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trade exclusives

  1. Xentix

    LF Scarlet Exclusives

    I am looking for Scarlet exclusives just to fill up the pokedex, will return them back! I can offer Violet exclusives as well.
  2. jacobpkmnmaster

    Finished delete or close

    I just need 9 more Espurr Meowstic Hippowdon Cofagrigus Passimian Zweilous Hydreigon Hakamo-o Kommo-o
  3. G

    LF eevee exclusives

    LF Ekans Koffing
  4. S

    Shiny to mystic TRADE

    I want to trade a shiny for a mystical that isn't phione or meltan
  5. K

    Trading Exclusives

    Hi all! I have Pokemon sword and am looking to trade for the Pokemon Shield exclusives. I am also willing to do the shelmet/karrablast trade and any other trade evolutions you want! As a side note, I also ****'d up and traded my Zacian away for a Reshiram thinking it would help me complete my...
  6. Lucas.G

    LF: Marshadow, Zeraora & Melmetal

    I'm trying to complete the National Dex don't care about nature or IVs LF: Marshadow, Zeraora and Melmetal FT: 2011 event shiny beasts (Entei, Raikou & Suicune), 2010 event Draco-meteor Jirachi, Pokemon ranger's Manaphy, 2009 event Arceus with Dialga's Palkia's and Giratina's signature...
  7. InfamousRain

    (Closed) Jangmo-o,Vulplix, Swirlix, Scraggy, Mawlie, StoneJouner, passmian, Solorock and Turtonator.

    Hello, I am looking for the Sword Exclusive above pokemon in order to complete my Dex, I am willing to trade my in-game exclusives (Shield) for these sword ones I currently have: •Spritizee Lvl 23 •Crogunk Lvl 60 •Eiscue Lvl 44 •Solosis Lvl 1 • Vullaby lvl 39 or Mandibuzz Lvl 60 •Galarian...
  8. Hooray4pie

    Help with trading.

    I need some help completing my pokedex for lets go pikachu, requiring the eevee exclusives and some touch trading of the trade only evos. I can return the favour with pikachu exclusives. No special requirements and I'm not fussed about getting alolan forms. Thanks! :)
  9. I

    (done)LF shield exclusives to complete pokedex (I have my game in spanish)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone with shield to trade exclusives, I need the shield exclusives (not all of them but almost) and I can trade sword exclusives and breed any starter for you, I have my game in spanish so if you don't (I assume most people here may have the game in english) and you are...
  10. Crystoll

    LF (Milcery/Alcremie) Ribbon Sweet

    Hello, as the title states I am in search for a Ribbon Sweet. I am offering 3 Sweets in return; one Love Sweet, Two Strawberry Sweets, and one Berry Sweet. I do have a few pokemon to hopefully entice the offer, but I cannot check IVs as I refuse to progress the game until I have said specific...
  11. Capt. Gingerbeard

    Let's Go Exclusive Trade Help

    EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN COMPLETED. I am looking to see if I could get some help for myself and a friend for Let's Go Alolan exclusives. (Edit: I now have all of the non Alolan exclusives.) Both of us have Eevee and so I currently have (Edit: Willing to catch something else if interested): Alolan...
  12. G

    Looking for Trade Partner

    I want to trade and trade back the trade-evolve monsters. I can also offer any version exclusives from either game. Discord is under the name gundumgrrl or reply here. Thanks
  13. A

    Trade let’s go eevee exclusives for let’s go pikachu exclusives

    Trade let’s go eevee exclusives for let’s go pikachu exclusives