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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Gelatino95, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool


    My previous fic is pretty much failing since it's in the non-pokemon section, so I decided to start a new pokemon fic. I'm hoping it will get a lot of attention, so I'm paying careful attention to writing quality. Please enjoy it and read through it, even if some parts seem a little long.

    I'd like to give a special thanks to all the people working at my forum, New Gen Pokemon. A lot of ideas used in this fic are from people who contribute their ideas on that forum. Once again, thank you for your ideas.

    Chapter List:
    There are lots of chapters, so here's a nice compact spoiler to save space on my OP:

    Character Teams
    These are the current pokemon owned by the main characters. Be warned as they may contain spoilers for any chapters that you may not have read.
    ~ Kenny (in party)

    - Trapinch (gold ball) Ability: Arena Trap
    Moves: Bite, Crunch, Sand Tomb, Dig

    - Magikarp > Gyarados (gold ball) *SHINY* Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Tackle, Dragon Rage, Thrash, Bite, Twister

    - Mankey > Primeape (poke ball)
    Moves: Karate Chop, Screech, Seismic Toss, Cross Chop

    - Archen (poke ball) Ability: Defeatist
    Moves: Quick Guard, Wing Attack, Ancientpower

    - Rotom (poke ball) Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Discharge, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave

    - Duosion (poke ball) Ability: Magic Guard
    Moves: Telekinesis, Psyshock, Future Sight, Heal Block, Focus Blast

    ~ Kenny (in storage)

    - Floatzel (poke ball) Ability: Swift Swim
    Moves: Crunch, Ice Fang, Swift, Surf

    ~ Eli (in party)

    - Cyndaquil > Quilava (poke ball)
    Moves: Ember, Smokescreen, Flame Wheel, Swift, Flame Charge

    - Shellos > Gastrodon (poke ball) Ability: Storm Drain
    Moves: Mud Bomb, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Surf

    - Egg > Hoothoot (poke ball)
    Moves: Mirror Move

    - Banette (poke ball)
    Moves: Faint Attack, Screech, Sucker Punch

    - Lileep (poke ball)
    Moves: Ingrain, Energy Ball, Acid, Constrict

    ~ Eli (in storage)
    - none

    ~ Clair (in party)

    - Igglybuff > Jigglypuff (poke ball)
    Moves: Flash, Sing, Psychic, Sweet Kiss, Rollout

    - Lunatone (great ball) Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Ice Beam, Ancientpower

    - Cranidos (poke ball)
    Moves: Headbutt

    - Mantyke (poke ball) Ability: Swift Swim
    Moves: Bubblebeam, Surf, Supersonic

    - Swinub (poke ball)
    Moves: Ice Shard

    - Sunflora (poke ball)
    Moves: Sunny Day, Solarbeam

    ~ Clair (in storage)

    - Gastly > Haunter (poke ball) Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Dream Eater

    PM List:
    bob517; GuardChomp; Treecko's awesomeness; Vali; DarknessInZero
    Agent DJ

    PG. Absolutely no swearing, since that's against my nature. There may be some violence, but nothing major and probably no blood. However, people will be hit in the crotch sometimes.

    Official Userbar:
    Put this in your sig to support this fic! Just copy and paste it all in your sig. Due to the limitations of this forum, I can't give examples, so you'll just have to try them out to see what they look like. There are two varieties:

    Flygon and Zangoose

    Chapter I: Kenny’s Choice

    He could feel a throbbing pain in his head. The kid was barely fifteen years old and in great shape, but that didn’t keep the men in black clothing from knocking him out. Unfortunately, that’s all he could even remember. He didn’t know where he was at all. Once he regained his vision, he could see that he was in a completely empty room. There was absolutely nothing in the room except the comfortable recliner that he was apparently placed in, a metal door, and an orange television. Fortunately, the pain in his head was going down and he could get out of the chair comfortably.

    Once he stood up, a mechanical whirring came from somewhere in the room. The boy glanced around and spotted a video camera mounted on the ceiling. It was trained on him. He tried taking a step forward, and the camera followed his movements. Knowing he was being watched, he avoided his gut instinct to go examine the door in hopes of leaving the small cubicle of a room. Instead, he went back to the recliner and made himself comfortable.

    Without warning, the television screen turned itself on. The boy looked over to see what was going on. On the screen, there was a man that he didn’t recognize. The man was wearing a black pinstripe jacket with a purple-collared shirt underneath. He had a very unusual white bowtie with red markings, almost like a pair of eyes.

    “Hello, Kenneth,” the man stated calmly, smiling. The boy was somewhat surprised that the man knew his name. Kenneth wasn’t known for being the most popular kid at his school, outside of pokemon battles, of course. He wouldn’t have guessed that anyone knew his name.

    Being sure not to sound rude, Kenneth replied, “Hello, sir. You can just call me Kenny if you like.”

    The man smiled at Kenny. “Of course, Kenny. I’d just like to talk to you about something.”

    “Certainly,” replied Kenny, somewhat anxiously. Had he done something wrong?

    The man spoke up. “We’ve heard all about you at school. You’re a rather popular kid there, aren’t you? We’ve seen the way you battle with the other kids, and never fail to pull off a spectacular victory.”

    That was very true, Kenny thought. Often, the kids in Kenny’s high school would meet after school to have pokemon battles with each other. They each brought a pokemon with them and carried it in a poke ball on their belts through the school day, eager to take them out after school. Many of the kids at school chose not to carry pokemon with them, probably because their parents didn’t allow them to or they “had better things to do” as they often said. Kenny’s best friends stayed behind and battled with each other just for fun. They often told each other about how they would register for the regional league once they were done with high school. However, among the kids that gathered after hours, Kenny was undoubtedly the best battler.

    Among the kids that gathered after hours, Kenny was undoubtedly the best. A long time ago, when he was only five years old, he received a birthday present that would change his life. When he unwrapped the present and opened the box, there was nothing inside but a lone poke ball, laden with pure gold. Excited as ever, the young Kenny pressed the button on the poke ball and it opened up. A red beam of energy emerged from it and formed the shape of a creature. The pokemon’s body then showed itself in full. The pokemon was orange with some white markings along the bottom of its body, with a head that was gargantuan in comparison to its body. However, Kenny recognized this pokemon from his picture books. It was called Trapinch.

    At school, Kenny was the one who always emerged victorious in pokemon battles. His Trapinch was a natural when it came to battling. No matter what the size of its enemy, it never hesitated to bear down on the opposing pokemon with its colossal jaws. In some cases, one bite was all it took to win the battle. None of the other trainers could compete with the power of Kenny’s incredible Trapinch.

    “That’s very true,” Kenny boasted, trying his best not to sound arrogant. “I try to be modest about it, but I’m the best battler at my school. It’s not me, it’s my pokemon. It’s just so amazing at battling, I’m lucky I even got to meet it.”

    A smug grin came across the face of the man on the television screen. “That’s just excellent, Kenny,” he said ominously. “You see, I’m searching for talented fighters, and you seem to be an excellent candidate. Would you be interested in working with me?”

    Kenny pondered for a minute. He wasn’t feeling very gracious at the moment, considering the manner by which he was brought here. “It depends,” he finally said. “What kind of work do you plan on giving me?”

    The man on the screen gave a short sigh. “Questions, questions, questions… Well, if you must know, I’m the leader of a group called Team Nova. I always have things that I need to be done, so I need to hire people to do my work for me. Often, it’s important that they have some skill in battle so that others don’t get in the way. So, I ask again. Would you be interested in working with Team Nova?”

    Kenny wasn’t very fond of the idea. “Why would people get in the way? What kind of work are you doing anyway?”

    A solemn look came upon the man’s face. “I’m afraid I can’t go into any more detail until you’ve made up your mind. Do you plan on joining or not?”

    Kenny just wanted to get out of here. The man spoke up again. “You don’t have much of a choice, you know. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re locked in that room and you can’t escape.” The man grinned again. “Just say yes, and we’ll work out everything for you.”

    Kenny finally decided that there was no reason to be polite any more. After some thought, he made his decision. “No,” he stated flatly. “I refuse to join. I just want to go home.”

    The man on the screen clearly was not pleased with Kenny’s choice. His smiling expression quickly faded, and was replaced with an irritated look. “In that case,” he fumed, “you’ll be detained here until you decide to join. Refusal is not an option here, Kenny, as you can see. If that’s your last word on the subject, then good day.”

    With that, the TV screen turned off, leaving Kenny all alone. He had nothing to do but slump back at the recliner. He glanced up toward the ceiling, looking straight at the camera that was watching him. Kenny stood up out of the chair and the camera followed his movement. Ignoring it for the moment, Kenny sauntered over to the lone door that led out of this room. He tested the doorknob, but it wouldn’t budge an inch. He scanned the area for some sort of locking mechanism, but there was absolutely nothing there but a blank metal panel on the door frame. It looked as if there were something on the other side, like maybe a combination lock to the door. However, there was no way to open it up.


    A noise came from behind. Thinking he was alone in the room, Kenny was naturally surprised. He turned his body at a seemingly impossible speed and looked at what was behind him. There was something floating in the air right in the middle of the room. It was a small, orange ball with a little smiling face and a spike protruding from the top of its head. Its body was surrounded by a blue light. Two blue lightning-shaped appendages came from the sides of its body. Oddly enough, the TV that Kenny was watching was no longer orange, but jet black like a normal TV.

    “Hey, wait a second…” mused Kenny over this little orange and blue ball. “I know what you are. I’ve read about you. You’re a Rotom, right?”

    “Ro-tom Tom,” replied the Rotom.

    “So,” continued Kenny, “you were hiding inside the TV? That was brilliant. I never would have guessed. I’ve hear about how you can infiltrate electronic devices.”

    Rotom nodded in approval. A figurative light bulb appeared over Kenny’s head as he glanced back over at the metal panel next to the door, then looked back at Rotom. “Say, Rotom…” he said cleverly, pointing at the panel, “is that thing electric?”

    “Ro ro rotom,” said the Rotom, making a shrugging motion with his electric appendages. Without another word, it levitated over to the aforementioned piece of metal. Moving slowly, its body seemed to melt into the panel as the Rotom entered the device. Kenny waited a second and put his ear to the door when he heard something. Some electronics beeps of different tones were sounding from the other side of the door. Suddenly, a click and a whir of pneumatic energy indicated that the door was unlocked.

