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  1. T

    Incorrect evolution mechanics

    Hi guys! I've used serebii.net for years, but I have some issues with gen 9 evolutions and that prompted me to make a forum account. Several pokemon seem to have bad evolution mechanics listed. Bonsly - My Bonsly is level 28 and was retaught Mimic around level 20 from the Pokemon summary...
  2. O

    Milcery Evolution Berry Sweets

    I'm hoping for at least one Berry Sweet to evolve Milcery, i don't have much but i do have these: Strawberry Sweet x3 Love Sweet x4 Clover Sweet x1 Flower Sweet x2 Ribbon Sweet x1 Or if you have something this in mind I could see if I have it
  3. J

    Best evolution level in Pokemon S&S

    Hi Everyone, I have a question about when I should evolve my pokemons to get the strongest pokemon. 1. Do they get stronger when you wait with evolving your Pokemons or vice versa; evolving them when that is possible. 2. Why would you wait with evolving your Pokemon? So that you can get a...
  4. Lion Demon

    Which Pokemon deserve an evolution/pre-evolution?

    With the likeliness of regular evolutions/pre-evolutions returning, it's a good opportunity to speculate as to what Pokemon will be given new life through a new evolution/pre-evolution. I'd personally love to see Chimecho get an evolution. It could be a really formidable Psychic type if it evolved.
  5. U

    Need someone to trade for evolution

    Hi, Pikachu player looking to trade with someone to get evolutions (already got gengar but will help out if you still need one), hope you can help :)
  6. A

    Need Help Evolving Haunter

    Hello and Happy Turkey Day all. If someone can spare a few minutes to help me evolve my Haunter into Gengar, it would be munched appreciated. I can help you with trade evolutions of your own as well!
  7. J

    LF Trade Evo Help

    I just need somebody to help me evolve my haunter, kadabra and graveler and trade them back to me. I will do the same for you if needed thanks
  8. pokedigijedi

    How would you feel if Bulbasaur finally decided to evolve?

    Like the title says, how would you feel if Bulbasaur after all these years finally decided it wanted to evolve? it could work, maybe Bulbasaur hits a spot in its life were the only way for it to further improve is to evolve, they could even use this as a means to create the Aesop "sometimes in...