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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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Did this really need a thread though


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Pokémon isn't nearly as gay as I would like it to be.

The closest they've come to it (besides Wallace, Burgh, and Team Rocket's James), were the two men dining in that restaurant in Kalos, and they felt the need to point out that there is nothing wrong with two men having dinner together.

Honestly, until we get a same/all-sex version of Attract or until they admit Sylveon is the Lesbian Pokémon, Pokémon will always be 99.9% bruskie straight.

Wallace is the 0.1%.


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The closest they've come to it (besides Wallace, Burgh, and Team Rocket's James)

This has cropped up a bit, and it irks me. The only thing that defines a person's sexuality is, well, their sexuality, and not their dress sense, mannerisms or preferences in any other respect of life. People shouldn't have their sexuality second-guessed on account of the fact that they have a certain hairstyle or talk in a certain way (it especially backfires in this case considering manga Wallace has an explicit love interest in Winona).
Future Pokemon Generation with Starter Type Combinations

I can't find a proper way to describe this so here's what I mean.

-Grass/Fire Starter
-Fire/Water Starter
-Water/Grass Starter

What a bunch of crazy combinations, but it just might work. Would you like to see this? Or would it pose as too big of a problem, which I could understand why.
I mean, it's an interesting idea, but I feel it'd be difficult to pull off. You would need to be careful with designs to prevent there from appearing to be two starters of the same type. (ex. two grass starters). And in needing to assure the primary type is dominant and easily identifiable in each starter, I feel the secondary types would not be able to implimented to their full potential since you don't want to essentially create two starters of the same dominant typing. How would ensure the Fire/Water starter is primarily the Fire-type starter with some water moves and not a second Water-type starter with some fire moves? I just feel it would be a waste of the secondary typing.

Additionally, the starter types have always been about creating a triangle of advantages (think rock-paper-scissors), and with your typing I just see this being quite the challenge. There would be absolutely no advantages or disadvantages type-wise as everything would be negated. The Sinnoh starters were able to pull off a double triangle with their starter typings, but there is simply no triangle of any sort with your preposed starters. Looking at your types first:

Grass/Fire takes 1x damage from Fire & Water, and 1/4 damage from Grass

Fire/Water takes 1x damage from Water & Grass, and 1/4 damage from Fire

Water/Grass takes 1x damage from Fire & Grass and 1/4 damage from Water.

Okay, so I was wrong in that there is a triangle of resistance and neutral damage. Not ideal, but I suppose it could still work.


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This should've been closed sooner, sorry. Future game speculation is generally not allowed due to its directionless and circular nature.


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Pokemon Gen 8 ideas!!!

Just wanted to post a fan fiction idea for Pokemon Gen 8 and discuss, what are your thoughts!? An Africa themed region with jungles, mountains, ect. In this region there will be a lot of exotic pokemon typings not seen in other regions. There will be "Alola Pokemon" but based in this region. Gyms or Trials? You decide! Female professor! The games legendaries will be bases on an Angel and Demon, with 1 massive difference between the games, code naming them Pokemon Light and Dark. In these versions Team Rocket is back stealing pokemon again! However this time they are working for another evil team that wants to steal pokemon to splice DNA to create their own pokemon, the three legendaries (like the three birds from Gen 1) are man made pokemon by DNA splicing. In the Light version you join the good team to battle team Rocket and this mysterious other team to stop them! In the Dark Version you join the good team but you will go under cover joining team Rocket to find out who is behind this but first you need to earn their trust! Let's come up with more ideas together! Here is my quick ideas for new pokemon in this region!

Gen 8
1. Lion Cub with leaf tail. Grass
2. Teen Lion with leaf fur. Grass
3. Adult Lion with leaf main. Grass/Steel

4. Small Bull. Fire
5. Teen Bull. Fire
6. Adult Bull on two legs. Fire/Ground

7. Baby Elephant. Water
8. Teen Elephant. Water
9. Adult Elephant that looks like Genesh Water/Fighting

10. Baby Ant Eater. Normal
11. Adult Ant Eater. Normal/Ground

12. Small African Bird. Normal/Flying
13. Teen African Bird with 1 long feather on head. Normal/Flying
14. Adult African Bird with full mowhawk of feathers. Normal/Flying

15. Baby Red Panada (or yellow). Electric*
16. Adult Red Panada tail is an electric cord. Electric/Fighting

17. Baby Hyena fairy. Dark/Fairy
18. Teen Hyena Fairy. Dark/Fairy
19. Adult Hyena fairy. Dark/Fairy

20. Spider bug. Bug
21. Spider wrapped in steel. Bug/Steel
22. Spider bug with glowing eyes. Bug/Psychic*
23. Panther with Steel claws. Dark/Steel

24. Seed Pokemon. Grass
25. Seed teen pokemon hops on 1 leg. Grass
26. Adult seed pokemon hops on 1 leg. Grass

27. Cute pink mouse with wings. Fairy

28. Baby Salamander pokemon. Water/Poison
29. Adult Salamander pokemon. Water/Poison

30. Baby mermaid. Water
31. Teen mermaid. Water
32. Adult mermaid. Water/Psychic

33. Disgusting part Troll part porcupine. Electric/Poison

34. Ice Worm pokemon. Ice/Bug
35. Frozen Bug. Ice/Bug
36. Ice Moth pokemon. Ice Bug

37. Lazy Possum pokemon. Fairy/Normal.
38. Champion Possum pokemon. Fairy/Fighting

39. Baby Rhino. Rock
40. Adult Rhino. Rock

41. Baby Cheetah. Fire/Electric*
42. Adult Cheetah. Fire/Electric

43. Boulder Pokemon with six fists. Rock/Fighting

44. Genetic Pokemon. Steel/Poison

45. Genetic Pokemon. Fire/Grass

46. Genetic Pokemon. Fairy/Ice

47. Ghost slug, Ghost/Bug
48. Ghost Scorpion, Ghost/Bug

50. Huge ghostly Raven. Ghost/Flying

51. Sudo Legend Dragon. Dragon/Grass
52. Sudo Legend Dragon. Dragon/Grass
53. Sudo Legend Dragon. Dragon/Grass

54. Angel Pokemon. Fairy/Psychic*

55. Demon Pokemon. Dark/Psychic

56. Third Legend. Ghost/Psychic

57. "Mew" like pokemon. Fairy/Ground


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