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  1. G

    Egg Moves in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Via Mirror Herb

    I understand that generation 9 brings a new way to give your Pokémon Egg Moves, Players no longer have to breed within egg groups to obtain desired moves. There is a guide here, which perfectly emulates how to use picnics/mirror herbs to get egg moves on your mons.
  2. T

    Bringing my old Pokemon forward and breeding stronger children from them

    So I've been absent from Pokemon ever since X and Y, and finally jumped back in with the remake of Diamond and Pearl. I know that Pokemon Home doesn't yet work with BDSP, but to prepare for it I'm thinking I want to take some time to breed some of the older pokemon I've kept on since the...
  3. ohjeezitskim

    FT 5IV perfect Moon ball Noibat

    I've been MMing for a shiny Moon Ball Noibat and have a lots of spare 5iv ones. Both abilities (frisk/infiltrator) I also have 5IV perfect Rowlet (some HA) and 5IV perfect Alola Vulpix (Some HA) I'm looking for: HA Alola/Galar mons 4-5IV mons in special balls (moon, friend, lure, heavy, ect)
  4. AWildDraco

    Trade help

    Hello! Not so sure if I'm supposed to post this here but I need some help concerning breeding a 0 IV Speed 'mon. Does anyone have e a Ferroseed or Ditto missing the Speed stat? I've attempted for a good while and I still haven't hatched the Ferroseed I want yet :/ Any help?
  5. J

    Lf foreign ditto pokemon sword

    Hi I'm from Australia looking to trade for a foreign ditto for masuda breeding please help
  6. B

    Has breeding changed?

    I am breeding a female feebas that only knows splash holding a power weight with a male axew that only knows dragon pulse holding a destiny knot. Can anyone at all explain why the move is not passing down. This use to work, no?
  7. InfamousRain

    LF: Foreign Ditto for Shiny Breeding

    Hello I’m looking for a foreign ditto to use for shiny breeding, I’m willing to trade any Pokemon. As I have the full 400 completion of the Pokédex. PM me for friend code to set up trade link. Thanks! :)
  8. Amethyste

    Amethyste's Little Breeding Corner [IVs, Aprimons, Hidden Abilities, Egg moves]

    Welcome to my Little Breeding Corner! INFO I'll be way less active now due to my vacation being over. Please be patient with the trades, going to add a trading list now for convenience. All my breeds are german. All my breeds in the Available section can be either competitive (=perfect IV...
  9. R3i

    [R3i's Hatching Service] - Starters & More

    R3i's Hatching Service Just starting your journey but the Pokemon you want to raise don't appear till later or looking to fill that missing spot in your dream team? Then welcome to R3i's Hatching Service! Check back regularly as Offering updates often. Friend Code: SW 6394 8766 3690 Link...
  10. K

    Regional HA + Other Ball Forms are Breedable

    I'm posting this as a friend told me it was listed Meowth-K HA was unavailable, this isn't true. You're able to breed HA Female Galarian Meowth with Male Kantonian Meowth (via ingame trade, the one you get is Female, but as we know from USUM giving a Regional Form an Everstone breeds down the...
  11. K

    Regional HA + Other Ball Forms are Breedable

    I'm posting this as a friend told me it was listed Meowth-K HA was unavailable, this isn't true. You're able to breed HA Female Galarian Meowth with Male Kantonian Meowth (via ingame trade, the one you get is Female, but as we know from USUM giving a Regional Form an Everstone breeds down the...
  12. K

    Breeding question(s)

    First of all, apologies if this is covered elsewhere, or if indeed as I expect, what follows are really stupid and obvious questions. I'm not new to Pokemon, however am new to breeding. So first thing I wanted to do post-main game is share my starter with a few friends who also got the games...
  13. unresponsive

    FT: 200 BP worth of items LF: 5iv pokemon

    I'm still starting out obtaining worthwhile pokemon so I have 200 worth of BP items for trade in exchange for any 5iv or interesting ball / HA pokemon. some things I'm seeking especially: 4-5IV barraskewda (female, in net or great ball) 5iv blipbug (female, in repeat or luxury ball) 4-5iv...
  14. O

    Boomers Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for 5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)

    Hi folks, in addtition to my thread I offer as of today: Looking for: - Any Apri+Poke Combo preferably with HA I dont own yet - Apricorn-, Dream-, Master and Beast Balls - relevant Mints Services I offer: - Breeding 0 Attack/Speed IV Pokemons - Put any EMs on my Pokes - Breeding...
  15. Pyreon

    Breedjects for Trade

    Trading the following breedjects, with min 4IV (I count 0IV in Speed as a perfect IV for slow mons), and random natures unless otherwise specified: - Torkoal | Level Ball | Drought | 0 Speed - Oranguru | Premier Ball | Inner Focus/Telepathy | 0 Speed - Hatenna | Dream Ball | Magic Bounce |...
  16. SoulPKMN

    Trading 5 IV Ditto w/ "Pretty good" IVs in HP

    I have a Ditto with perfect IVs in everything but HP which in that stat it is "Pretty good". Looking for a similar Ditto from another region to start trying the Masuda method. I'm American so anything not English will do.
  17. Z

    LF: 4IV non-eng Ditto or 4IV non-eng Eevee (male egg group)

    Offering: 6 IV ENG male Eevee 3 IV Shiny male Eevee 4 IV Shiny male Eevee Looking for: - min 4 perfect IV - non-ENG - Ditto / Eevee / male member of Eevee egg group
  18. M

    Mysterions competetive breeding center

    Welcome to my trading shop. I am offering several perfect IV Pokemon. All of them will be level 1. My offers will increase with the time. IVs are given in the order HP/ATK/DEF/SATK/SDEF/SPD. If I don't specify it, they don't have a hidden ability and are in some kind of normal ball. The design...
  19. Stabby

    Stabby's Dex Completionist Thread

    Hey guys!! Its been years, but this is gonna drive me crazy until it's over with. All I need is a Sableye in order for my Dex to be complete. It doesn't have to be for keeps, I just need the Dex entry. Either way I can give whoever has one just about any one Pokemon they ask for! Some...
  20. Zold

    Zold's Sword and Shield Breeding Grounds (IV-bred Pokémon)

    Zold's Sword and Shield Breeding Grounds Welcome to my 8th gen trade shop! This generation I will be back with perfect Pokémon, bred in aesthetically pleasing balls, with Egg Moves and everything your heart desires (that's the aim at least!) The thread is still much a work in progress, so bear...