    Grasping the metal doorknob, Kenny twisted it and the massive metal door started to move inward. It opened up, revealing a hallway resembling the room he was currently in. Kenny stepped out and saw Rotom sitting proudly out in the hall. On the other side of that metal panel was a combination lock, just like he guessed. It was now unlocked.

    “Great job, Rotom,” praised Kenny. Rotom was very pleased with itself. Without another word, it started to float away down the hall. “Wait!” called Kenny, but Rotom just went around a corner and it was no longer seen.

    Suddenly, footsteps could be heard down the hall. Kenny looked, but didn’t see anyone. He decided that the safest choice was to duck back in his room and wait for the person to walk by, so he closed the metal door. The footsteps passed him by. Apparently, whoever was walking by didn’t notice the combination lock, which clearly read “OPEN” on its display. Kenny cracked the door open and looked out, only to find that no one was there any more. He stepped out and decided to explore the area that he was in.

    Behind him, the camera in his room focused on his movement until he was out of sight.
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  2. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Chapter II: Escape from Nova

    The mysterious man sat behind his desk. It was the same man that Kenny saw on the television screen, complete with black pinstripe suit, purple-collared shirt, and white bowtie with red design. He was no longer wearing the fake grin that he used around other people. His desk was rather neat, simply laden with a few pieces of miscellaneous paper, a container holding writing utensils, and a PA system.

    Next to the desk, a pokemon stood at barely the man’s shoulder height. Its body was mostly yellow, but it seemed to be wearing a brown tunic. It had two long, triangular ears and an impressive moustache above its mouth. The pokemon spoke up. “Sir. I sense that something is amiss.”

    The man didn’t seem at all surprised that the pokemon didn’t speak like most other pokemon do, with just syllables of their name. This pokemon was known as an Alakazam, which was known for being incredibly intelligent.

    As if in response to Alakazam’s prediction, a beeping on the PA system sounded. The man reached forward and held down a button net to the speaker. “What is it?” the man grumbled into the PA.

    “Sir,” said a somewhat worried voice on the other end, “Kenneth has escaped from his cell. Should we send a squad of security guards after him?”

    The man chuckled a little bit. “The kid doesn’t have his pokemon. He’s completely defenseless. No need to send an entire squad. Just send one.”

    “Yes sir,” finished the voice, and the PA subsequently clicked off. The man slumped back in his swivel chair.

    The Alakazam spoke up again. “Sir. Kenneth seems to be a clever boy. Don’t you want to give chase yourself and ensure that he doesn’t try anything?”

    The man stirred in his chair, and pondered what his pokemon said. “You’re absolutely right,” he finally replied. “I don’t know what I would do without you as my advisor. Come, we’ll follow the kid ourselves.”

    The man rose from the chair and headed for the door to his office. Alakazam rose into the air and levitated right behind him, keeping itself aloft with telekinetic powers.

    Kenny was still walking through the halls of this mysterious building. There were doors all over the walls leading to unknown places. Some of these doors were connected to combination locks just like the one he escaped from. He decided that if he just followed the halls, he would eventually find something. Oddly enough, there was nobody else there.

    Soon enough, Kenny came to the end of one of the halls. At the very end, there was a big metal door much like the one in his room. There was no combination lock next to it, but there was a big sign right on the front of the door with big letters saying, “POKEMON STORAGE ROOM”. Kenny looked around the door, searching for the locking mechanism that kept the doorknob held tight. He spotted a small sign on the wall that read, “SOLVE TO UNLOCK DOOR.” Next to this sign, there was a cube with nine small squares on each face, attached to a chain in the wall. Kenny recognized this cube as a puzzle cube that was somewhat popular at his school. He knew that in order to solve the puzzle, he had to get all the colors to match on each face of the cube.

    However, there was something slightly different about this cube. All the colors on the cube already matched, except for one row on each face. Kenny twisted this row to the right and all the colors matched. In response, there was a click from the door indicating that it was now unlocked. Kenny twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open.

    This room wasn’t as well lit as the hallway. Inside, there were lots of cages sitting on pillars that held them off the floor. Most of the cages held a pokeball inside. Kenny scanned all the cages, searching for a golden poke ball. Finally, in one of the cages close to the front, he saw a poke ball that glittered in what little light the room had. It was a golden poke ball, just like the one that held his cherished Trapinch. The bars of the cage were far enough apart that Kenny could reach his arm in, but couldn’t pull the poke ball out. So instead, he pressed the button on the front of the poke ball while it was in the cage, just to see his precious Trapinch.

    A red beam of light came out of the ball when it had opened. As usual, the beam formed itself into the shape of a pokemon. Once the red energy disappeared, the pokemon was completely visible. However, Kenny immediately noticed that something was not right. Inside the cage with the golden poke ball was not a Trapinch at all. It was some sort of golden fish, with long barbels that resembled a moustache, a dorsal fin shaped like a crown, and a gaping mouth. Kenny recognized the fish as a Magikarp, which was known for being utterly worthless in battle. However, the fish was not the red color that he usually saw in regular Magikarp. It was a magnificent gold color instead.

    Regardless of the Magikarp’s color, it was not his pokemon, so Kenny put it back in the poke ball and continued searching. Many of the other caged poke balls were red and white, but sometimes Kenny was a great ball, which was blue with red markings on it. After some thorough searching, Kenny finally found another golden poke ball. How many of these could there be? It had to be his.

    He reached in the cage and pressed the button, relieved to see that his Trapinch emerged from it. The poor little pokemon was scared to suddenly find itself in a cage. However, it was comforted by Kenny’s presence. “Don’t worry,” he soothingly told the Trapinch. “I’ll get you out of here.”

    Kenny then started searching the room for some sort of control terminal. Near the back of the room, he found a control panel with many buttons all over the place. Most of them had labels to go with them. One of these buttons was much larger than the others. It had a label that read, “RELEASE MECHANISM”. Kenny decided that this was the right button, so he took his arm and pushed it down on the button.

    An alarm started blaring in Kenny’s ears. A bunch of red lights emerged from the ceiling and started blinking bright red. Subsequently, all the cages around the room opened up, leaving the poke balls and his Trapinch completely exposed. Kenny decided that he better get out of there fast, considering an alarm was sounding. Security guards were probably already on their way. Kenny ran over to his Trapinch and swiftly picked it up in his arms, not taking the time to return it to its poke ball. As Kenny passed all the other poke balls, the other golden ball that contained a gold Magikarp caught his eye. Kenny hesitated for a moment, thinking that it was wrong to take someone else’s pokemon. However, his gut instinct took over and he grabbed the poke ball, attaching it to his belt. He then ran out of the room with his Trapinch in his arms.

    At the end of the hall, there was a lone security guard. He turned around at the sound of the door opening, shouted, “Hey, it’s you!” and bolted over toward Kenny. Kenny thought fast and put his Trapinch on the ground.

    As the guard was swiftly approaching, Kenny shouted, “Trapinch, use Bite!” Right when the guard was close, Trapinch reached up and clamped its jaws down right on the security guard’s crotch. A look of utter shock came over the guard’s face as his eyes began to water. He then fell on the floor and grabbed the area where he was bitten, writhing in pain, completely unable to speak.

    “Great work, Trapinch,” praised Kenny as he picked his pokemon up again and continued down the hall.

    They came to the opposite end of the hall, where another door was located. Above the door was a lit sign that read “EXIT” which relieved Kenny. He pushed open the door and began to step out, only to catch himself from falling about fifty feet. This exit opened right out to the side of the building, with nowhere to walk. Down below, waves were crashing against the side of the building. Kenny reached his head out the door and looked over at the distance. He could see some land out past the water. Apparently, this building was stationed directly on the coast. Trapinch was cowering at the sight of the ocean below. Being a ground-type pokemon, Trapinch wasn’t very fond of coming into contact with water.

    Kenny returned Trapinch to its poke ball. Right then, however, a bunch of footsteps could be heard from behind. In the hallway, a whole group of security guards had cornered Kenny. “Don’t move! Stay where you are!” they ordered from afar. Some of the guards within the group were moving around, and someone emerged out the front of the group. Kenny immediately recognized this person as the man he saw on the TV screen.

    “Kenny,” the man said calmly, “are you seriously thinking of jumping out there? Don’t be foolish, boy. Can’t you close the door? We pay a lot to air condition this entire building, you know.”

    Kenny decided that there was no reason to act polite to this man. “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?”

    The man looked uneasy. “Why should I tell you anything, Kenny? You simply refuse to join team Nova. You’re not one of us.” He paused shortly. “However, if it will help convince you, my name is Oberon. As you know, I’m the leader of team Nova. We’re looking for talented young trainers like yourself. If you join team Nova, you could easily put your battling skills to good use. Why don’t you stay with us?”

    Planning his escape in his head, Kenny simply replied, “No way, weirdo.” Without hesitating any further, Kenny threw himself out the door leading to nowhere. He flew through the air for a little while and his body crashed into the water below. “Looks like those swimming lessons are finally paying off,” he thought to himself. The cold water of the ocean was a great shock to his body, but he was strong and he easily recovered. The waves of the ocean were especially high, and they were tossing Kenny around. There was no way he could swim to shore in conditions like these.

    However, Kenny remembered something important. He took a golden poke ball off his belt. He pressed the button on the front of the ball and said, “Magikarp, I choose you!” From within the ball, the golden Magikarp emerged and started flopping around in the air. However, it started swimming skillfully in the ocean when it fell in the water. Apparently thinking Kenny was its new trainer, it looked over at him, waiting for orders.

    “Magikarp,” commanded Kenny. “Do you think you can carry me to shore?”

    “Magikarp karp,” responded the Magikarp. With that, Kenny grabbed on to Magikarp’s scaly body and its back fin started to move wildly. Suddenly, Magikarp and Kenny were moving through the water at high speeds and the shore was quickly approaching. Once they were close enough to shore, Kenny let fo of Magikarp. However, the fish pokemon wasn’t known for being the smartest of pokemon, so it continued swimming even when Kenny let go. It kept going until it was flopping around on land.

    “Magikarp, return,” said Kenny as he took out Magikarp’s poke ball and returned it. Kenny looked back at the building which he came from. It was a massive building, sort of shaped like Space Mountain in Disneyworld. Just like he thought, part of the building was adjacent to the land, while the rest was in the water.

