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  1. L

    Pokemon Crystal Team Help

    I’m just before Clair’s gym and I have: Feraligatr L40 Ursaring L40 Growlithe L39 (will evolve after it gets flamethrower) Heracross L36 For the final spots I can’t seem to decide so any help would be great Umbreon/Espeon Xatu/Skarmory I’ve never used any of these before hence why I’m keen...
  2. Crybaby Sobble

    Are you upset with the lack of team chemistry in Ash's Team?

    Unlike the previous series and the others, we have not seen active interaction between Ash's team.Like say Gengar has literally appeared only three times since it's capture episode and also it is not seen interacting with Dragonite and the others.Dragonite too is not seen to interact with...
  3. Emboar_Rulez

    What would your "real life" team be?

    Lets pretend Pokemon existed in our world.What would your team be and how would you option that Pokemon? Personally I would pick my favorite Pokemon rather than strong ones. Emboar would be my starter which I would receive from which ever Professor was in my region.It would evolve during a...
  4. Emboar_Rulez

    Ash and Gou team predictions

    Who do you think will be in Ashs and Gois final Galar team?
  5. A

    Pokemon pearl team

    Hello, I am about to play Pokemon pearl, I was hoping you guys could help me make a team. I am planning on using torterra, and I want to utilize trading with my copy of soulsilver. I want the best team possible.
  6. Eryzol

    Rate my S/M team

    Infernape Serperior Gyarados Salamence Dragonite Jolteon
  7. Genaller

    Ash’s Best Team Of NFE Pokémon

    What do you think is Ash’s best team of Pokémon who are nfe (a.k.a are still capable of evolving)? Mine would be: 1. Pikachu 2. Bulbasaur 3. Gible 4. Squirtle 5. Pignite 6. Buizel* * For the 6th slot I think Corphish and Quilava could also be decent choices though with Buizel there’s added...
  8. Genaller

    Strongest Team That Ash Has Actually Used

    Basically out of the full teams of 6 that Ash has actually used in official battles, which team would be the strongest? Here are the full teams that Ash has used in battle: — Orange League Team Pikachu, Squirtle, Taruos, Lapras, Bulbasaur, Charizard — Johto League Team against Gary Taruos...
  9. D

    Guild Chaos Wingz (pokemon mystery dungeon 2 rescues)

    Team Chaos Wingz We are a group of teams that rescue people who get ko'd in a dungeon. We provide organized and fast ways of rescuing. We currently are looking for recruits -1 space left for 1 co-leader -unlimited space for members from time to time we promote our member to a...