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  1. B

    LF Zarude FT Shiny Eternatus code, shiny pokemon, or Gen 1-7 legendaries

    LF Zarude FT Shiny Eternatus code, any legendary from Gen I to Gen VII or the following shinies: Sandslash Gyarados Gengar Jirachi Banette Thank you
  2. FloatzieDPPT

    Xerneas, Yveltal or Zygarde?

    I do not really enjoy Xerneas much but Yveltal and Zygarde are cool designs. I like the original design of Zygarde more than all the extra forms it got in SM. Which legendary do you prefer?
  3. P

    BDSP legendary trades

    I'm looking to complete my first ever living dex. I'm currently missing six pokemon: the Legendary birds, Lugia, Palkia and Mew. I can trade the legendary dogs, Ho-oh, Dialga and Jirachi in exchange or any other Legendary pokemon really.
  4. FakeHeteroFakemon

    Fakemon region box legendary concept help (please)

    So I have some logos I had commissioned for my fakemon region, each being named Pokemon vision and truth respectively. I realized after, that in a way these could have just been different versions of the black and white logos. In pokemon black and white the legendaries are referred to as "the...
  5. edlago

    LF: Marshadow (Not Looking Anymore)

    I'm not looking for anything anymore but I'm not sure how to delete the entire thread/topic. Sorry.
  6. P

    LF: Keldeo, Zarude, Marshadow, Melmetal, FT: Shinies, Legends, Apri Balls, Master Balls

    LF: Listed above. HA: Mons: Shinies: Slurpuff LVL100 Coalossal LVL100 Macargo LVL60 Machamp LVL100 Torkoal LVL100 Golduck LVL63 Azumarill LVL59 Blissey LVL40 Gyrados LVL100 Hydereigon LVL65 Starmie LVL55 Legends: Kubfu LVL10 Mewtwo x 2 Eternatus x 3 Moltres x 2 Articuno x 2 Zapdos x 1 Entei...
  7. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    LF: Meloetta or any Kalos mythical, FT: Almost all Omega Ruby Legendaries

    I'm looking for anyone with any of the following mythicals for trade: Meloetta, Diancie, Hoopa, or Volcanion I'll trade any of the following legendaries: Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-oh, Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Deoxys, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Phione...
  8. NeedsAName

    Legendary Survivor!

    Welcome to Legendary Survivor, (sequel to Starter Survivor), the game that determines the popularity of legendaries by voting them off! Each round will go like this: A new round is announced and the remaining legendaries are listed A 24-hour voting period begins where everyone votes three...
  9. Lucas.G

    LF: Marshadow, Zeraora & Melmetal

    I'm trying to complete the National Dex don't care about nature or IVs LF: Marshadow, Zeraora and Melmetal FT: 2011 event shiny beasts (Entei, Raikou & Suicune), 2010 event Draco-meteor Jirachi, Pokemon ranger's Manaphy, 2009 event Arceus with Dialga's Palkia's and Giratina's signature...
  10. A

    Need zamezenta

    With pokemon home out I want to start a new game on my pokemon sword but I would like to trade my zacian with a master ball or rusted sword for a zamezenta
  11. Eternalfalcon

    Sword and shield theory (spoilers)

    In a new trailer for sword and shield there is a statue behind Marnie which is holding a shield and has its right arm up holding what I assume to be a sword now as you can see by the picture of the legendaries one of them is holding a sword and the other has the mane that is a shield (I keep...
  12. tcinkwell

    Looking to trade for a Celesteela to complete my National Pokédex. PLEASE HELP!

    Looking to trade for a Celesteela to complete my National Pokédex. I've got extra Xurkitree and Kartana for trade as well as almost anything else you can think of. Please send me a DM if you can help! Thanks, -t.c.inkwell
  13. Namohysip

    The Great Dunsparce Apocalypse

    A potato farmer gets caught up in a battle between gods. This work is rated T for some mild to moderate violence. The Great Dunsparce Apocalypse “I’ve found her!” Her triumphant cry startled the many little, glowing spheres that lingered in the air. She slithered past a few blue leaves...
  14. E

    Shiny chansey for trade

    LF Hoopa, Diancie, Marshadow, Manaphy or darkrai please :)
  15. Chibi Pika

    The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11]

    The story of an inevitable war, the humans that tried to stop it, and all the reasons their failure was written into the universe itself. Notes: Table of Contents: Extras: This story began with the human who rejected infinity. It will end with the human who accepted it. ~PROLOGUE~...