    Kenny then remembered that his clothes were terribly uncomfortable and soaking wet. He decided that he had to get somewhere where he can change clothes. He scanned the horizon, searching for some trace of civilization. Way off in the opposite direction of the Nova building, he thought he could see some buildings. Sure enough, there was a town in that direction. Kenny made the decision to start hiking over in that direction to see what was in the town.
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  3. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Chapter III: Fushi

    Even though his clothes had mostly dried out by now, Kenny was still horribly uncomfortable. He didn’t realize how much the sun was beating on him. It was just the beginning of summer, so the heat was pretty bad. However, Kenny wasn’t one to complain, so he just decided to suck it up and keep walking. Trapinch was a desert pokemon, so he would probably love the heat, but Kenny couldn’t have Trapinch slowing him down. He needed to get to town as fast as he could.

    Kenny didn’t recognize this town. He must have never gone this far from his home before. Was he still in the same region? He could never know where those Nova freaks had taken him while he was knocked out. Luckily, he was very close to the town. He had to get to the pokemon center as soon as possible to heal his tired pokemon, one of which wasn’t even his.

    Kenny finally walked into town. There were quite a few people walking around on the street, going wherever people go in this town. Kenny was looking for the building with the red roof. Soon enough, he found it. Just like the pokemon center in his home town. The automatic doors slid open and Kenny was grateful to feel the frigid air conditioning on his body. Many people were in there getting their pokemon healed from battle. Luckily, nobody was in line, so Kenny went straight up to the nurse.

    “Oh my,” the nurse observed, “your clothes are a mess. Are you okay?”

    Kenny responded, “Yeah, I’ll be fine. I need you to heal my pokemon, all right?”

    “Sure thing,” smiled the nurse. Kenny handed her his two poke balls.

    “Wow, these sure are beautiful!” said the nurse at the sight of the two golden poke balls.

    “Yeah,” Kenny said modestly, “well, one of them isn’t actually mine.” Kenny decided to not alarm the nurse by telling her about the Nova facility where they were keeping all the stolen poke balls. “Someone must have misplaced this poke ball with a Magikarp in it. I’m taking care of the Mgikarp for them.”

    “Well, that’s very kind of you,” assured the nurse. “I’m sure its owner would be very pleased to find out that their Magkarp is okay. They must have really loved it, considering they keep it in such a nice poke ball.”

    “That’s true,” replied Kenny, neglecting to tell the nurse that the Magikarp inside was gold. “How do I know who to return it to?”

    The nurse thought for a second. “Well, you could always put up some signs around town. Maybe the owner will see the signs and come to you.”

    “That’s a great idea,” responded Kenny. “Maybe I’ll go make some signs while you’re taking care of my pokemon.”

    “Sure thing,” smiled the nurse. “Your pokemon are in good hands. Come back when you’re finished and we’ll have your pokemon here waiting for you.”

    Kenny turned around to leave, but remembered something and turned back around. He asked, “Hey, do you know where I can buy some new clothes?”

    “Of course,” answered the nurse. “There’s a clothing store right down the street.”

    With that, Kenny left the pokemon center. First, he went down to the clothing store to pick out some new clothes. He just got his allowance, so he had surplus money to spend. He bought a T-shirt, a small jacket, some jeans, and a cheap coat in case it got cold for some reason. He still had some money to spare, so he walked down to a business supply store and used the copy machine to make about ten signs for the found Magikarp. It also listed Kenny’s Pokenav number, so the owner could contact him easily. He got some tape from the store and went around town posting signs up on signposts all over the town. When he was done, he threw everything in his mostly dry backpack and found his way back to the Pokemon Center.

    When Kenny walked in, the nurse greeted him. “Welcome back!” she said. “Your pokemon are completely healed and healthy.” Kenny’s Trapinch was sitting on the counter next to the Magikarp, which was comically flopping around. People started looking over at the counter and their jaws were nearly hitting the floor. Everyone was staring at the golden Magikarp, clearly awed by it.

    “Hey,” inquired Kenny to the nurse, “why is everyone staring at Maikarp?”

    The nurse looked somewhat puzzled. “Oh, didn’t you know?” she said. “This Magikarp is shiny!”

    “Come again?” said Kenny, clearly confused at the statement.

    “Shiny pokemon are incredibly rare,” replied the nurse. “Normal Magikarp are red, but this one is gold. Any pokemon can be shiny, and Magikarp’s shiny form happens to be gold. You sure were lucky to run into this one. I’m sure its owner is very worried about it.”

    “Well,” said Kenny, somewhat dumbfounded by this discovery, “it’s a good thing I put up all those signs.”

    “I know you’ll find its owner,” reassured the nurse.

    “Well, thanks for the help,” finished Kenny as he returned the pokemon to their poke balls. Just as he was about to leave, the nurse called back to him.

    “Hey, wait!” she yelled.

    “Yeah?” asked Kenny.

    “Have you registered for the Fushi league yet?”

    “…what?” asked Kenny slowly after a brief silence.

    “If you have pokemon with you,” continued the nurse, “you’re allowed to register for the Fushi league. Have you already done so?”

    That’s not the part Kenny was confused about. “Did you say ‘Fushi’?” he inquired.

    “Well, yeah,” replied the nurse slowly. “After all, we are in the Fushi region, right?”

    Kenny didn’t live in the Fushi region. No wonder he didn’t recognize this town! How far did those team Nova jerks take him anyway? Kenny’s home is in the Hoenn region. Fushi was way across the ocean! How could he be here?

    “Is something wrong?” asked the nurse.

    “I’m not supposed to be here,” said Kenny. He tried to make himself calm. Grace under pressure, his mother always used to say. “I came from the Hoenn region. They must have taken me here while I was knocked out…”

    “Who’s ‘they’?” inquired the nurse, now somewhat worried.

    Kenny didn’t want to cause any more worry. “Nothing,” he simply said. “Don’t worry about it.” He put his poke balls on his belt and left toe pokemon center quietly.

    When he was out, he checked his pokenav. It was still working, despite taking a swim in the ocean. Those people at Devon Corporation did an amazing job on the Pokenav. He tried dialing his home phone number. Luckily, it began ringing immediately. After a few rings, someone picked up.

    “Hello?” came the familiar voice of his mother.

    “Mom!” called Kenny into his pokenav.

    Kenny could only imagine the look that came across his mother’s face on the other end. “Oh my GOD,” his mom cried. “You’re okay! I must have called the police a dozen times. I was so worried that something happened to you!”

    Before his mom started to rant, Kenny replied, “I’m absolutely fine, mom. You don’t have to worry at all, I feel just fine.”

    “Oh, that’s great,” she sighed. “I know you don’t want to hear me fussing about you all day. Where are you anyway?”

    “I’m in the Fushi region,” he told his mom.

    “Fushi?” she said. She didn’t seem as worried as Kenny would have thought. She sounded more inquisitive. “What town are you in?”

    “Well, I’m not sure, to tell you the truth.” Kenny didn’t see any indication as to what the name of the town was. “It’s near the ocean, that’s all I know.” Kenny glanced back over at the pokemon center close behind him and read the sign. It said, “Pikes Town pokemon center”. Kenny said, “Oh wait! It says I’m in Pikes Town.”

    “Pikes Town?” came the voice of his mother on the pokenav. “Wow, what a coincidence! Your grandfather is living in Pikes town! He recently moved there to do research as a pokemon professor. You remember that?”

    Kenny remembered his grandfather, but not very well. Kenny was very young when he last saw his grandpa. All he knew was that his father was a pokemon professor who never worked in the same place. He traveled all over the world and Kenny hardly ever got to meet him. His name was Benjamin Acacia. He was the father’s side of the family, so that’s where Kenny got his last name from.

    “I sort of remember grandpa,” responded Kenny. “He’s living here now? That’s amazing! I can’t wait to meet him.”

    “That’s great, honey,” said his mom somewhat tearfully. “You never really got to meet Benjamin. He’ll be so glad to see you all grown up. I’ll call him right now, and tell him you’re visiting! Maybe you can stay with him since you’re already over there.”

    “That would be great,” said Kenny cheerfully. He was glad that he would be staying there, since he was seriously considering the nurse’s offer to sign up for the Fushi league.

    “All right, bye honey!” said his mom as she hung up. Now all Kenny needed to do was find out where his grandpa lived.
  4. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Chapter IV: Acacia

    Kenny had no idea what to do to start looking for his grandfather. Pikes town was pretty big, after all. He decided to go ask somebody in the street. He came across an old, nice-looking woman and asked, “Excuse me, ma’am, do you know anybody named Benjamin Acacia?”

    “Oh, yeah,” the old woman responded without thinking. “He’s the pokemon professor. New trainers these days are always going to see him. He gives people pokemon to help them register for the Fushi league. His house is just down the road that way, dear. You can’t miss it”. She pointed Kenny in the right direction and kept walking. His grandpa must be a bit popular in this town.

    Kenny strode down the sidewalk, examining the buildings along the side. Eventually, he came upon a house with a sign in front. The sign read, “Professor Acacia: the Pokemon Professor! Come here to start your very own pokemon journey.” Kenny decided that this was the place, so he walked up some steps and knocked on the door.

    The door opened and an old man with a long, white beard wearing a lab coat answered. “Kenny!” the man shouted enthusiastically and wrapped his arms around Kenny. “Your mother just called. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! You’ve grown so much! I’m so sorry I couldn’t visit more often…”

    “It’s all right, grandpa,” reassured Kenny. “I’m just glad to see you again.”

    “Oh, please, come in, Kenny!” Acacia motioned for Kenny to come inside, which he did. Kenny went to the living room and slumped down on a couch, clearly exhausted.

    “So, Kenny,” started Acacia, “what brings you here to Fushi? Your mom didn’t explain the details to me…”

    “Well, grandpa,” began Kenny, “It’s sort of a funny story. You see, when I was walking out of the house the other day, these guys in black trench coats- in fact, they were dressed all black- came and attacked me. I guess they knocked me out, because next thing I know, I was in this little room and a man was talking to me. He said he was the leader of team Nova or something. I managed to get out of there, but I had to jump into the ocean and swim to shore. Luckily, Pikes town was nearby, so I just stopped off here, healed my pokemon, and called mom. She told me to stay over here, so here I am.”

    Professor Acacia’s cheerful disposition disappeared. Something in Kenny’s narrative must have put him off. “Did you say team Nova?” he asked.

    “That’s right,” said Kenny. “I think they set up base or something in that building on the coast.”

