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  1. D

    Need shield exclusives to complete Nat dex

    (Active listing) I am needing someone to help with completing my national dex, only need the following: Spritzee Aromatisse Oranguru Drampa Zamazenta Can't offer anything special except maybe sword exclusives or pokemon from isle of armor. Please message if you can help. Will remove pokemon...
  2. Agredi

    LF: Help Evolving Porygon [COMPLETED]

  3. Pokefan_1987

    Got a 3rd Scorbunny with Libero (Hidden Ability)...looking for a Zamazenta (Shield)

    Like the title says i got a 3rd Scorbunny with Libero (Hidden Ability) in a mystery trade. My first hidden ability was from the pokemon home app. But since i already have a regular Cinderace and a Hidden Ability Cinderace. Does anyone have a spare Zamazenta that they are willing to part with...
  4. AgentRavenwolf

    Dex completion?

    i just am wondering of anyone can help me complete my dex im still a little away but im under 100
  5. K

    I need help completing Pokédex. Just Kabuto

    Im so close to completing the Pokédex but I can’t seem to finish it I want to start shiny hunting. I just need 3 Pokémon. I need kabuto & mew. I need Kabuto please with that is a big help
  6. Mejo333

    Ultra Sun & Moon

    LF: Volcanion FT: your choice of legendary or mythical Pokémon
  7. Dragalge

    Pokedex Elimination #4

    This again but with Gen 8 Pokemon added to the mix! Take one Pokemon off the list until we have one Pokemon left from each list. Rules: 1. Edit your post if you got ninja'd. 2. Be nice to each other. 3. If needed, I will pause the game so that the list is on the right track. 4. No cooldowns but...
  8. S

    LF: sword exclusives FT: shield exclusives (don't care about stats)

    I'm trying to complete my pokedex and am in need of some sword exclusives! I don't care about stats at all since I can breed for that later. The ones I need are: Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shrifty Turtonator Stonjourner Basculin (red striped) Indeedee (male) I have all the shield exclusives except for...
  9. M

    LF: Silvally touch trade for Dex FT: Apriballs, Beast Ball, etc.

    SIlvally is the only one I need for a full pokédex so if you could help out that would be greatly appreciated. I have some apricot balls and a Beast Ball, I can also breed practically any competitive Pokémon, your choice! Thanks in advance
  10. NovaBrunswick

    Weird Pokédex entries

    Every Pokémon has an entry in the Pokédex telling us what they're like and how they behave. Some are a little... weirder than others. Dodrio's entry from Sapphire: Raichu's entry from FireRed: Darumaka's entry from White: All of Mimikyu's Dex entries, especially these ones from Sun and...
  11. tummeys

    Pokémon Sword n Shield - Trade Thread!

    hi litcherally just made an account and idk what im doin! if a thread like this exists already, oops! here's another one, muah this thread will be used to help ppl finish the galar 'dex! pls say which version of the game you have + pokemon you need! or alternatively, post your lists of what...
  12. O

    Want to comlete dex

    i want to trade with someone who have shield version to unlock exclusive pokemons if you want i can give you pokemon back after trade
  13. O

    I want to trade with someone who have shield and complete your and mine pokedex

    i want complete pokedex and i will help you to comlete it too if you are ineterested there is my friend code in nintendo switch 7742 2778 2397 i can give you pokemon back after unlocking it in pokedex
  14. S

    Complete pokedex

    Hello everyone! To complete my Pokedex I need the following Pokémon - Gigalith - Sirfetch’d - Rhyperior - Gothitelle - Braviary - Mawile - Oranguru - Passimian - Turtonator - Togedemaru - Wailord - Dhelmise - Dracozolt I have almost all pokemon yo return! you would really help me :)
  15. D

    Dreamball charmander on gts

    For completing my live dex im trading dreamball charmanders with egg moves and some of the with its HIdden ability. I have lots of HA pokemons and some others with dreamball. If you want them I can trade you via link trade. PM me
  16. Ghost94

    Filling Pokedex Entries

    Hey, these are the Pokémon I still need to register: None Here’s what I’m offering: Scorbunny Grookey Sobble Farfetch’d Seedot Mawile Solrock Darumaka Scaggy Gothita Rufflet Deino Passimian Tutonator Jangmo-o Stonjourner Ponyta Lotad Corsola Larvitar Croagunk Solosis Eiscue Shedinja Hitmontop...
  17. 13mjvr

    3 Left to complete Pokedex! LF Tortunator, Appletun and Zacian. Can trade anything.

    Last 3 pokemon to complete pokédex. I can offer Flapple or breed any pokemon you wish to advance in your pokédex. I only need Zacian to register, I will be giving it back and offer any breedable pokemon in exchange. Thank you :)
  18. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Pokedex Completion

    I need help completing the pokedex. Would anyone (Probably those playing XY that need to complete their Pokedex) be willing to give me any of the following: Squirtle Jynx Miltank Litwick Dunsparce Skrelp Carbink Totodile Cyndaquil By the way, these are just a few I need, I'll update this list...
  19. DragonScale

    The most likely remaining pokemon for the Galar regional dex

    https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml They're like because A) They fit the region and make sense B) They're a counterpart of a already confirmed pokemon C) They're a fan-favorite D) The species said pokemon is based on is native to europe, let alone, UK Venusaur Blastoise...
  20. Leafafr12

    Pokedex Pokedex

    Hi there all, Maybe one of you could possibly help me, to complete my lg!p Pokedex. I Am missing some trade evolutions and some Eevee exclusives. Thanks in advanced.