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Present: Dissolution

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ejunknown, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Ejunknown

    Ejunknown be creative

    8D; This is a present-fic, written for Katiekitten, as her birthday is coming up. I have problems with the style I use to write things, that I am working on. Trust me. I hope she likes this, though.


    "I may be many things, Eliza, but I am not a liar."

    "Eliza." His words, smooth in that low tenor of his that purred at her across the short distance between them, bemused, his smirk triumphant in the half light. “Did you really think I’d leave you behind?”

    “I think the point is I have no idea what to think. You left before.”

    “Well, yes, but I coul-”

    She shook her head violently, interrupting him, as she tried to calm the increasing trembles of her muscles. “But what? You left, Gilbert, left! How the- how the hell am I meant to trust you that this… that this now will be possible, and that you won’t just disappear on me again-- like last time?!”

    Elizabeth turned away from him, arm raising to shield her face as Gilbert stared at her, the ruby tint of his eye unreadable in the darkness- she would not let him know just how much this effected her, as damn it, it shouldn’t. There was a sudden gust of wind from behind her, the tattered remnants of red from the once glorious cloak licking out from behind him like a cow whip. Her eyes locked on the flash of color, the blurred and bloodied streaks it left in its wake. Traitorous, for such a well-cared for cloth, well tended, regal even. Yet everything it touched, it left bleeding.

    She’d known that the man would do the same, when she’d set her pen to the treaty, the declaration of their war, the Orange Islands war, the bland smiles of the politicians surrounding her as they’d shaken hands, but the other man's eyes never left hers, or the hand of the Austrian placed firmly around her waist- she’d know, even when her inhibitions had broken, and leaving Roderich, the man she’d loved, she'd crossed the very same pavilion, now dirt-streaked and stinking of soot residue in the wake of the bombs, and taken Gilbert’s outstretched hand, followed him through to the bedroom as his mouth touched hers, and his hands followed her body, setting off the tingles of fire with his touch. When their lips had touched for that final time the next morning, burning, craving between them, as he was summoned to the council, and she could once again imagine the bland faces of the politicians smiling, content, as his land, his name, his being, was dissolved, and he’d disappeared.

    She felt something wet trickle down her cheek, and almost as if from a distance, she heard herself emit a short gasp of surprise as she reached up to it, green staring mutedly at the slick of wet against her palm. There was a flicker of movement in front of her, but she didn’t look up- she was crying.

    The tears turned to blood, as Ludwig had taken her into his arms, similarly shaking as her hands beat at his shoulders, and she screamed at the so called ‘mayor’ sitting behind his desk, sheets of declarations of annulations crinkling lightly under his grasp, before the security official had entered and, grinning lightly at the sight of the two of them, had brought his weapon cracking down across her back, her friend's – in their own country, for gods sake. In the jail, as Ludwig’s hands never left her shoulders, but he never looked at her, lost in his thoughts, she’d finally cried herself out, amongst the blood and the filth. And with his disappearance, she’d accepted her new reality.

    Her fingers clenched lightly back in on themselves, and she closed her eyes with them. But he had come back, and said he loved her.

    He said that he’d never leave her, ever, ever again. But he’d said it before.

    "You can give me no guarantee, can you?! You can’t just come here-” her hand brandished wildly outwards, colliding with cloth, but she just withdrew it and kept her eyes shut. “-after all this time, and expect it all, this, to be ok. You liar.”

    There was a noise in front of her, and she finally looked up, dulled green blinking in surprise as the red cloak fell from Gilbert’s shoulders, his grip loosening on the cloth before he let it go completely. She blinked as the wind caught it, sending it whipping wildly into the sky, before Gilbert took a step towards her, eyes serious, and he dropped the glove from his mouth as the cool skin of his hand met her chin.

    “I may be many things, Eliza. But I am not a liar.” His other hand came up, slowly but firmly behind her, as she made to take a step back, the ruby of his eyes never leaving hers as he brought her to his chest. “Just shut up a minute- I meant what I said. I love you. I will never ever leave you.”

    He pressed her further into his chest as the trembles that had been threatening to overtake her swamped her form, turning into jagged shakes as she tried to control her raging emotions, and he bent down lower to the ground, finger moving to press lightly across her lips.

