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Bird Keeper
All trades completed.

I can breed these hidden ability pokemon in return:
Applin- Bulletproof (Flapple- Hustle, Appletun- Thick Fat)
Blipbug- Telepathy
Bounsweet- Sweet Veil
Bunnelby- Huge Power
Caterpie- Run Away (Butterfree- Tinted Lens)
Charmander- Solar Power
Chewtle- Swift Swim
Cleffa- Friend Guard (Clefable- Unaware)
Clobbopus- Technician
Corsola- Cursed Body (Cursola- Perish Body)
Croagunk- Poison Touch
Cufant- Heavy Metal
Cutiefly- Sweet Veil
Eevee- Anticipation (Espeon- Magic Bounce, Flareon- Guts, Glaceon- Ice Body, Jolteon- Quick Feet, Leafeon- Chlorophyll, Sylveon- Pixelate, Umbreon- Inner Focus, Vaporeon- Hydration)
Delibird- Insomnia
Dewpider- Water Absorb
Diglett- Sand Force
Darumaka (Galar)- Inner Focus (Darmanitan- Zen Mode)
Duraludon- Stalwart
Durant- Truant
Dwebble- Weak Armor
Falinks- Defiant
Farfetch'd- Scrappy
Ferroseed- Anticipation after evolving
Gossifleur- Effect Spore
Goomy- Gooey
Hatenna- Magic Bounce
Hawlucha- Mold Breaker
Hippopotas- Sand Force
Impidimp- Pickpocket
Indeedee- Psychic Surge
Inkay- Infiltrator
Jolltik- Swarm
Karrablast- No Guard (Escavalier- Overcoat)
Lapras- Hydration
Litten- Intimidate
Litwick- Infiltrator
Machop- Steadfast
Magikarp- Rattled (Gyarados- Moxie)
Maractus- Storm Drain
Mareanie- Regenerator
Meowth (Galar)- Unnerve (Perrserker- Steely Spirit)
Milcery- Aroma Veil
Mr. Mime- Ice Body
Munchlax- Gluttony
Natu- Magic Bounce
Onix- Weak Armor (Steelix- Sheer Force)
Pawniard- Pressure
Phantump- Harvest
Pichu- Lightning Rod
Pincurchin- Electric Surge
Popplio- Liquid Voice
Qwilfish- Intimidate
Ralts- Telepathy (Gallade- Justified)
Rhyhorn- Reckless
Roggenrola- Sand Force
Rolycoly- Flash Fire
Rookidee- Big Pecks (Corviknight- Mirror Armor)
Rowlet- Long Reach
Rufflet- Hustle (Braviary- Defiant)
Salandit- Oblivious
Scraggy- Intimidate
Shellder- Overcoat
Shellos- Sand Force
Shuckle- Contrary
Silicobra- Sand Veil
Sinistea- Cursed Body
Sizzlipede- Flame Body
Solosis- Regenerator
Snom- Ice Scales
Swirlix- Unburden
Timburr- Iron Fist
Togepi- Super Luck
Toxel- Klutz (Toxtricity- Technician)
Tympole- Water Absorb
Vanillite- Weak Armor
Vulpix (Aloan)- Snow Warning (not sure if it will breed a regular one with Drought or not)
Wooper- Unaware
Zigzagoon (Galar)- Quick Feet (Obstagoon- Defiant)
I possibly have others, but I'll need to log onto the old games to see what I have.

I can also add a Tart Apple or a Fossilized Bird/Dino if you want one. If you can trade a Sweet Apple or Fossilized Fish/Drake, I'd appreciate that too.
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Well-Known Member
Hey there! I'm interested in your Hidden Ability Eevee, Zigzagoon and Cloppopus. I can give you a Hidden Ability Snom and Hattena, and I can throw in a Hidden Ability Falinks with a Sweet Apple if you'd like.


Bird Keeper
That sounds good to me. I'll be free to trade anytime between 7pm-10pm (EST). Just have to breed those three first.


Ultra Adimensional Treiner
I'm looking for hidden ability Durant, Hatenna/Hattrem/Hatterene, Farfetch'd/Sirfetch'd, and Snom/Frosmoth. I may accept some others as well, feel free to offer something else not on the list below.

I can breed hidden ability Rookidee, Zigzagoon, Sizlipede, Silicobra, Chewtle, Pawniard, Caterpie, Duraludon, Cloppopus, Ruflet, Timburr, Ferroseed, Corsola, Machop, Ralts, Eevee, or Munchlax (or Hippopotas once the tournament unlocks) in return

I'm also looking for Ditto trades 4+ IVs (I prefer non ENG but will accept from any region. If it is a 4 IV Ditto, I'd rather not have one with both perfect attack and special attack stats.
I can offer Lax with HP/Atk/SpAtk/Speed, Careful with HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk, or Hardy with Atk/Def/SpDef/Speed.

I can also add a Tart Apple or a Fossilized Bird/Dino if you want one. If you can trade a Sweet Apple or Fossilized Fish/Drake, I'd appreciate that too.

Hey there! Can you trade a HA Ralts for HA Snom?


Bird Keeper
I have an HA Durant if you’re still looking. I’ll just need to breed it later.
That would be nice. Is there anything in the first post you are looking for in return? I should be getting a Snom, Hatenna, Falinks, and Magikarp soon as well.


Bird Keeper
I'm ready! Send a code whenever :) I can give you the Farfetch'd if you need it still
code will be 0331. What would you like for the Farfetch'd?

I’d like an HA Rookidee if you don’t mind. Also, when would be a good time to trade? I won’t be able to breed it for at least another hour or so.
Anytime within the next 2.5 hours is good, otherwise sometime around this time tomorrow night.