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hidden ability

  1. F

    LF: Transfer only HAs; FT: Transfer only HAs

    Hi everyone, I am on a quest to collect all possible hidden abilities in Gen 6. Can anybody trade me one or more of the following: Anorith, Swift Swim Lileep, Stormdrain Shieldon, Soundproof Cranidos, Sheer Force Shelmet, Overcoat Hippopotas, Sand Force Kangaskhan, Inner Focus Basculin (blue)...
  2. B

    FT: Lots of HA Pokémon LF: 2 Star Sweets

    There are only 2 alcremie forms left for me, I have a living dex and lot's of HA pokémon foi trade like Vulpix (alola and regular), Darumaka, Alolan starters, Growlith, Riolu, Kanto Starters, Rookidee, Corsola and others. Just tell me what you want for two Star Sweets, pls.
  3. S

    FT: MB LF: HA Zangoose & HA Skiddo

    If you have these but dont want an MB let me know I can offer you something else instead. Thanks. Edit: have the zangoose just looking for the Skiddo right now thanks.
  4. Ghost94

    Shiny Magikarp Raid w/Hidden Ability

    Currently have a Shiny Magikarp Raid available. She has her hidden ability Rattled. If you would like to catch it reply to this post or send me a PM and I will host the game for you. This offer will be available for approximately the next 5 hours.
  5. Amethyste

    Amethyste's Little Breeding Corner [IVs, Aprimons, Hidden Abilities, Egg moves]

    Welcome to my Little Breeding Corner! INFO I'll be way less active now due to my vacation being over. Please be patient with the trades, going to add a trading list now for convenience. All my breeds are german. All my breeds in the Available section can be either competitive (=perfect IV...
  6. Skiimontana

    LF: ha eevee & shinies

    ft: shield exclusives , gmax mons , special pokeballs , battle items , Shiny 4 shiny trade
  7. K

    LF HA Barraskuda-FT G-max kingler

    Looking for ha barruskuda, can be pre evo too, I have a 4 star g max kingler for trade, will even throw a bottle cap on there to sweeten the deal, Pm if you can help. Cheers pokepeeps
  8. S

    LF: Moon Ball or a Sableye in a Moon Ball FT: Various Other HA Pokemon, some in Apriballs

    Looking for a Moon Ball or a Sableye in a Moon Ball I can offer these: HA Indeedee HA Goomy in a Love Ball HA Clobbopus in a Heavy Ball HA Pincurchin HA Corsola in a Love Ball HA Snorunt in a Moon Ball HA Rookidee HA Zigzagoon HA Hatenna in a Love Ball HA Trubbish HA Shuckle
  9. Mismage

    Looking For HA Ralts

    Hello! I'm looking for HA Ralts. I can trade plenty of other HA Pokémon!
  10. J

    FT: HA Hattena Calm 5IV in Heal Ball

    LF other 5IV mons with HA/in cool balls & shinies PM offers
  11. Yggdrassal

    HA Trades

    HAs: All trades completed. I can breed these hidden ability pokemon in return: Applin- Bulletproof (Flapple- Hustle, Appletun- Thick Fat) Blipbug- Telepathy Bounsweet- Sweet Veil Bunnelby- Huge Power Caterpie- Run Away (Butterfree- Tinted Lens) Charmander- Solar Power Chewtle- Swift Swim...
  12. Q

    LF HA: Arrokuda, Sinistea, Golett, Drifloon, Blipbug

    FT HA: Hatenna, Goomy, Frosmoth, Toxapex, Clobbopus
  13. Ghost94

    FT: G-Max, Apricorns, HA, Mints, Shiny

    For Trade: Open to offers.
  14. S

    LF: Reuniclus line in Moon Ball or Moon Ball itself FT: Various HAs and others

    I'm looking for Solosis/Duosis/Reuniclus in a Moon Ball, any IVs are fine or a Moon Ball itself. I can offer: HA Indeedee, HA Goomy in a Love Ball, HA Clobbopus in a Heavy Ball, HA Corsola in a Love Ball, HA Snorunt in a Moon Ball, HA Rookidee, Gigantimax Corviknight or a 5 IV Mimikyuu in a...
  15. O

    Boomers Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for 5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)

    Hi folks, in addtition to my thread I offer as of today: Looking for: - Any Apri+Poke Combo preferably with HA I dont own yet - Apricorn-, Dream-, Master and Beast Balls - relevant Mints Services I offer: - Breeding 0 Attack/Speed IV Pokemons - Put any EMs on my Pokes - Breeding...
  16. S

    LF: HA Shuckle FT: HA Corsola, HA Indeedee, HA Goomy, 5IV Mimikyuu and Various Others!

    Looking for an HA Espurr and a HA Shuckle, any IVs/gender/ball is fine. I can offer an HA Corsola in a Love Ball, HA Goomy in a Love Ball, HA Indeedee, 5IV Mimikyuu in a Dream Ball, HA Clobbopus, HA Snorunt in a Moon Ball, and HA Rookidee.
  17. Q

    LF: HA Goomy FT: HA Hatenna, Toxapex, Frosmoth

    Hatenna is Modest with 5 perfect IVs.
  18. Pyreon

    Breedjects for Trade

    Trading the following breedjects, with min 4IV (I count 0IV in Speed as a perfect IV for slow mons), and random natures unless otherwise specified: - Torkoal | Level Ball | Drought | 0 Speed - Oranguru | Premier Ball | Inner Focus/Telepathy | 0 Speed - Hatenna | Dream Ball | Magic Bounce |...
  19. Kyonlelouch

    LF: HA Vulpix

    Hey there, I'm looking for a Hidden Ability Vulpix/Ninetails. I am willing to negotiate a trade. Please DM me. *Edit: Already obtained one.
  20. Fushigiso

    LF: HA Applin, FT: HA Dreepy, Feebas, Jap.Eevee/Jap.Scorbunny

    LF: HA Applin (bulletproof) or HA Appletun/Flapple FT: Feebas, JAP Eevee, JAP Scorbunny, HA Dreepy If there is a kind soul willing to help me out there please PM me for trade schedule :-) tysm!!! my FC: 5743 0519 2113