    Acacia seemed to be pondering this. Clearly he knew something about this team Nova. “I’ve heard of team Nova,” explained Acacia. “They’re a criminal group, doing things like stealing pokemon and whatnot. They keep their actions mostly secret in order to prevent suspicion. But there have definitely been reports of pokemon being stolen from trainers all over the place, even in this very house!” Acacia realized he was getting a little too aggressive with his explanation, so he took a deep breath and continued. “I don’t know what team Nova is doing in that building out there, but it’s definitely not good.”

    There was a brief pause after the professor ended his story. Kenny decided to break the silence. He said, “You said they stole a pokemon from you? Well, what was it?”

    “It wasn’t from me,” the professor continued. “They stole a pokemon from your cousin, Eli. He’s living with me for a while. It was his favorite pokemon he ever owned. It was a shiny Magikarp, can you believe that? A shiny pokemon! Do you have any idea how rare those things are?”

    After the professor concluded his tale, Kenny sat there with his mouth agape. “Did you say Magikarp?” he asked. “Shiny Magikarp? Oh my God…”

    “What is it? Have you seen it?” inquired Acacia excitedly.

    “Not only have I seen it,” chortled Kenny as he reached for a poke ball from his belt, “but I happen to have rescued it from the team Nova building while I was in there!”

    Kenny triumphantly held out the golden poke ball that held the shiny Magikarp. Professor Acacia’s eyes immediately lit up as he began to laugh like a maniac. “My God!” he exclaimed, “Eli will be so happy when he gets home!” As if in response, the professor shot a look out the window and grinned. “And here he comes now!”

    Out the window, Kenny could see a kid about his age sauntering down the street with his head hanging low. Kenny could only assume that Eli was depressed because of how he lost his Magikarp.

    “Go out there, Kenny!” exclaimed Acacia. “Go give Eli his Magikarp! It’ll be the biggest surprise of his life!”

    Following the professor’s advice, Kenny stood up and ran over to the door. Just as Eli started walking up to the house, Kenny opened the door and walked out. Eli lifted his head to see Kenny walking up to him. “Hey, Eli!” shouted Kenny. “Guess what I got?” Kenny then held out the golden poke ball containing the Magikarp.

    “Oh, my…” said Eli, completely dumbfounded at the sight of his lost pokemon. “Is… is that… my Magikarp?”

    “It sure is!” exclaimed Kenny. Eli’s frown quickly turned into a wide smile as he practically clicked his heels in the air. However, before he could express his gratitude any more, two men in black trenchcoats came up from behind and roughly grabbed his neck.

    “All right, bean pole,” one of the men said as he tossed Eli aside. “We’re not here for you, we’re here for Kenny.” The man then looked up at Kenny. “We had to follow you all through the town to track you here. And now, we’re going to take you straight back to the Nova building, no questions. All right? Just come with us and don’t make us have to carry you.”

    Kenny recognized the outfits of these men as the same outfits that the Nova grunts back at his home were dressed in. It must be standard uniform for all of the grunts. However, Kenny wasn’t just going to go back to Nova like that. He absolutely despised that place. “All right, then,” replied Kenny smugly. “If you want to take me back to the Nova building, you have to beat me in a pokemon battle.”

    The two men exchanged glances for a second. All of a sudden, they both burst out in maniacal laughter. After they had exhausted themselves from laughter, they gruffly said, “Seriously, kid. We’re not playing around here. Team Nova members are required to be great battlers. We have to take a test. They don’t just let anybody in. You still want to take us?”

    “Sure thing,” retorted Kenny without hesitation. “How about a double battle? Two of your pokemon against two of mine.”

    The men looked at each other and chuckled briefly. “Okay, then,” one of them said jokingly. The two grunts then chose some pokemon from their belts.

    “ Poochyena, destroy!”

    “Beedrill, I choose you!”

    Before the two grunts were two pokemon. The first one resembled a small grey dog with yellow eyes and a red nose. The second one was a giant bee-like creature with huge red eyes and drill-shaped hands.

    Next, Kenny sent out his pokemon. “Trapinch and Magikarp, let’s go!” The forms of his two pokemon emerged from their balls.

    The two grunts stared in awe at the golden Magikarp before them. However, they both knew from their training courses at team Nova that shiny pokemon are no stronger than normal ones, and Magikarp was not necessarily known for being the strongest battler. After that, all the trainers issued their orders.

    “Magikarp, Tackle on Poochyena! Trapinch, use Bite on Beedrill!”

    “Poochyena, use Howl!”

    “Beedrill, Fury Attack!”

    Magikarp was the first one to make a move. It flopped around on the ground, making its way over to Poochyena. Then, it rammed forward with an impressive tackle, hitting the pokemon hard. However, Poochyena was quick to recover from the attack.

    Next, Beedrill made its move. It hovered over to Trapinch and let loose with a flurry of attacks from its cone-shaped hands. Trapinch took the attacks with no ill effects. It was used to pokemon battles like these.

    Next, Poochyena gave out a magnificent howl. Its fighting spirit became aroused. Once the long, impressive howl was done, Poochyena sprang into an offensive pose, ready for its turn to battle.

    Finally, Trapinch made its move. It slowly hobbled toward Beedrill. Despite Beedrill’s attempts to avoid the pokemon, Trapinch lashed forward at a surprisingly high speed. It jaws clamped down on Beedrill’s abdomen and the victim flinched horribly at the attack. It seemed to be writhing in pain. Suddenly, Trapinch released its grip and Beedrill fell to the ground, the exoskeleton surrounding its abdomen caved in from the bite attack.

    “Beedrill, return,” called the grunt as he recalled the fainted pokemon back to its poke ball.

    “This isn’t over yet, punk,” the other grunt called out. “My poochyena is still in the battle.”

    “Kenny!” shouted the professor, who was apparently a spectator of the entire battle, from the porch. “Watch out for that Poochyena! It used Howl. That means its attack power is boosted. Be careful!”

    Kenny nodded back in response as the trainers gave their commands for the next turn. “Trapinch, Sand Tomb! Magikarp, use Tackle again!”

    “Poochyena, use Bite!”

    Magikarp was, once again, the first to move. It flopped forward just like last time and lunged toward Poochyena, slamming into the opponent. However, Poochyena shrugged off the attack and continued fighting. It was the next to move. It ran straight for Trapinch and bore down with its fangs. After the fury attack from Beedrill, Trapinch couldn’t survive another attack, much less a boosted one, so it fainted on that turn.

    “Kenny!” yelled Professor Acacia from the sidelines. “Poochyena is a Dark type, so Bite gets Same Type Attack Boost, or STAB for short! Watch out for that Bite attack!”

    “Aw, yeah!” cried the grunt as Kenny returned his Trapinch. “How does that feel, having YOUR pokemon get bitten?”

    There was still one more turn left in the battle. The opponent’s Poochyena was weak from Magikarp’s tackles, so it shouldn’t be too hard to take out.

    Kenny cried out, “Magikarp, use Tackle one more time!”

    “Poochyena, Bite that fool!”

    Magikarp moved before Poochyena. Just like before, it flopped over to Poochyena and threw itself right into the poor pokemon’s body. Poochyena was trembling from the attack this time, and it couldn’t take any more. It fainted on the spot.

    “Yes!” cheered Kenny. “I won! Go back to your team Nova, you fools!”

    The grunts exchanged worried glances at each other. “This isn’t over, kid,” said one of the grunts. “Team Nova is still after you, and we won’t stop until we get you. Understand?” With that, they both began running down the street.

    “Well, Kenny,” laughed the professor. “You seem to be an adept battler! You must be practicing. That was one close battle there.”

    “Yeah, well,” Kenny modestly explained, “I guess the grunts decided that Magikarp wasn’t worth the trouble, so they focused all their attacks on Trapinch. Magikarp is a really good fighter, by the way.”

    “Hah!” the professor shouted cheerfully. “That Magikarp hasn’t been in a single battle its whole life. Eli just keeps it here for looks.”

    “That’s not true, gramps,” Eli responded. “I was planning on taking him on my gym battles.”

    “Oh, that’s right!” exclaimed the professor. “Did I forget to tell you, Kenny? Eli has already registered for the league! He’s planning to take on all the gym battles and go to beat the Champion!”

    Eli chimed in, “Yeah, well, I probably wouldn’t have actually gotten to the Champion. I mean, some people are that good, but not me.”

    “What are you talking about?” the professor reassured. “You just haven’t had the chance to prove yourself. Kenny, you’ve registered for the league in Hoenn, right? Tell him how easy it is!”

    “Actually,” said Kenny somewhat nervously, “I never registered for the league there. I had to keep up with my school work.”

    “Is that it?” replied the professor in a surprised manner. “You’re fifteen years old and you haven’t gone challenging gyms? Heck, I’ve heard of ten-year-olds who become the league champion! Why can’t you do it?”

    Suddenly, a bright look came on the professor’s face as if a light bulb just materialized over his head. He looked at his two grandsons. “Say…” he started slowly, “Why don’t you two go challenge the league together?”

    Kenny and Eli looked at each other briefly. They hardly knew each other, and now they were supposed to go traveling across the region with each other?

    “Oh, come on, guys,” encouraged the professor. “Kenny never even comes by here, and you’re both old enough. It would be a great bonding experience for the both of you. You guys are naturals at battling! You’d do great! What do you say?”

    After the brief awkward silence that ensued, Kenny spoke up. “Yeah, I suppose I could do that. It’s not like I have anything else to do here, and I’ve always wanted to train at pokemon gyms.”

    The professor’s face lit up at that. “Splendid!” he shouted enthusiastically. “That’s just great. Hey, why don’t we take care of all the paperwork tomorrow? It’s getting a little late out here, and your pokemon could use a good rest.”

    They all agreed to stay the night and start on their journey tomorrow. Kenny was excited that he could finally challenge a pokemon league. After all, it was his lifelong dream ever since childhood. His mom always told him that he was too young, but she was no longer there to give him excuses.
  5. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Chapter V: Eli Gets a Pokemon

    Professor Acacia, Kenny, and Eli had all woken up for the morning. Naturally, they were eager to start their journey, so they could hardly sleep that night. The plan was that the professor would prepare everything that Kenny and Eli needed for their trip and then go to the Pikes town pokemon center to go register for the league.

    Kenny and Eli gathered around the professor as he dug around in his desk. “Now where did I put those things…” grumbled Acacia. “Aha!” he exclaimed as he pulled out two red devices with screens. The professor then proceeded to explain what the devices were. “These red things are called Pokedexes. They’re electronic encyclopedias on all known pokemon. Every time you meet a new pokemon, the pokedex will automatically update itself with information on the pokemon. This is very useful to my research, since you guys are going out on a journey where you can meet tons of pokemon.”

