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Create a Pokemon thread.

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grass type fan.
Figured this be a fun thing to start as there are plenty of creative folks about.

The main purpose of this thread is to give folks a place to share their ideas of Pokemon ideas they have come up with. They can be simple, our complex. You can involve as much info as you want about them from names, types, stats, abilities discrpitions to even Dex entries. And if you have the artistic ability even pictures.

Additionally prevos/evo's/m.evos and regionals are welcome as well.

Also I suppose if you've seen ideas elsewhere you want to share feel free, just please make sure your reference the source/original creator in some way.

And feel free to discuss others ideas, just be nice. And of course have fun!!!


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I think a thread specific for the creation of Pokemon ideas is a good idea. There were already threads about creating your own gym leader and gym despite the "create/change/name anything" thread. Besides that thread is rather unwieldy so I think a specific thread were people can share and discuss Pokemon designs in particular should be fun.
I'll write some of my ideas as soon as I have a little bit more time.


grass type fan.
Based on the Copland's rock frog also known as, the saxicoline tree frog.

Pebpole--> Ribbore--->Frocks


Skill Link, Technician
HA: Dry Skin

Pebpole, The Skipping Stone Pokemon.
Thses small Pokemon are found around ponds near caves, in certain parts of a certain region. As both a means of travel as well as to escape predators they will hurl themselves at the surface of the pond and skip across it. It's said that the more times they skip the stronger they are.

Ribbore, The Damp Cave Pokemon
They enjoy being out and about during most of the day. But if it's an extremely dry day they will flee and hide in a damp cave. Their skin although rock like also becomes brittle when dried so, it is always cautious to avoid extreme temperatures.

Frocks, The Damp Cave Pokemon
When in battle they will expertly shoot seeds as well as stones from their mouths. Using their tongues they are able to quickly gather any that missed the target and strike again. The strongest Frocks tend to be found in the deepest, darkest and dampest caves, so expect to see them if your ever in such a habitat.


Peace lover
I'm having an idea for a fakemon now:
It's bascially based on the differen stages of food, so it evolves based on how food has changed as humans ate it throughout history.

So it would start as ancient food: a pile of rocks and leaves, and maybe be grass type.

The second stage (Romanji: Samawichi) is based on a modern meal: The sandwich Pokemon. From wikipedia: "A sandwich is a food typically consisting of vegetables, sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread" So the pokemon could be sitting between two slices of bread.

The third stage is based on food from the future, so it would be a shape we would not concieve of yet. Or based on food delivery so it looks like a car. Perhaps in the future we humans could even learn to digest car parts. That's the great thing about this pokemon, we dont know what it is.
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