

    We know that Ditto transform into a perfect copy of whatever it’s impersonating. That would also mean it replicates the tongue and vocal cords of a human, right? Can it talk?
  6. W

    Looking for ditto with destiny knott please

    I wanna start building my team before i go fight the champion, and i wanna do some breeding to get my stats better. If anyone has a 5iv ditto with a destiny knott they could spare, itd be greatly appreciated. I dont have anything crazy to offer, i need to get all my pokes off the old gens into...
  7. J

    Lf foreign ditto pokemon sword

    Hi I'm from Australia looking to trade for a foreign ditto for masuda breeding please help
  8. Yggdrassal

    ENG 6IV Ditto for Foreign 6IV Ditto

    I'm looking for a non-ENG 6IV Ditto and will trade my ENG relaxed nature 6IV Ditto for it. I also have a modest 6IV Ditto, but will only trade that for another (foreign) modest 6IV Ditto. Never made this trade, but I ended up getting a 6IV foreign Ditto anyway. trade is now closed.
  9. R3i

    FT: POKERUS Pokemon LF: Ditto

    LF: non american 5 or 6 Iv ditto FT: american 4 Iv ditto & pokemon (random or your choice) w/POKERUS
  10. Y

    Pokémon Trade Thread!

    Hey guys I’m quite new to the game and just completed the story and would like to start breeding, if anyone has a foreign Ditto for trade I’d be willing to trade something I have for it :)
  11. I

    Looking for a 6iv ditto for a legendary with pokérus

    Hello! I'm looking for a 6IV non-English ditto. I am offering one of the following: A shiny gyarados with pokérus A zekrom with pokérus A celebi with pokérus A cosmog with pokérus A kyurem with pokérus A Solgaleo with pokérus A lunala with pokérus A Necrozma with pokérus A 4IV english ditto...
  12. Lunacela

    5IV Trades

    FT: 6 IV Scorbunny (Adamant) 5 IV of any of the following: Mareanie (Bold, missing HP) Bounsweet (Jolly, missing Sp Atk) Shellder (JPN, Adamant, missing Atk) Goomy (3 available see spoiler for details) Deino (Many available, see spoiler for details) LF: Any of the following, IVs should be...
  13. K

    Farming 6iv-Ditto

    Hey guys, I would like to farm the 6iv-Ditto with non-French people to apply the Masuda method. The idea is to try to catch a 6iv Ditto and exchange it each others after! Tell me if you're interested.
  14. Dragohammer227

    LF: Hidden Ability Pokemon, Shinies, 6 IV Ditto, & Master Ball FT: HA, Shiny, EV Trained Pkmn, Items

    Hello Serebii Forum. I'm in the market for HA Pokemon, a couple shiny pokeomon, 6 IV Ditto and a Master Ball. Hopefully I have something in my wares that peaks your interest as well. Looking For: "Ah! I'll buy it at a high price!" HA Arrokuda / Barraskewda (Propeller Tail) HA Scraggy /...
  15. RatedREdgecution

    LF: 6IV Non-English Ditto

    LF: 6IV Non-English Ditto FT: English 6IV Ditto, 5IV Modest Rotom (Missing attack), 5IV Jolly Ponyta (Missing Sp. Atk), G-Max Snorlax, Butterfree, Centiskorch, Corviknight, Drednaw, Sandaconda
  16. Bryroxdey

    LF: Lonely and LAX Ditto

    Hello, I'm looking for Dittos with lonely and lax natures to complete my ditto collection. I have a whole box of ENG Ditto with bad IVs and random natures for trade. I also have 2 JAP Ditto: -Quiet w/ no IVs -Quirky w/ "good stats" and Best in Attack I have plenty of HA and Aprimon for trade...
  17. F

    LF: 0 spd Ditto

    Please let me know what you want, I've lost a few Pokemon to scammers from reddit but hopefully this forum is better. Thank you
  18. A

    Looking for non US ditto and male raltz

    I do not have much in the way of trade but would l im e to start breeding if you could help I would really appreciate it
  19. snagon

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    I have Scrappy G-Farfetch'd and other Hidden ability Mons for trade if you have one.
  20. Sightless

    Closed Ty <3

    Got two shiny scorbunnys for trade and if needed can go get a 5IV+ US Ditto to add on. Might give 1 shiny scorbunny and a shiny vespiquen instead if that sounds interesting. Message or comment if interested, thank you!