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Archeops (Modified)


Cheese for everyone!
I've played this deck quite a bit at leagues, and it seems to work fairly well. However, I know it can be better.

Pokémon (12):
Terrakion EX (2) - Dragons Exalted
Terrakion (2) - Novle Victories
Mewtwo EX (1) - Next Destinies
Archen (4) - Noble Victories
Archeops (3) - Noble Victories

Trainers (33)
Cheren (4)
Cilan (2)
Skyla (2)
Professor Juniper (1)
N (3)
Bianca (1)
Pokémon Catcher (3)
Enhanced Hammer (1)
Switch (2)
Twist Mountain (3)
Computer Search (1)
Plume Fossil (4)
Pokémon Communication (2)
Heavy Ball (1)
Level Ball (2)
Super Rod (1)
Energy Retrieval (2)

Fighting Energy (12)
Double Colorless Energy (1)

Terrakion EX is the main attacker and set up, Terrakion and Mewtwo EX for secondary attackers. I don't need more than three Archeops, but I have four Archen to increase the odds of getting it on the bench. I have three Twist Mountain in case my opponent has a stadium of his own.
I like the consistency of Cheren, and really hate to use Juniper.
Level Ball is to get Archen in case my Plume Fossils fail. Pokémon Communication is mainly to put Archen back in the deck so Plume Fossil will work and to get Archeops out.
Heavy Ball is to get Terrakion if I don't lead with it. I had two in the deck before, but I never used the second one.
Great Ball can get any Pokémon and doesn't fail me that often.
The other cards should have obvious usage. I only have three Catchers, and do not plan to acquire a fourth.
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It is unusual, but it could work. Terrakion EX is an alright attacker and should stick, but having Stunfisk act just just as an attacker for a single energy isn't a real good strategy and could be replaced for better cards like Terrakion NV or Mewtwo EX (actually, you kind of need it). I like the idea behind the deck idea of shutting down evolutions so you can hurt Blastoise/Keldeo EX decks, but what happens when only basics are carried? You should also get that fourth Catcher and more N's and ditch your Great Balls. Finally, DCE will come in handy.

Uniqueness: 10/10
Viability: 7/10
Overall: 5/10


Cheese for everyone!
I was thinking of using Terrakion instead of Stunfisk. Do you think two Terrakion and one Mewtwo, replacing the three Stunfisk, should work? I'm not sure what to replace for the DCE...


Well-Known Member
Nice so far but with a few adjustments... Even better!

Personally I would take all 3 stunfisk out, and add 2 Landorus EX as it also has a 1 energy attack dealing 30 to the active and 30 to an opposing bench pokemon. +1 Mewtwo EX to take care of Blastoise/Keldeo decks.

I would take out all Cilans and add more energy searches instead as I personally think this more efficient because with a deck like this you can't drop more than one energy per turn and playing energy search saves using up a supporter that turn and can be fetched using Skyla so I would add a couple more Skyla. Also a couple more N's.

Take out about 3-5 basic fighting energy and replace them double colourless energy depending on how you feel.

I hope this advice helps =)


Kanto Region Champ
Stun fisk and terrakion, just seems like a cop out for not using landorus, don't go 2, go for 3 (much better).

I don't like you're T/S/S line plus we don't care what set a trainer, supporter and stadium comes from, because there is only one of that card regardless of the set unlike pokemon where there is different 2 squirtle, 2 magnemite, 2+ tynamo, etc.

3 Cheren
4 Skyla (you need this for twist mountain, catcher, e. search, gets anything you will need out of you're\
3 Professor Juniper (n and juniper are you're main supporterès you have to have 3-4 of each, other people will say 4 I say 3 that's just a preference thing)
4 N
3 Pokémon Catcher
3 Switch (you'll get catchered alot, you have heavy retreat, this is a good option)
4 Twist Mountain
1 Computer Search
4 ultra ball (get's you any pokemon
2 level ball
2 Super Rod

this is a skeleton, with a widely used set that is fairly universal., check out the cards and the amount it's pretty solid as a skeleton, good luck.


