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tart apple

  1. T

    Tart apple

    As the name implies, I'm after a tart apple if anyone could help out
  2. Skullera

    I am Looking for a grookey

    I only need grookey No requirements I have both sobble and scorbunny Am willing to max out their dynamax levels for you and provide a sword exclusive tart apple or a wishing stone (if you also play on sword ) Current level of sobble I have is 19 ( will go up as I continue playing )...
  3. Skullera

    Trading starters

    Not sure if I’m posting this in the correct thread but here it goes. Wish to trade a: None shiny sobble dynamax level 10, skill torent, gender male Item holding tart apple Looking for a grookey no requirements Please inbox if interested thank you
  4. M

    Trading Apples (looking for Tart, I have Sweet)

    hello everyone, LF: Any poké (holding a Tart Apple) FT: Shield exclusive (holding a Sweet Apple) Not sure if it works, but can you trade sweet/tart apples to evolve your own Applin onto the other games exclusive evolution? I found a shiny Applin in my Shield but like Flapple more! Any sword...
  5. PocketMonsterRealm

    Sweet/Tart Apple Respawn and Location Help Thread

    I have already picked up my Sweet Apple from Hammerlocke and Axew's Eye. I have seen on Serebii that it sometimes respawns on Axew's Eye. I haven't been able to find information on how often the respawning happens. I have been waiting for weeks for mine to respawn with no luck. Does anyone know...
  6. Yggdrassal

    HA Trades

    HAs: All trades completed. I can breed these hidden ability pokemon in return: Applin- Bulletproof (Flapple- Hustle, Appletun- Thick Fat) Blipbug- Telepathy Bounsweet- Sweet Veil Bunnelby- Huge Power Caterpie- Run Away (Butterfree- Tinted Lens) Charmander- Solar Power Chewtle- Swift Swim...
  7. MarineSkies

    LF: Sweet Apple

    Looking for a Sweet Apple. Willing to trade a Tart Apple. I'm not far into the game (just got into Hammerlocke) so I don't think I have that much to offer. If there is a Sword exclusive pokemon you want, that is available at the point where I'm at in the game, I am willing to trade it for a...
  8. E

    LF Helpful Sword player with a tart apple!

    So I’ve been breeding an Applin which I need to evolve into a Flapple - however I don’t have access since I’m using Shield. I was hoping someone with a spare apple and some spare time would evolve my Applin and trade it back - in return I have a female Appletun with its Hidden ability to trade...