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  1. V

    Pokemon might be dead in the 2020s decade

    Ever since we’ve had the failure known as Gen 8, Pokemon could possibly be finished after gen 9 or gen 10 since their lack of ideas with pokemon designs are starting to show as 90% of the gen 8 pokemon were hated! Welp, it was fun while it lasted, but Pokemon might be over this decade after what...
  2. NovaBrunswick

    Pokémon dreams

    With a game like Pokémon, it will inevitably pop up in your dreams sooner or later. (This effect actually has a name; it's called the "Tetris Effect".) Over the years, I've had quite a few Pokémon-related dreams, but these are the ones which I remember most: Before Sword/Shield came out and...
  3. V

    Most popular starters list!

    These are my guesses for the most popular starters for each region! Did I get any wrong? Link for the image that features the starters:
  4. Mythical-Moonlight

    Do you think Grass Starters have fallen off in the Anime?

    You may recall I made a Thread analyzing the treatment Water Starters get in the anime a while back https://forums.serebii.net/threads/why-are-water-starters-always-the-worst-handled-starters-in-the-anime.687986/tags But lately I have also been wondering about the way Grass and Fire Starters...
  5. V

    Weird similarity between Pokemon & Disney

    I have a feeling that Pokemon Swsh & BDSP are the video game equivalent of the Disney movie Raya & The Last Dragon! Swsh got criticized for a featured being removed along with some graphic that looked terrible, BDSP had criticism for Its artstyle, & Raya & The Last Dragon got criticism for a...
  6. C

    How many software resets do you have to do in order to get a shiny Palkia in Pokémon Shining Pearl?

    I have put in over 24 hours of game play into Pokémon Shining Pearl on the Switch and I still haven't encountered a single shiny. I am currently software reseting to hopefully get a shiny Palkia. I am on attempt 550 lol. How many software resets did it take other people to get a shiny Palkia...
  7. Shiny Rescue Game

    New fan-made Pokemon concept game (COOL)

    Hey guys, let me know what you think of the game: Available for android for now but might make a web version if it gets enough downloads and feedback have fun * search for Shiny Rescue Go Poke Go! on the Play Store (android) Go Poke Go might be easier to find
  8. V

    [Poll] Which Galar starter is better?

    Plz vote
  9. ImBeVillain

    List of Galar Pokemon (ALL - )

    I know there is such a list, but I want to do it separately and in a different way to present the entire generation 8 Pokédex list to find out how many more Pokémon are left. I believe that this list of pokemon is needed for some viewers to facilitate what was debuted and what is left. So I...
  10. V

    When will this stupid curse end for me?

    Why is it that every pokemon I adore gets a ton of hate from a majority of pokemon fans? This has been going on for years and it will never stop :( Here are some pokemon I adore: gen 8: Scobunny, Raboot, Cinderace, Drizzile, Greedent, Appletun, Low key Toxtricity, Perrserker, Morpeko, male...
  11. Emilytheumbreon

    Pokemon food chains and webs

    I'm working on a story about pokemons on a Pangaea like continent with no humans so that they have to survive on their own. The continent has 11 habitats for now With 56 type of pokemons (for now but may add more) All creatures are feral,realistic and the anthro creatures are now feral and...
  12. C

    Help redeeming a code for my son

    Hello guys, nice to meet you. My name is Carl, I'm not really used to posting in forums but I'll give it a try. My son (Lucas) has a Pokémon Sword cartridge and he needs help with some trading. He's 13yo so I'll try to help him with this. We received a code some time ago for two "shiny"...
  13. silv3rsolstic3

    Legends: Arceus Shinies (not really spoiler)

    hi there, everyone! I've heard that it's pretty easy to find shinies in the game because there are many ways to raise your odds and all shinies show in the overworld. so: here it is. how many of you have found a shiny thus far? (sorry if someone's already done this. i'm very curious and have not...
  14. Omega_will

    PvP in PLA

    I love this game and all but really, a pokemon game where there's no PVP is just so disappointing in my opinion, having to use all these pokemon that you find along the way and you cant compete with your friends. the more I think about there are no multiplayer options anywhere and I feel like...
  15. Lucariomen

    Useless Pokémon Facts That You Probably Don't Know.

    Sunflora's number of front petals changed during the transition of generations 3 (Hoenn) and 4 (Sinnoh), with RSE Sunflora sprites having 7 petals and DPPT+ Sunflora sprites and 3D models having an extra petal, totalizing to 8. The eighth petal is also present on the official artwork. Uxie...
  16. NovaBrunswick

    Pokémon who are misunderstood

    Some Pokémon are thought of by humans (and sometimes other Pokémon) as being troublemakers, but in reality, they are just innocent creatures who have no malicious intentions. These are some great examples of popularly misunderstood Pokémon, including others who I think are misunderstood in my...
  17. J

    Trades to fill pokedex

    I'm looking to make the following trades. The first pokemon named in the proposed trades are from me. Poliwhirl - Poliwhirl Scyther - Pinsir I also need the following pokemon. Let me know what you would like in exchange for them. Farfetch'd Shellder Koffing Goldeen Mew If you can help with...
  18. V

    Is my rabbit fursona an abomination?

    So there’s a pokemon called Cinderace that is considered the worst starter due to its humanoid design that wears clothes! I have a rabbit fursona that wears clothes and his name is Joshie! Does this mean my rabbit sona is Ugly and hideous too? Below is a picture of my rabbit sona! Here’s a...
  19. Starry Times

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeons: Adventurers of Legacies (Ch 2 Up)

    Welcome the PMD: Adventurers of Legacies. I am a new author who has been writing fanfictions for myself for quite some time. I've always been into writing, but I enjoy reading other works as well. I'd like to get some feedback from anyone else and see what I can improve on as well. ^_^ I've not...
  20. K

    HELP! Every Pokémon has Timid Nature

    I have been hunting Absol for the last few days, but every time I catch one, it has Timid nature. This is also the case with every Pokémon in the underground and overworld. While this may be great for certain Pokémon, it’s frustrating when hunting Pokémon who benefit from Adamant or Jolly...