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I'm TUKjes from Holland. I'm fan of pokemon since 2000.
my favorite pokemon is Ivysaur but I like ampharos and kingler also very much. I have got almost every single game of pokemon, except of pokemon colosseum. my favorite is the gold/silver/crystal version.
I have over a 1000 tradingcards but i don't have them all yet.


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First time I seen an Ivysaur fan o_O

lol kidding :D

Welcome to the forums! And I heard there's a dutch pokemon club at the club section


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Welcome to Serebii! Read the rules, have fun, and read the rules! Wait. I said that already. XD

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Cold as ice
Welcome to Serebii, it's always nice to meet a fellow Johto & Grass Pokemon fan :)

Have fun while you're here and be sure to read all the rules.