    “Wait a sec,” interrupted Eli. “You’re giving us those pokedexes just so we can do all your field work for you, and you can bum around at home?”

    The professor hesitated at that. “Well,” he said defensively, “they’re a good source of information for you, right?” The professor made a pitifully obvious fake cough and continued with his speech. “And now, every good trainer has to have some of these.”

    The professor bent down and picked up a box from the floor, placing it on the table. When he opened it up, Kenny and Eli peered in and saw a small collection of poke balls inside the box. “These are poke balls, which you can use to catch wild pokemon, should you come across one that you fancy. Here, you can each have a couple.” The professor handed them each five poke balls to put in their bags.

    “Now, that’s about all you need, right?” inquired the professor.

    “I think so,” replied Eli.

    “We should be fine,” responded Kenny.

    “Excellent!” The professor clapped his hands in excitement. “I’m just so proud to see my own grandchild finally registering for the league.” Before he started crying, which would have been very awkward and embarrassing, Acacia said, “Well, let’s walk on over to the pokemon center and get that paperwork filled out, shall we?”

    The three of them started walking out the door to the pokemon center.

    However, Eli spoke up before they left. “Wait a sec!” he exclaimed. “I can’t go and challenge the league yet. I don’t have a pokemon!”

    “Of course you do,” reassured Kenny. “I still have your Magikarp. I just forgot to give it back to you. In fact, do you want it back now?”

    Eli hesitated for a moment before answering. “Well, I’ve been thinking about that, you see… Whenever I try to get that Magikarp into battle, it just can’t win at all. It’s just too weak. But the way you battled with those guys from team Nova… my Magikarp was amazing! I could never get it to battle like that, no matter how hard I tried. I think you should keep it. It seems to like you more.”

    “Well,” said Kenny, obviously flattered. “Thanks a lot. I’ve grown rather attached to this Magikarp myself. It rescued me from the Nova building, you know. I helped me swim to shore.”

    “That’s a very heartwarming story,” said the professor, “but Eli still doesn’t have a pokemon. You guys are impossible. We’ll have to do something about that right away. Come inside, you two.” The professor motioned for them to step inside.

    The professor walked straight for his desk and pulled open a drawer. Inside the drawer were at least a dozen poke balls, aligned neatly in rows. “These are some of my own pokemon,” stated the professor. “I haven’t been a trainer in forever, so I hardly ever take them out of their poke balls. I think you should take one of them as your starter pokemon, Eli.”

    “Sweet!” exclaimed Eli, clearly excited at the prospect of getting a new pokemon. He scanned the poke balls in the drawer, looking for one to pick. He grabbed at a random one and picked it up. Eli then pushed the button on the front without the least bit of hesitation. The ball opened up and a pokemon’s form emerged from within. When the pokemon became visible, it appeared to be a little rodent-like creature. It sat on its large haunches and stared at the people in the room with its elongated head. Some red spots were visible on its back.

    “Ah, that’s one of my favorites! A very good choice,” said the professor in response to Eli’s pokemon choice. “It’s called Cyndaquil. That’s a fire-type pokemon.”

    “Fire type?” asked Eli. “I don’t know, it doesn’t look very fiery. I don’t see any fire.”

    With that comment, the professor snapped his fingers. At the sound of the professor’s fingers snapping, the Cyndaquil sitting on the floor suddenly burst with fire. A big coat of fire resembling spikes roared to life on the pokemon’s back, apparently emerging from the red spotted design. “I keep my pokemon very well trained,” the professor boasted. “Cyndaquil springs into action at the snap of a finger. It’s a very effective way to control it, should you have any trouble with it.”

    “Wow, that’s amazing!” squealed Eli with joy. “I’ll take it. It’s perfect. He’ll be my best friend all along my journey.”

    “That’s excellent!” said the professor. “Now we can finally get down to the pokemon center and get you registered for the league, Kenny!”

    The three of them finally walked out the door and down the street to the local pokemon center. The automatic doors opened and Kenny was met by the familiar sight of the pokemon center’s interior. The three of them all walked up to the desk and greeted the nurse.

    Acacia spoke to the nurse proudly. “My grandson, Kenny is ready to register for the Fushi league.”

    “That’s incredible news!” said the nurse excitedly. “You guys stay here, and I’ll be right back with the paperwork.”

    Sure enough, the nurse returned with a sheet of paper in her hand. She laid it out on the table and provided Kenny with a pen. “Okay, you have to put your signature here, your legal guardian puts their signature here, and you fill out all this information. Okay?” Kenny got to work. He filled out all the necessary information, and soon enough he was ready.

    “Okay!” the nurse said. “We’re all done. You can go out on your journey now. I’ll submit this paper to the league as soon as possible.”

    “Cool,” remarked Kenny as he was just about to leave the pokemon center. He then reeled around and asked, “Oh, I forgot to ask. Where’s the nearest pokemon gym?”

    “Well,” answered the nurse, “most trainers start out by going to the Goldport pokemon gym. Goldport city is way up north. It’s a pretty big city, so try not to get lost.”

    With that, all three of them left the pokemon center. The professor said, “I have to get back to my house. It’s too bad I can’t come with you. Oh well, have fun on your journey!”

    Kenny waved goodbye, “Bye grandpa! Maybe we’ll come back and visit!”

    Eli shouted, “See you later!”

    Professor Acacia stepped in his house, leaving Kenny and Eli out on the street. “Well,” said Kenny, “I guess we better get going to Goldport, right? Let’s go!”

    “Wait a sec,” interrupted Eli. “I just got my pokemon, and I really want to test it out in battle. Kenny, will you battle me so I can learn how to battle like a pro?”

    “Eli,” complained Kenny, “you just got that pokemon. You don’t know the fundamentals of battle. Plus, my pokemon both have type advantages.”

    “I don’t care,” said Eli stubbornly.

    Kenny let out a slight sigh. “All right, then. Let’s have a quick battle. Since you only have one pokemon, I’ll only use one of mine.”

    With that, both trainers sent out their pokemon.

    Eli said, “Cyndaquil, let’s do it!”

    Kenny shouted, “Magikarp, I choose you!”

    Cyndaquil and Magikarp both appeared on the battlefield. However, before the trainers could issue their orders, they could feel a strong vibration in their pockets.

    “What the flesh?” exclaimed Kenny.

    “I think those are our Pokedexes,” observed Eli. “Take it out, Kenny!”

    Both of the trainers took out their pokedexes. First, Eli’s pokedex started speaking in a robotic voice. “Cyndaquil, the fire mouse pokemon. When startled or angered, the flames on its back may erupt violently for protection.”

    Then Kenny’s pokemon spoke. “Magikarp, the fish pokemon. It is known for being a very weak pokemon. Many trainers consider it worthless.”

    “Hey!” shouted Eli angrily. “Nobody calls MY Magikarp worthless!”

    “I think the pokedexes haven’t seen our pokemon before, so they had to record their information,” observed Kenny.

    After that, the two trainers finally issued orders to their pokemon.

    “Magikarp, use Tackle!”

    “Cyndaquil, Ember!”

    Magikarp was the first to move. It flopped forward across the ground and rammed into Cyndaquil with great force. However, Cyndaquil looked unscathed from the attack. Cyndaquil then shot some small flames out of its mouth. The flames traveled over to Magikarp and covered its body. However, Magikarp appeared to not even notice the attack.

    “What the flesh? Nothing happened!” complained Eli.

    “Fire moves aren’t very effective on Magikarp!” explained Kenny. “It’s a Water type!”

    Eli grumbled a little bit and continued the battle.

    “Magikarp, Tackle again!”

    “Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen!”

    Magikarp bounced across the ground just like before and slammed its body into Cyndaquil. However, Cyndaquil recovered quickly. Cyndaquil then made its move. A bunch of black smoke started shooting out of its mouth, and soon the entire area was enveloped in smoke. The trainers couldn’t even see their own pokemon.

    “Magikarp, use Tackle again!” shouted Kenny through the smoke.

    “Cyndaquil, Tackle him back!”

    Magikarp was flopping around, but it couldn’t see where it was going. It lunged forward to execute its attack, but it missed Cyndaquil completely. However, Cyndaquil saw Magikarp and rammed its head right into the fish pokemon.

    “All right, Cyndaquil, use Tackle again!”

    “Magikarp, don’t give up! Try Tackle again!”

    Magikarp was still hard of sight in the cloud of black smoke. However, it was able to catch a glimpse of Cyndaquil in front of it, so it threw itself forward and struck Cyndaquil again. However, Cyndaquil was still okay. It was Cyndaquil’s turn to move, so it rammed forward into Magikarp.

    Just then, the smoke cleared over the battlefield. The trainers could see their pokemon clearly. Magikarp was lying on the ground. It was sitting still, no longer flopping around. Cyndaquil looked up at Eli triumphantly.

    “Wow, you beat me, Eli!” shouted Kenny. “Nice work!”

    “Thanks,” boasted Eli. “I didn’t really think I could win, especially with a type disadvantage.”

    “You’ll do great, Eli. The Fushi league will be a piece of cake for you. Before we go to the first gym, I think we better heal up at the pokemon center, right?”

    “Absolutely,” concurred Eli. The two of them then walked through the automatic door of the pokemon center, on the first step to their pokemon league journey.
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    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Chapter VI: Nova strikes again

    Kenny and Eli had left Pikes town and were now hiking up the long route to Goldport city. The path wasn’t very well developed. It was mostly surrounded by trees, but sometimes they could see the ocean off to the East. There were some other people walking in either direction, many of which appeared to be trainers themselves.

    While they were walking along the path, a small pokemon appeared out of the bush. It was small and purple, shaped like a rodent. It was baring its fangs viciously at Kenny and Eli.

    “What the flesh?” said Eli. “Is that a pokemon? What’s its problem?”

    Kenny looked around and spotted the problem. Back in the wooded area along the path, there was a small nest on the ground, with a bunch of small pokemon in it. They were squeaking and screeching. Apparently, the pokemon that came at them was their mother.

    Suddenly, Kenny’s pokedex began to rumble in his pocket. He took it out and it started its explanation. “Rattata, the mouse pokemon. It can adapt to life anywhere where food is available. It is a naturally cautious pokemon that won’t hesitate to defend its territory.”

