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help me

  1. L

    Pokemon Crystal Team Help

    I’m just before Clair’s gym and I have: Feraligatr L40 Ursaring L40 Growlithe L39 (will evolve after it gets flamethrower) Heracross L36 For the final spots I can’t seem to decide so any help would be great Umbreon/Espeon Xatu/Skarmory I’ve never used any of these before hence why I’m keen...
  2. K

    I need help completing Pokédex. Just Kabuto

    Im so close to completing the Pokédex but I can’t seem to finish it I want to start shiny hunting. I just need 3 Pokémon. I need kabuto & mew. I need Kabuto please with that is a big help
  3. O

    Completing Galar-dex

    Hey everyone, I’m just looking for a few Pokemon so I can complete the Pokédex in Pokemon shield. The Pokemon I currently need are: Gothita Solrock Flapple Slurpuff Scraggy Mawile Turtonator Stonjourner And zacian I can trade for version exclusives you may need. In regards to zacian I don’t...
  4. watchoutforthem

    Finishing my dex

    Hey I'm just looking for someone who can hopefully help me complete my pokedex! I'm only missing 7 Pokemon, and I dont even need every one supplied to me, but here they are: Mawile (I have sword so I can catch it, but the weather hasn't been in my favor) Trapinch Vibrava (tbh if I get a...
  5. Eternalfalcon

    Do theorys come under the general discussion thread?

    Do theorys come under the general discussion thread?
  6. B

    Anyone have a lucky egg they're willing to give away?

    I used it to level up the duplicate cosmog to level 53 so I could swap a solgaleo for a lunala, but forgot to take it off before the trade like a damn fool. Anyone generous enough - probably from US/UM I'd imagine - have a spare one from a blissey?
  7. Capt. Gingerbeard

    Let's Go Exclusive Trade Help

    EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN COMPLETED. I am looking to see if I could get some help for myself and a friend for Let's Go Alolan exclusives. (Edit: I now have all of the non Alolan exclusives.) Both of us have Eevee and so I currently have (Edit: Willing to catch something else if interested): Alolan...
  8. JigglyKirby

    Help me to ID this episode!

    First time seeing Meowth donning a baby bonnet & pacifier!