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Mono-type Play through


The Chill Trainer
This has been something I've wanted to do ever since Gold/Silver. I like to roleplay when I play video games and after I became Champion, I always thought the next thing I would do would become a gym leader. Now with waaay too many years of Pokemon knowledge, I feel like I'm OG enough that I'd be part of some Elite Four somewhere (ha ha); another possible motivation for my desire to do a mono-type play through.

I was going to go with ice, but after I saw Sobble, I knew he was going to be part of my team, ha ha. So I thought I would do something different instead. I plan to mono-type whatever his final evolutions secondary type is, or failing that he has one, default to water. I then thought to myself, based on a few guesses of what his secondary type is, what other Pokemon would I have to have? Here are a few guesses and the Pokemon I would use.

I am writing this because I would be interested to hear your own version of this.


I saw another poster say ghost and I thought that sounded pretty compelling (a chameoleon final evo basically). If that is the case:


I hope they make him more of an epic lizard as he evolves and dragon would be a sick secondary type:


Oddly this is the one I'm most excited for because it is what I least expect. I am imagining a water-Charizard and if you can't get excited for that I can't help you:

edit: Forget if they decide to go the purist route!

Sound off, if you please!

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
We don't even know what Pokemon are going to be available in the game... Isn't it a bit too early to be planning teams?


Well-Known Member
We know three (3) of the new Pokemon. And of those three we only know the base forms, not what they might evolve into. Starting to speculate on team building with the bulk of new Pokemon (number, designs, types) still a cypher, is impossible for me.


Active Member
Seems a little early to come up with a monotype team.

I mean I am going to do a Bug run, a Poison run, and probably a Rock run at some point but that is regardless of what new pokemon show up.


Hex Maniac
I recently restarted my Ultra Moon game and, if I do a monotype run for SwSh, I'll most likely do that same type then as now: Ghost-types.