    “A Rattata, eh?” remarked Kenny. “It’s not like we’re doing anything to it. Let’s just keep walking.”

    Kenny and Eli decided to just keep going, but when they tried moving forward, the Rattata ran and got in front of them threateningly.

    “I don’t think this thing is leaving,” observed Eli.

    “Well, we can fix that,” responded Kenny as he took a poke ball off his belt. “Trapinch, go!”

    Kenny threw Trapinch’s golden poke ball in the air and the pokemon emerged onto the field. Before he could say anything, Eli’s pokedex started shaking his pants. Eli took out the pokdex and it started talking. “Trapinch, the ant pit pokemon. It digs cone-shaped pits in the desert sand and traps prey. Its bite is strong enough to crush boulders.”

    Kenny issued his command. “Trapinch, use Bite!”

    However, Rattata was the first to move. It ran toward the opposing Trapinch at a blinding speed and struck Trapinch hard. However, Trapinch recovered from the attack quickly. Trapinch then hobbled forward on its short legs and lashed out at Rattata with a fierce bite from its immense jaws. Rattata began squealing in pain until Trapinch released its grip. Without making another move, the Rattata fled back to its nest.

    Suddenly, a bunch of clapping erupted around them. Kenny, Eli, and the Trapinch all turned around quickly. Several young trainers stood around them, applauding the excellent fighting. Kenny and Eli were unaware that they had attracted a crowd. They must have heard the fight from afar.

    “Nice job!” said one of the trainers.

    “You really showed that Rattata!” praised another.

    “Well, it was nothing,” said Kenny modestly. “My Trapinch is an excellent fighter, as you can see.”

    “Hey, why don’t you battle me?” suggested one of the kids. Everyone started muttering in approval.

    “You see,” said Kenny, “We’re really trying to get to Goldport city right now. We don’t have time to stick around and battle all of you.”

    “Wait, Kenny,” interrupted Eli. “I think I can take on some of these trainers. My Cyndaquil really needs the training, you know? Why don’t you hike up to Goldport by yourself and I’ll meet you there?”

    Kenny agreed with Eli’s plan. He started walking away from the group as Eli took out his Cyndaquil and prepared for battle. Kenny could hear the cheering of the young trainers behind him as he continued his hike.

    Soon enough, though, Kenny saw some men in black trench coats emerge from the trees along the road. He recognized them immediately as members of team Nova. There were two of the men in standard uniform and one other man behind them, followed by an Alakazam floating through the air. This man was dressed in a black pinstripe suit with a purple collar and a white and red bowtie. Kenny remembered this man very well as the leader of team Nova.

    “Ah, Kenny,” sighed the man. “Long time no see, right?”

    Kenny remembered what happened at the Nova building. “Your name is Oberon, right? Not a very powerful sounding name, if you ask me,” he taunted. “Maybe you should join the circus!”

    “I resent that comment,” responded Oberon calmly. “You know why we’re here, Kenny. We want you to come with us back to the Nova building. You’re the top threat to our plans right now, and we can’t have you just wandering around here. Won’t you join us, Kenny?”

    Kenny scoffed. “I thought we were clear about that. I will never ever ever ever ever join team Nova. You know that already.”

    Oberon lowered his head in a futile attempt to appear menacing. “Very well, then,” he said. “I’ve come prepared with some of my skilled grunts. All of my members of team Nova are very adept pokemon battlers. We challenge you to a pokemon battle. If you lose, you come with us. Understood?”

    Kenny knew deep inside that these fools couldn’t win against him. “Fine, then,” he said confidently. “I’ll take on your little clowns in a pokemon battle.”

    Oberon smiled. “I thought so. Men, do your worst.” He then left the scene of the battle, walking back into the forest by himself, leaving the two grunts to take on Kenny. Without hesitation, they each took a poke ball off their belts.

    “Raticate, I choose you!”

    “Trubbish, destroy!”

    The forms of two pokemon emerged onto the field. One of them resembled the Rattata that Kenny took on earlier, except tan-colored, fatter, and with much larger teeth. The other one looked exactly like a trash bag with eyes and teeth. The trash that spilled out the sides of the bag formed its appendages.

    Kenny’s Pokedex vibrated in his pocket. He took it out and it started recording information on the opponent’s pokemon “Raticate, the mouse pokemon and the evolved form of Rattata. It must constantly chew on things to whittle down its constantly growing fangs. Its teeth can chew through solid rock. Trubbish, the trash bag pokemon. It creates poisonous gases inside its body. It thrives in unsanitary conditions.”

    “Ew,” remarked Kenny in response to Trubbish. “Is that thing even a pokemon? How is it even alive? It just looks like a pile of garbage.”

    “It IS a pile of garbage!” growled the grunt who owned the Trubbish. “Now send out your pokemon already!”

    Kenny reached for the two golden poke balls on his belt and threw them out into the fray. “Magikarp and Trapinch, go show ‘em who’s boss!”

    Magikarp and Trapinch appeared on the battlefield. With that, the trainers issued their orders.

    “Trubbish, use Sludge!”

    “Raticate, use Swords Dance!”

    “Trapinch, use Bite on Raticate! Magikarp, use Tackle on Raticate too!”

    Raticate started dancing around frantically, looking like a total nutcase. However, when its dance was over, it growled menacingly. Magikarp then flopped across the ground over towards Raticate. The grunts were laughing at the pitiful Magikarp, but stopped once it executed its attack, launching itself at the Raticate. Raticate was knocked back a little by the attack, but it got back quickly. Trubbish then launched a pile of sludge from its mouth that flew through the air and struck Magikarp directly. Its glittering golden scales were soiled by the sludge attack. Finally, Trapinch walked over to Raticate and lunged forward, gripping on to its hide with its massive jaws. Raticate started struggling in Trapinch’s jaws, tossing the pokemon around. When Trapinch finally let go, a large section of Raticate’s hair was missing from its side. Trapinch spit out all the hair in disgust. Raticate fell over onto the ground in exhaustion and failed to get back up. The grunt recalled his Raticate to its poke ball, leaving the other grunt to finish the battle.

    “This isn’t over yet!” shouted the grunt. “My Trubbish hasn’t even taken a hit yet!” After that, the trainers gave their commands for the next turn. “Trubbish, use Acid Spray!”

    “Magikarp, use Tackle again! Trapinch, use Sand Tomb!”

    Magikarp flopped across the ground and tackled the Trubbish hard, but it was hardly knocked back by the attack. Trubbish then started shooting a liquid from one of its appendages. The liquid flew over to Trapinch and sprayed it all over. Being a ground-type, Trapinch wasn’t visually affected by the attack at first, but some smoke started rising from its body and Kenny could almost hear its skin sizzling under the effect of the acid. Nonetheless, Trapinch triumphantly roared into the air and stomped its feet on the ground. A vortex of sand was summoned around the foe Trubbish and started spinning it around in the air. Trubbish cried out, but it was suddenly thrown out of the vortex and hit the ground hard. It failed to get up again, so the grunt called back the pokemon to its poke ball.

    The grunt was devastated at the loss. “Do you have any idea how angry the boss is going to be at us?” explained the grunt. “You may have won this time, but the boss will find a way to get you. You’ll see.” With that, the grunt ran into the woods where the others had escaped too.

    “And don’t come back!” yelled Kenny as he left.

    Just then, Eli came running up to him. “Kenny!” he cried. “What did I miss?”

    “I just had to fight off some more of those team Nova clowns,” explained Kenny. “How about you? Did you win any battles?”

    “I won all the battles,” boasted Eli triumphantly. “I beat, like maybe five kids in a row. I guess the rest were too scared to fight me, so they left. My Cyndaquil is really good at battling.”

    “That’s great,” praised Kenny. “Hey, check it out! I think I can see Goldport city!” Kenny pointed off toward the horizon, where a couple of tall buildings were visible.

    “Coolio,” said Eli. “Let’s get going.”

    The two of them started walking up the path toward Goldport city ahead. A few seconds later, they were startled by Oberon’s incredibly loud voice when he shouted, “WHAT? You let him escape?” loud enough to cause entire flocks of Pidgey, Pidove, and Starly to fly out of the trees all at once. Ignoring it, they continued their hike.
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    Chapter VII: The Tussle at Goldport

    A great big gold-painted gate marked the entrance to Goldport city. Kenny could definitely understand why they called it Goldport; each building was painted some shade of yellow that made it appear to be made of glistening gold. People were bustling around the streets of this busy city in every conceivable direction. The streets were always abuzz with activity. Once Kenny and Eli had walked reasonably far into the city, they could see the ocean stretching out for miles in front of them, and many boats tied up at the water’s edge.

    There was a big, open plaza near the water’s edge. There seemed to be some sort of commotion going on there, as a mass of people was standing around in a great big circle. Kenny and Eli decided to go check it out, so they ran down to the plaza.

    They pushed their way into the crowd and were able to see what was going on inside. There was a pokemon battle going on in the middle. Some guy was ordering a Poochyena just like the one Kenny battled way back in Pikes town, and the other guy had a small black bird-like pokemon with white markings around its face and a short, sharp beak.

    “Hello there!” shouted a man with a box hanging from around his neck. “Are you two enjoying the fight? Would you like to place a bet?”

    “Actually,” answered Kenny, “we just came by to see what was going on. We’re trainers ourselves, you see.”

    “Ah, that’s excellent!” squealed the man with glee. “Simply magnificent! All the trainers around here are so young, they just can’t participate in high-intensity battles like these. I was the one who organized this event, and we’re on a shortage of battlers. Hey, you guys want to participate? I can sign you up for a battle right away!”

    Kenny and Eli looked at each other with expressions of approval. Eli responded, “Sure, we’ll participate. That will be great training for our pokemon, especially since we were going to challenge the gym anyway.”

    “Great!” shouted the man. “My name’s Dan, by the way. Just so you know, in case we run into each other again after this. Hey, we don’t have any matches scheduled after this, so you can go right away!”

    “Wait,” interrupted Kenny, “We’re fighting each other?”

    “Well, yeah,” explained Dan with a “duh” expression on his face. “I told you, I’m on a shortage of battlers.”

    Kenny and Eli watched as the current battle was ended. The little bird that they saw earlier had knocked out the opposing Poochyena. Just then, Kenny’s concentration was broken by a rumbling in his pants. He pulled the pokedex out of his pocket and it started speaking, displaying a picture of the bird. “Starly, the starling pokemon. It forms groups with others because they are weak on their own. However, they sometimes start fights with others in their flock.”

