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Breedjects for Trade


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Trading the following breedjects, with min 4IV (I count 0IV in Speed as a perfect IV for slow mons), and random natures unless otherwise specified:

- Torkoal | Level Ball | Drought | 0 Speed
- Oranguru | Premier Ball | Inner Focus/Telepathy | 0 Speed
- Hatenna | Dream Ball | Magic Bounce | Quiet Nature | 0 Speed
- Dreepy | Ultra Ball | Clear Body/Infiltrator
- Indeedee | Love Ball | Psychic Surge (both M and F) | Both with 0 Speed and 31 Speed-

Looking for:

- Rhyhorn in Repeat Ball
- Timburr in Love Ball
- Magikarp (HA) in Lure Ball
- Other HA or competitively usable Pokémon in appropriate balls.

3-4IV is okay. Good natures are preferred.
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