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Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Skaisdead, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    I saw this topic in the generation IV discussion forum, and then I thought about it a little bit. Before I fight The first Gym Leader (or the initial rival battle when applicable) I always evolve my starter Pokemon and I always have at least one other Pokemon on my team that is the same level.

    On my most recent play through of Crystal, I had a level 22 Quilava and a level 22 Golbat before I battled Falkner, and before each subsequent gym battle, I would raise all of my Pokemon's levels by five as well as include one more Pokemon into my party.

    Does anyone else do this?
  2. elephantdog

    elephantdog ÜberlegenDeLeuteHier

    I do that. I start to replace Pokemon as I go along. I remember getting a Geodude and a Ledyba pretty early on with my Chikorita.
  3. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars

    Yep, I'd replace Vileplume with Kabutops/Aerodactyl on my R/FR all the time
  4. Yonowaru in Chaos

    Yonowaru in Chaos gaspard de la nuit

    I just go with the normal levelling up curve that the game provides, because grinding in the early stages of the games seems a bit too extreme and time consuming.
  5. Adlas

    Adlas Member

    I usually just go along with the flow until more or less the Elite Four.

    Although in my Emerald game, I told myself screw grinding and took them on with Level 45-48s. I found it pretty challenging to be honest.
  6. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    Normally it would be, but I was playing my game at nearly 1600% XD
  7. Froggle

    Froggle Lolipop Girl

    I always do that. I can't stand to not be way ahead of the gym leaders XD

    Although for some reason, I always seem to be unprepared for the E4 o_O

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