    “Wow, that was one intense battle!” yelled Dan as he walked toward the center of the battlefield. “Congratulations to you guys who participated, you both did a great job!” The two battlers then disappeared into the crowd. “All right, up next, we have… uh… Kenji and Eddy!”

    “That’s ELI!” shouted Eli angrily as he walked into the center of the crowd with Kenny, who was equally affronted. Right as the two of them took their positions at opposite sides of the battlefield, a muscular man pushed his way through the crowd. He was immediately recognizable by the black trench coat that he wore, but he wasn’t wearing the black beret-type hat that many of the other Nova grunts wore. His head was completely shaven. As he pushed his way into the middle, he grabbed Eli’s head with one of his massive hands and cast him aside into the audience. The crowd grew silent after that, as the man audibly cracked his knuckles. He then spoke up in a low, guttural voice that suited his stature.

    “Kenny, right?” he called out. “The boss told me to collect you from Goldport city. He said you couldn’t resist a pokemon battle, so I decided to check this place out, and what do you know? Here you are. Anyway, are you comin’ or what?”

    “No way, baldy,” commented Kenny without hesitation. The remark about the man’s hair sparked some laughter within the crowd, but the giggling immediately ceased when the bald grunt reeled his head around and glared at them.

    “All right, then,” said the man. “We’ll do it the hard way. My boss gave me these pokemon himself, so I can’t lose. If I beat you in a pokemon battle, then I get to take you with me.”

    “All right, fine!” shouted Kenny. “Send out your ‘special’ pokemon! I can take you on any day.”

    The grunt chuckled in approval and grabbed a poke ball off his belt. “Gible, I choose you!” He then threw the poke ball and the pokemon appeared on the ground in front of him. It was a small blue and red creature with a fin on its head and a gaping mouth. Just then, Kenny’s pokedex began vibrating again. He took it out and it started talking about the pokemon before him.

    “Gible, the land shark pokemon. It loves to bite anything in sight with its huge mouth. It often makes its home in caves.”

    Kenny then took a golden poke ball off of his belt and threw it in the air. “Magikarp, destroy!” he called as the golden fish pokemon appeared on the ground. The sight of a real, live shiny pokemon earned a few "oohs" and "ahs" from the crowd. However, the two battlers focused on the pokemon and started issuing their commands.

    “Magikarp, use Tackle!”

    “Gible, Sandstorm!”

    Magikarp bounced along the ground and flopped over in front of Gible. It then executed a brilliant Tackle attack, hitting the Gible square in the face (which wasn’t hard, considering Gible’s face makes up most of its body). After that, Gible gave out a roar and a huge cloud of sand started spiraling out of nowhere. The sand enveloped the entire area, irritating the eyes of the spectators. Magikarp seemed to be uncomfortable in the sandstorm.

    “Kenny!” called out Eli from the sidelines. “Gible is immune to Sandstorm because it’s a ground type. But Magikarp is getting hurt by the sandstorm! It’s slowly losing health!”

    Kenny continued to focus on the battle as the two combatants gave their commands for the next turn.

    “Magikarp, Tackle again!”

    “Gible, use Dragon Rage!”

    Magikarp somehow flopped itself over to Gible and rammed itself into the pokemon. However, this was no ordinary tackle. Magikarp put all its strength into the attack and Gible was knocked back a few feet. Its stubby arms and legs didn’t help it get back up. It struggled a little bit, then stopped moving.

    “That was a critical hit!” cried out Eli. “Critical hits are rare, but they’re way more powerful than normal moves.”

    “Gible is down and out!” called Dan. “This is turning out to be one fierce match! Let’s see what else these trainers have in store for us.”

    The bald man recalled his fainted Gible, looking frustrated. However, after his angry muttering, he had a smug grin on his face and he looked back at Kenny. Kenny wondered why the man was smiling after one of his pokemon fainted, but at the same time, he was scared to find out why the man was smiling so evilly.

    “Cacnea, let’s go!”

    The bald man threw another poke ball from his belt and it opened up in the air, revealing a green ball-shaped pokemon with spikes protruding all over its body. It had a crown-shaped flower on its head, a bunch of circles for a mouth, and two long appendages with more spikes on the end. As if on cue, Kenny’s pokedex started rumbling, so he took it out and it started talking. “Cacnea, the cactus pokemon. It can store water in its body, allowing it to go long periods of time without drinking. This makes it well-adapted to desert life.”

    Kenny then understood why the bald guy was smiling. Cacnea was clearly a grass-type, meaning it had a type advantage on Magikarp. Nonetheless, Kenny continued fighting.

    “Magikarp, use Tackle!”

    “Cacnea, Absorb!”

    Magikarp did the same thing as always: hopped over to the enemy’s Cacnea and slammed its body into it. However, Magikarp didn’t look too happy when it finished the attack. It must have been hit by Cacnea’s spikes. Then, Cacnea started its attack. Green bubbles started coming out of Magikarp’s body and floating over to Cacnea. Cacnea looked as healthy as ever, but Magikarp stopped flopping around. It had fainted from the attack.

    “Magikarp is unable to battle!” shouted Dan over the crowd. “Will Kenji be able to pull off a victory against this guy? Let’s find out!”

    Kenny then pulled his other poke ball off his belt, and then remembered something. Trapinch was the only pokemon he had left, but it was weak to grass moves like Absorb. Despite the odds being against him, Kenny threw out the poke ball.

    “Trapinch, finish him!”

    Trapinch appeared in battle. It seemed to enjoy the sandstorm that was raging all around him.

    “Kenny!” shouted Eli again. “Cacnea’s Absorb attack restored its health! It’s still on full health! Be careful, Kenny.”

    Kenny acknowledged Eli’s advice and gave his orders.

    “Trapinch, use Bite!”

    “Cacnea, Absorb again!”

    Cacnea started its attack first. Just like last time, green orbs traveled across the battlefield, carrying Trapinch’s energy away from it. The attack was devastating, but Trapinch held its ground. Then, Trapinch marched over to the enemy Cacnea and clamped down fiercely. Cacnea was waving its spiky arms in distress, but to no avail. When Trapinch let go, a large section of Cacnea’s body was torn up pretty badly. Trapinch was completely unfazed by Cacnea’s spikes. However, Cacnea was able to say in the battle, likely due to all the health it absorbed from Kenny’s pokemon. Soon enough, it was the next turn of the battle and the trainers shouted out.

    “Cacnea, Absorb one more time!”

    “Trapinch, use Bite again!”

    Cacnea started summoning the green orbs of death again, and Trapinch started looking weary. When all the orbs had traveled over to Cacnea, Trapinch was unable to continue. It fell on the ground, completely exhausted.

    “Trapinch is unable to battle!” exclaimed Dan. “The mysterious battler wins!”

    “WAIT!” shouted Eli loud enough to stop the crowd’s booing. He stepped forward into the battlefield. He looked at the bald man and said, “If you’re going to take Kenny, you have to go through me first.”

    The man started laughing hard at that remark. “Kid, you’re making a mistake. I’m a member of team Nova, don’t you know? We’re only hired because we’re expert battlers. If you want to take me on, I’m going to wipe the floor with you.”

    “Fine then,” defended Eli. “Let’s see you try.”

    “All right,” said the bald man. “If you really want to. But my Cacnea is filled with energy from the kid’s other pokemon. There’s no way I’ll lose!”

    Smirking at the man’s stupidity, Eli took the lone poke ball off his belt and cast it out into the battle. “Cyndaquil, I choose you!”

    Cyndaquil then appeared on the ground, ready for battle. After a moment, Eli raised his hand and snapped his fingers. With that, Cyndaquil’s back erupted in flames. This demonstration earned a loud “oooh” from the crowd. The bald man’s smug smile disappeared when he saw the fire-type pokemon before him, but he wasn’t giving up, so he issued his commands.

    “Cacnea, use Poison Sting!”

    “Cyndaquil, Flame Wheel!”

    Cyndaquil’s body suddenly became coated in scorching flames. It curled itself into a ball and started rolling toward Cacnea. When it struck the cactus pokemon, Cacnea was knocked back pretty far by the attack. Parts of its body became slightly scorched. It barely had the energy to get back on its feet. However, it was still able to battle, so it made its move. It launched a spike off of one if its hands, which flew through the air and struck Cyndaquil’s body. However, Cyndaquil wasn’t badly hurt by the attack.

    “Cyndaquil, finish it off with Ember!”

    “Cacnea, Poison Sting again!”

    Cyndaquil was the first to move. It breathed a bunch of flame out of its mouth, which traveled over toward Cacnea. The Cacnea’s body was turning black all over, and it finally reeled over and fell to the ground. It did not attempt to get back up.

    “Cacnea is unable to battle!” called out Dan. “Eddy is the winner of the match!”

    “That’s ELI!” called out Eli, who wasn’t heard due to the raucous cheering of the crowd around him. However, the cheering suddenly stopped as Eli’s Cyndaquil was suddenly enveloped in a white light. The crowd simply stared in awe as Cyndaquil began to change shape right before their eyes. Soon enough, the white glow disappeared and a different pokemon was standing in Cyndaquil’s place. The crowd started cheering even more loudly than before when Eli felt his pokedex start rumbling in his pocket. He picked it out and it started talking by itself.

    “Quilava, the volcano pokemon. Its fire burns more intensely when it’s in battle. It has nonflammable fur that protects it from the fire on its back.”

    Eli smiled contentedly as he saw his new pokemon standing before him. At the same time, the bald man recalled his Cacnea and walked right up to Kenny. He pointed one of his huge fingers right in Kenny’s face.

    “This isn’t over, punk!” growled the bald man. “This just got personal! I don’t care what the boss tells me, I’m going to beat you someday. You better expect to see me again!” The man then turned around and relentlessly pushed through the thick crowd.

    “Say hi to Oberon for me!” called Kenny as the bald man left. Dan ran over to him and Eli immediately, clutching stacks of dollar bills in his hands.

    “I’ve never made this much of a fortune in my life!” squealed Dan excitedly. “I owe you boys, big time! Would you consider working for me full-time?”

    “Nah,” Kenny replied, “We’re challenging the Fushi league. We’re already way too busy to start working.”

    “All right, suit yourselves,” responded Dan. “Hey, you want my Pokenav number? That way, I can contact you if I have another battle event going on!”

    “All right, fine,” agreed Kenny as he took out his Pokenav and registered Dan.