Well-Known Member
So, get rid of Plume Fossil. or make it like, 2. I don't know what your cardpool is like but you're killing me on the amount of pokemon search in this deck. Change great ball to ultra ball. Because on the chance you fail miserably at great ball you wont be happy. Vens skeleton for trainers is pretty good, unless you're a conservative freak like me and only run 2 juniper. I used to think stunfisk was super good but with your reason it's not. I used to use it for rumble. Because a darkrai that cant retreat isnt happy. But now that's useless with so many keldeo/darkrai and switch cards running around. I would find room for terrakion nvi personally but i feel mewtwo isnt necessary. Overall the idea isnt bad, and if it works in your meta more power to ya Qwaa ;195;


Cheese for everyone!
The deck needs Plume Fossil, as Archen is difficult to get out without it.

I was able to test it a bit with Terrakion and Mewtwo, and it seems to work well, although I wasn't able to use the Mewtwo. I was thinking of putting in Reshiram, being the only basic Fire type to not need Fire energy, to counter Klinklang in the next set. Terrakion seems to work much better than Stunfisk, so I'm keeping them.

As for trainers, I swapped the two Great Balls for N, and it seems to work a little better. Like I said before, I hate using Juniper, so I only keep one in each deck. More Skyla could be helpful, but I haven't been in a situation where I needed her.

On a side note, this deck has only lost a few times.


Well-Known Member
Unless you cheat plume fossil is soooooo situational. That's why twist mountain is the "better" option. Also cilan is a bit of a silly supporter for anything not reshiboar or keldeo.

Don't worry about the klingklang in the next set. You run so few EX that it's not a huge problem to you. Terrakion will take care of it just fine. Qwaa ;195;


Cheese for everyone!
I've had much better luck with Plume Fossil. Plus, Twist Mountain can only be used once per turn.
Cilan may seem silly, but it gets three cards that are not Archen out of my deck, increasing the chances of getting Archen. It's also nice to have enough energy to attach using Pump Up Smash.


Kanto Region Champ
unless you're a conservative freak like me and only run 2 juniper

The deck needs Plume Fossil, as Archen is difficult to get out without it.
When using 3-4 twist mountain and 3-4 skyla (by example) any amount of plume fossil gets in the way of playing archen out effectively, either you choose to get rid of twist mountain or plume fossil, even going down to 2 or 3 lowers the consistency and makes it almost impossible to play it properly. You may have better luck with plume over twist then just play 4 plume, if you have the card but it isn't working as well as the other whats the point in keeping it when you can add in cards that will work for you over cards that don't.

I agree with the use of cilan with terrakion however it is not needed. I hate using juniper as well but late game when you want to pump up you're hand with catchers and energy for terrakion 2-3 juniper really is the deal breaker insuring that you get the cards you need, this is not a 1 card deck skyla does not cut it mid to late game, and the reason behind this is because a majority of cards you use T/S/S wise are intended for early game making cards like N and skyla more effective to play, when late game you need the larger hands that those cards will not help you for, juniper was really meant as a I played all the cards out of my hand now I'm going to draw 7 cards in which it makes 2 very powerful use's of play which can solidify the strength of you're deck. And quagsire is right you only need 2-3 preferably so if you need to you have an extra supporter you won't feel bad about using ultra ball on early game, ultra ball is much more efficient then great ball can ever be, get rid of it it is a horrible card. Cards like cilan do not help, I tested cilan once thinking that, yes it helped for pump up smash in which you really only needed 1 cilan in you're deck tops, but it slows down the use of cards like n, cheren, skyla and juniper which you need to run you're deck more efficiently.

I say this to not sound offensive, which it might come across as, but to honestly tell you from months of testing the strengths and weakness's of each card in you're deck, all I do in my spare time is deck test every card that comes out, right down to the amount of what to play and what to not play efficiency and so on, I would never say anything to hurt you're decklist but things to help it.

I never thought of this until 5 mins after the post, you only need 1 twist mountain, you run 4 skyla.
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