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Breeding question(s)


First of all, apologies if this is covered elsewhere, or if indeed as I expect, what follows are really stupid and obvious questions. I'm not new to Pokemon, however am new to breeding.

So first thing I wanted to do post-main game is share my starter with a few friends who also got the games and we all picked different starters.

After grinding for a while in Max Raids I finally got a near perfect Ditto (5/6 perfect IVs), which I then Hyper trained to make it 6/6. I then started breeding with my starter (Grookey) and eventually ended up with a 4/6 perfect Grookey. To give myself a better chance at a perfect 6/6 I decided to start breeding with that Grookey, giving my perfect Ditto a Destiny Knot. So far so good.

This is where I think my understanding may fail.

I believe a Destiny Knot should guarantee passing 5 out of the 12 IVs (6 from each parent) down to the baby.
Which means as I have a combined total of 10/12 perfect IVs between my parents I should, at worst, end up with a newly hatched Grookey with 3 perfect IVs (at worst the 2 non perfect ones from Grookey being passed down, but then it's impossible for the other 3 IVs passed down to be anything other than perfect), and the 6th IV being random (I assume).

However, I have not had any such luck. I'm yet to get anything over a 4/6 egg (which I'm happy to chalk up to bad luck) but a couple of times had Grookeys hatch with just 2 perfect IVs from this parent combination. Am I misunderstanding something? Will a hypertrained stat not pass down to the egg as perfect?

As I said, apologies if I am misunderstanding some fundemental basics somewhere or going over previously-posted grounds but I'm starting to pull my hair out. All and any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Hyper training doesn't pass down genetically afaik. The genetics will still have a 5/6 Ditto with a 4/6 Grookey.