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help me

  1. Redislonley


    I recently got Pokémon white and when I started playing I’ve noticed I wasn’t gaining any EXP is there any way to fix this problem? PLZ HELP IMMEDIATELY!! I’m playing on my 3DS xl with a game cartridge
  2. T

    (BDSP) Need to Trade my Kadabra and Rydon to Evolve, HELP!

    Reply or Pm me and help a homie out
  3. C

    Looking for Touch trade (BDSP)

    Hi, I'm just looking for someone to touch trade the following so I can complete my dex Nidoqueen, clefable, wigglytuff, moltres, slowking, delcatty, spinda and milotic Thanks
  4. Jellyfisher

    Deleting old content in bulk

    Hey! As you can tell on my profile I've had an account on serebii for quite some time and while I've been a consistent player I haven't kept up on here. Also I'm not 10 anymore so I'd like to erase my old content Lmfao. Is this possible or would I have to delete each post individually? Thanks in...
  5. Mr.Munchlax

    What to Do with My Switch

    Last year my Switch's Micro SD card reader stopped working. It occasionally acts like everything's fine, but most of the time it's been unable to read any of my memory cards (even if I just bought them). I recently sent it to an off-hand repair shop to get the reader fixed, but they said it has...
  6. L

    Pokemon Crystal Team Help

    I’m just before Clair’s gym and I have: Feraligatr L40 Ursaring L40 Growlithe L39 (will evolve after it gets flamethrower) Heracross L36 For the final spots I can’t seem to decide so any help would be great Umbreon/Espeon Xatu/Skarmory I’ve never used any of these before hence why I’m keen...
  7. K

    I need help completing Pokédex. Just Kabuto

    Im so close to completing the Pokédex but I can’t seem to finish it I want to start shiny hunting. I just need 3 Pokémon. I need kabuto & mew. I need Kabuto please with that is a big help
  8. O

    Completing Galar-dex

    Hey everyone, I’m just looking for a few Pokemon so I can complete the Pokédex in Pokemon shield. The Pokemon I currently need are: Gothita Solrock Flapple Slurpuff Scraggy Mawile Turtonator Stonjourner And zacian I can trade for version exclusives you may need. In regards to zacian I don’t...
  9. watchoutforthem

    Finishing my dex

    Hey I'm just looking for someone who can hopefully help me complete my pokedex! I'm only missing 7 Pokemon, and I dont even need every one supplied to me, but here they are: Mawile (I have sword so I can catch it, but the weather hasn't been in my favor) Trapinch Vibrava (tbh if I get a...
  10. Eternalfalcon

    Do theorys come under the general discussion thread?

    Do theorys come under the general discussion thread?
  11. B

    Anyone have a lucky egg they're willing to give away?

    I used it to level up the duplicate cosmog to level 53 so I could swap a solgaleo for a lunala, but forgot to take it off before the trade like a damn fool. Anyone generous enough - probably from US/UM I'd imagine - have a spare one from a blissey?
  12. Capt. Gingerbeard

    Let's Go Exclusive Trade Help

    EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN COMPLETED. I am looking to see if I could get some help for myself and a friend for Let's Go Alolan exclusives. (Edit: I now have all of the non Alolan exclusives.) Both of us have Eevee and so I currently have (Edit: Willing to catch something else if interested): Alolan...
  13. JigglyKirby

    Help me to ID this episode!

    First time seeing Meowth donning a baby bonnet & pacifier!