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  1. HelloYellow17

    Of Sand and Shadows

    Story Summary: Desperate to escape the lawless region of Orre, a young ex-criminal named Wes attempts to leave both the desert and his past behind for good. Not all goes to plan, however, and soon he is caught in the middle of a dark and sinister plan that stirs quietly from the shadows...
  2. NebulaDreams

    Out of Hand

    Summary: A lone Machamp, desperate for rent money, becomes a temporary team member in order to stay in her beloved Circhester. However, when she discovers the hiring trainer is a spoiled influencer, she's forced to side with him in order to get paid. She not only has to fight for someone she...
  3. ~Silver Aura~

    Circumstances (Diodeshipping PG-13)

    Okay...when was the last time I posted here? *Nervous laughter* Anyway, I'm gonna give this fanfic thing another shot. This will be a Diodeshipping fanfic. (AshxClemont) I've posted this story on FF.net (ShiningAura) AO3 (ShiningAura) and Wattpad. (EpicAshFan) about a year ago and now I'm...
  4. V

    Pokémon: In a League of their Own (Chapter 12/??)

    This is a fanfic I started about a month ago. I uploaded it on Fanfiction.net and Ao3 and I want to spread it around a bit more. Essentially I just wanted an excuse to use an original region I created. Most of the cast is OCs and I even threw in some original Pokémon as well. In terms of...
  5. The Great Butler

    2019 Fan Fiction Awards - NOMINATIONS

    The 2019 Serebii.net Forums Fan Fiction Awards Hosted by bobandbill and The Great Butler Voting system, tech wizardry and site hosting by Dragonfree As we head into a new decade with the beginning of 2020, it's time to bid farewell to the 2010s with a celebration of the greatest our...
  6. roule

    Light Through the Blinds

    new semester, new me, new fic. i started writing this recently between assignments, and havent been able to stop. please help me. hopefully with this i'll be back to regular writing in the fandom again lol 1. Dead leaves in the breeze Milou wakes up in a comforting warmth, with the...
  7. Kindoflame

    Including Bad Illustrations

    I am a new writer here and have a really great story to post. To be completely honestly, I think I have a shot at the Best New Writer Award as long as I post regularly. This is mostly because are only 5 new writers who have recently posted, so competition is light. Anyway, this is a goal I have...
  8. H

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Protectors of Time

    This is a science fiction Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanfiction based on a future hundreds of years after the events in the Explorers series. Note that it contains spoilers for the Explorers series. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have. Summary Kira the Fennekin is a temporal...
  9. Kharmaguess

    KhG_Horizons (COMPLETED)

    This is my first of a series of fanfictions which will be labeled under the prefix KhG. Just doing a little world building before I get into anything big. Anyways, reviews are appreciated, so if you have any suggestions for how I can improve, feel free to let me know! Will update every weekend...
  10. AmericanPi

    The Bells (one-shot for 2018 Serebii Holiday Fanfic Gift Exchange; PG/K+)

    "The Bells" A one-shot By AmericanPi It's so cold. You would think a Mawile like me wouldn't be able to feel cold. That's a lie. Sure, the expression "cold as steel" carries some truth to it, but just because Steel-types are made of metal doesn't mean that they are completely unaffected by...
  11. masterreloaded

    The Winter Solstice

    May 22nd, 2013 A fisherman reeled his net onto the tiny dingy he had at sea, a grand catch of many magikarp and even some goldeen! So much so that he could spare a few to take home to the wife. He beamed with pride as he started to sort the pokemon into containers for the trip home. Looking...
  12. ANightmaresDreamscape

    Aura's Light: Redux

    Rating: M - I rated this M in my original version on FFN, I am in the process of rewriting the story from scratch. My FFN pen name is the same as on here, ANightmaresDreamscape. The story will contain violence, blood, some adult themes, so M is for safety's sake. A/N - I currently have one...
  13. ANightmaresDreamscape

    Aura's Light FF- Beta reader wanted

    Hey everyone! so this is my first post on serebii, a while back I wrote a fanfiction called aura's light and my writing has changed quite a bit since I started it. My pen name on there is also AnightmaresDreamscape. I'm currently doing a complete rewrite of it and I'm in need of a beta reader...
  14. Victorian Rush

    A Heavy Burden (Bondingshipping one-shot, PG)

    Author: Victorian Rush Fandom: Pokemon Pairing: Bondingshipping (Gary x Lillie) with minor Alohashipping (Ash x Mallow) Rating: PG (for language) Note: This is a request I had received from @Pikachu Fan Number Nine. He wanted a Bondingshipping one-shot with a subplot of Lillie's father being in...
  15. ChloboShoka

    Insaitable Cruise

    Title: Insatiable Cruise Rating: T Genre: Horror Summary: Ritchie and his family hop on Insatiable - a luxury river cruise, where he is reunited with his friend Ash. What is meant to be the trip of a lifetime becomes the holiday from hell when the captain is brutally murdered, the crew become...
  16. Marika_CZ

    The Missing One [T, mystery, shortfic]

    THE MISSING ONE (A three part short story) Synopsis: A young Pokémon trainer wakes up one day realizing that the world has been changed somehow. Furthermore an unknown person has disappeared. The trainer has no idea how this happened or who is the missing person - but he sets out to discover...
  17. WriterRaichu

    Jade [Pokémon Fanfiction]

    Chapter Zero - I Promise "Jade, listen to me. You need to get out of here, right now." His eyes flashed with an urgent desperation. "You need to get out of here, right now. I promise that I'll come find you. I promise." I promise.
  18. NovaBrunswick

    Dartmouth & Jollimore's Alolan Adventures

    Prologue The Skype dial tone rung out from Jollimore's sleek black laptop as he slipped his equally-dark thin blanket down to his lower torso. The emerging white light from opening the upper screen further up shone like a bright flashlight onto Dartmouth's still-asleep face, irritating him...
  19. Antoshi

    A Blond Ray of Sunshine (1/19/2020: Chapter 33/End of Part 5)

    A Blond Ray of Sunshine A young, upbeat Pokémon Trainer named Antoshi travels around Kanto collecting Gym Badges with his best friend and only Pokémon, Fireball the Typhlosion. When Fireball is kidnapped by Team Rocket, Antoshi unwittingly unlocks superhuman powers within him. With the...
  20. Griff4815

    Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon)

    This is the sequel to my Digimon story, "A Dragon in Shining Armour". If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest you do so before reading this. This story continues the adventures and trials of the Royal Knights, as various new threats emerge in the Digital World after almost a year of peace...