    "I said just shut up a minute, please. I love you, and if you want guarantee, look at me now. I'm here aren't I?" His mouth twisted into a feral grin as with a muffled growl that sounded suspiciously like '**** you, *******' that came from somewhere within the vicinity of his chest, a hand raising in a haphazard fist that he dodged easily as he rocked her more firmly into his arms. "Let me finish! Jesus, I would have thought you'd have seen this already! But if I have to spell it out-" he grabbed her by the shoulders, ignoring the increasingly spitting fury that she was turning into as his grin grew and he placed her on his lap, nose brushing her ear. "...think it through, Eliza-- by all intents and purposes, I should be dead."

    Green shone furiously in the fading sunlight as the last remnants of the dusk sun sank into the horizon. There was a flicker and a light crack as the automatic light sensor of the porch light switched on, and his grin seemed to soften. "And the world would be a happier place if you were."

    His brows shot up, a muffled laugh cracking up from his chest, and he leaned forward abruptly, planting a kiss on her burning cheek. "Ha! God, if there was something I didn't miss, it was your humor." His grin grew once more as she looked up at him, eyes widening in startled shock, before he grew serious once more, hand rising to rest lightly on her cheek. "No, seriously, think about it. It wasn't fluke that brought me back, Eliza."

    His hand clenched lightly against her cheek as the ruby of his eyes softened, before he was leaning forwards once nose brushing her cheek lightly as he kissed her, her cheekbone, her ear, her hair; his hand raising behind her as he clutched her towards him. God, it had been worth it. Through all the pain, all the trials he'd passed. His hand slipped into her hair, immersing themselves in the silky strands, and he smoothed her skin, taking in her scent, her touch, her.

    Damn it, he'd missed her.

    Drawing back a bit as his hands smoothed down her face, he used the bases of his thumbs to wipe away the tracks of tears left her on face, smiling faintly at the permanently shocked expression she seemed to wear. He felt a flicker of some emotion he couldn’t describe in his stomach as he watched her tremble briefly once more in his touch, eyes creasing shut as her face turned towards his palm, the pain in her evident, before he moved forward, bringing his lips crashing back down onto hers.

    "Don't cry, liebe."

    He felt the moisture as it ran down his own face, and smiled as the hippocracy.

    It was worth it.

    A/N: Yes, it is sort of messed up. 8D; I tried to write it without worrying so much about all the crap; however, I need to work on transition. Both emotional and literally. xD

    But this is a birthday gift! For Katiekitten. She likes these guys, and her mayor, Pickledor, and his war in the orange Islands. 8'D I hope she can at least enjoy this. Dx
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2009
  2. katiekitten

    katiekitten The Compromise


    *takes breath*


    Thank you so much, ej! Oh my god, thank you thank you thank you! It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. x3!! *hugs to oblivion* Eliza and Gilbert-!!! You caught them wonderfully, and got away from that drama thing you were worrying about, in my opinion~ and personally, god... His cloak. The red cloak. <333 He is bloody *******, but I love him so much~!

    *coughs and reassembles self*

    I wish you'd stop worrying about stodgyness, you fool - your writing is brilliant, and you really should let yourself relax more! There is no 'stodgyness'. *stabs* The possessive apostrophies you are more than getting under your belt - I caught the only ones that slipped through (I think - you know how I suck at proof reading), the whole 'mans man's' thing, but seriously. x3 You caught their personalities, and I loved the addition of the porch light, it just made it all the more... real, as in... outside of a drama. Yeah. <3

    I heart the german, by the way. x3333

    And Pickledor and his orange islands = love, of course. We are both going to have to explore them more. x333!
  3. Ejunknown

    Ejunknown be creative

    xDD Ilufool. <3 But take note of the 'fool'. D: I am working on it. lD *squishes* I have discovered that it is the weirdness of the emotion I put in. But my style chanes and is so awkward anyway. D: *hugs* I'm finding myself. Slowly. D:

    I'm glad you liked it though. Happy early birthday! xD I LOVED YOUR SHOT. FFFFSST. WANT.

    and you should not use my computer so much, btw. :'(

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