    “And also,” started Kenny greedily, “don’t we deserve some of the profit you made from that match? After all, we’re the ones that won it for you.” Dan sighed and reluctantly handed Kenny a wad of bills. “Thanks a lot,” said Kenny.

    “All right, then!” Dan finished. “I guess I’ll see you guys around!” He then went back to collecting his profits from the match.

    Kenny and Eli discussed Eli’s newly evolved pokemon. By now, they were sure that they could take on any old gym leader! But there was just one more question: what type of gym is even in Goldport? They weren’t native to the Fushi region, so they wouldn’t even know. However, they would find out tomorrow after having a good night’s sleep in a nice hotel, paid for by the generosity of Dan.
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    Chapter VIII: Goldport Gym Battle

    Kenny and Eli stood in front of a great big golden-roofed building with a huge poke-ball shaped sign on the front. It read. “Goldport Pokemon Gym. Leader: Rocky. “The rock-hard determined trainer!”

    “So,” said Eli, “this is a rock gym? I’m hardly surprised.”

    “I know,” replied Kenny. “Back home in Hoenn, the first gym is also a rock gym. At least Roxanne has a more creative name.”

    Without further ado, the two of them stepped into the pokemon gym. They were met by walls of rock that extended high in every direction, obscuring the view of the rest of the gym. There was a guy standing next to the door that they came through. The man came up to them and greeted them. “Hey there!” he said cheerfully. “I give advice to trainers that are new to gym battling. You guys are going to go far if you listen to my advice, understand? We’ll work together to get through the pokemon league!”

    Kenny and Eli looked a little suspicious of this guy. “Thanks…” responded Eli slowly, “but I think we can manage by ourselves.”

    “Wait a sec,” interrupted Kenny, “you give away information for free? Well, I guess we’ve got nothing to lose. Go ahead, give us some advice.”

    “Well, you see…” said the man, “it’s not exactly ‘free’ as you say. I require a trade of equal or greater value. I’ll accept cash, check or credit.”

    Kenny and Eli looked at each other with disapproval. “Screw you,” griped Kenny. “We can get through this gym without you.” The two of them started walking further into the gym.

    “You’ll be sorry!” shouted the man from behind. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you come crawling back to me!”

    Kenny and Eli kept walking. They noticed an opening in the big rock wall placed inconveniently right in the middle of the gym, so they walked in. Suddenly, they came across another wall in front of them with openings on either side of the wall.

    “Oh, man, is this a maze?” sighed Eli in exasperation. “I hate mazes.”

    “Whatever, man,” reassured Kenny. “As long as we stick together, we won’t have any problems.” After about ten or so minutes of turning in random directions around the maze, they came to an exit. However, they were dismayed to be met by the smug face of the guy they met at the entrance.

    “Miss me?” he said slyly.

    “Forget you!” yelled Kenny as he and Eli turned back into the maze. After another few minutes of avoiding the exit, they had turned around so many times that they couldn’t even tell which way they were supposed to be going.

    “Great,” sighed Eli. “We’re lost. This is exactly why I hate mazes.”

    “It’s okay,” said Kenny. “I have an idea. I’ll give you a boost, and you climb on top of the maze wall and find out which way we’re supposed to go.” Kenny then crouched down and cupped his hand together.

    “Great idea,” praised Eli as he stepped into Kenny’s outstretched hands. Eli struggled to get his hands over the top of the wall, but he was able to climb up to the top. He then stood up and scanned the surrounding area.

    “Hey! That’s cheating!” yelled the guy at the front of the gym, who was visible from the top of the wall. Eli looked in the opposite direction and could see a great big open space at that end of the maze.

    “That way!” he said to Kenny as he pointed out the right direction. He then jumped down onto the floor and started walking in the right direction with Kenny following close behind. Soon enough, they were able to find another exit to the maze which led out into a great big open space. This time, the annoying advice guy wasn’t visible, but instead there was a muscular, tan shirtless guy standing at the other side of a big battle arena.

    “Well well well!” shouted the shirtless guy. “Look who got through my maze! A couple of trainers! Welcome to my gym. I hope you enjoyed that big maze out there. I helped move all those huge rocks in here, you know.”

    “The maze was cool, but you should definitely hire a new advice guy,” advised Kenny.

    “Oh, that guy?” replied the buff guy. “Nah, I didn’t hire him. He just came in here off the street and hired himself. I think he’s homeless or something. Anyway, my name’s Rocky and I’m the gym leader around here. Are you ready to challenge or what?”

    “Sure thing!” responded Kenny instantly. However, Eli started looking uneasy. “What’s the matter, Eli?” asked Kenny.

    “Well,” he muttered, “my only pokemon is a fire-type. It would never stand a chance against rock-types in this gym. I don’t know if I can challenge this gym until I get some new pokemon.”

    “Hmm,” thought Kenny. “I think I can take on this guy by myself. Why don’t you go out of the gym and look for a new pokemon? You have all those poke balls that grandpa gave you, after all. There are plenty of places to catch wild pokemon around here, I’m sure you can find a good one.”

    Eli thought about this for a minute and said, “All right, I’ll try to find a good one.” With that, he left the battlefield and entered the maze going back to the entrance.

    “Okay, then,” said Rocky, “I guess it’s just you and me now. You ready for battle or what?”

    “Definitely!” cried Kenny as he took a golden poke ball off his belt. Excited for his very first gym battle, he threw the poke ball without hesitation. “Go, Trapinch!”

    Trapinch emerged onto the battlefield, ready for combat. Rocky examined the opponent’s choice and sent out a pokemon of his own. “Go, Kabuto!” he shouted. Just then, an unfamiliar pokemon appeared out of Rocky’s poke ball. It had a big, brown shell and a black body underneath. It had four claws on its underside and glowing red eyes. Kenny’s pokedex began to rumble in his pocket, so he took it out and listened to what it had to say.

    “Kabuto, the shellfish pokemon. A pokemon that lived in prehistoric times, it is thought to have lived on the ocean floor.” Without wasting any time, the two trainers gave their commands.

    “Kabuto, Leer!”

    “Trapinch, use Sand Tomb!”

    Kabuto’s eyes suddenly started glowing intensely. Trapinch became intimidated at the Leer attack, but didn’t suffer any damage. Trapinch began stomping its feet on the ground as a big swirl of sand enveloped Kebuto’s body. The shellfish pokemon began spinning around wildly in the air, then fell on the ground.

    “Dang!” shouted Rocky. “Sand tomb is a ground-type move, so it’s super-effective!”

    “Not only that,” chimed in Kenny, “but it’s still taking damage from the attack!” Rocky looked at Kabuto as its body was being struck by the swirling sand. Soon enough, both trainers issued their commands.

    “Kabuto, use Scratch!”

    “Trapinch, use Bite!”

    Kabuto hovered over to Trapinch and lashed out with its claws. It was a weak attack, but Trapinch took more damage than usual due to Leer. When it was Trapinch’s turn, it hobbled over to the Kabuto and clamped down on it with its big jaws. A loud crack could be distinctly heard when Trapinch made its attack. When Trapinch let go, Kabuto’s shell was somewhat cracked on the top. It failed to keep hovering in the air and it fell to the ground, completely exhausted.

    “Whatever,” said Rocky confidently as he recalled Kabuto to its poke ball, “I’ve still got another pokemon in store for you!” As Rocky pulled another poke ball off his belt and threw it into the battlefield, he yelled, “Aron, I choose you!”

    With a flash of light, the figure of a small pokemon with a shield-shaped head appeared on the battlefield. Its body was shining under the light of the gym. Kenny felt a vibration in his pants, so he pulled out the pokedex and it started talking. “Aron, the iron armor pokemon. Its diet consists of metal objects. Sometimes, it eats man-made structures like bridges and railroad tracks.”

    Without hesitation, the trainers gave their orders again.

    “Aron, use Metal Claw!”

    “Trapinch, Sand Tomb!”

    Aron ran up to Trapinch and stood up on its short back legs. It started slashing with its arms, somehow infliting damage with its little stubs. Trapinch took the attack well and continued standing its ground. However, Aron gave a fierce look at Trapinch and started glowing red.

    “Hah!” shouted Rocky from across the arena. “Metal claw increased Aron’s attack! Now he’ll deal out a ton more damage with his attacks!”

    Before Rocky could celebrate any longer, Trapinch made its attack. A vortex of sand formed around Aron’s body and started tossing it around in the air. It finally fell to the ground with a large crash, forming a formidable crater in the ground. It wiggled its legs around a little bit, but it failed to move after that.

    “What the flesh?” exclaimed Rocky in rage. “How did you take it out in one hit? Aron has incredible defense!”

    “Well,” explained Kenny triumphantly, “Aron it a steel/rock type. Sand Tomb is a ground-type move, which is super effective on both rock and steel types, so it does a ton of damage against your Aron.”

    Rocky looked very impressed at Kenny. “I got to hand it to you,” he said, “you’re one of the best trainers I’ve met. Taking out both of my pokemon with just one of yours? That was pretty intense. Most of the trainers who come around here are young and not well-experienced like you are. It was a real honor to fight you. You totally deserve this.”

    Rocky then fished a small piece of metal out of his pocket and held it out in his hand. Kenny saw that it pictured three triangles on it that resembled a mountain range. “This is the Mountain Badge,” Rocky explained. “You’ll need it to challenge the Elite Four once you’re done with all the other gyms here in the Fushi region. Take it, you earned it.”

    Kenny triumphantly accepted the badge and put it in his backpack. “Thanks!” he said happily. “I’m one step closer to beating the Fushi league now!”

    Before Rocky could congratulate him any more, someone came rushing through the maze exit. It was Eli, and he was panting his head off. He leaned up against the rock wall and let out a deep breath. “I got here… as quickly… as I could…” he panted. “Did I miss anything? I’m ready to get that badge now!”

    “Are you now?” asked Rocky. I just lost to your friend over here. He cleaned my clock, all right. Did you catch another good pokemon like you said?”

    “Sure did!” squealed Eli cheerfully. He pulled a poke ball off his belt and threw it out, shouting, “Shellos, come on out!”

    The shape of a small, pink pokemon came out of the poke ball. It had some weird pink protrusions coming off the top of its head. Right on cue, Kenny felt a strong vibration in his pocket. He took out the pokedex and it started talking by itself. “Shellos, the sea slug pokemon. Its color and shape is dependent on the area in which it is caught. It lives in shallow pools of water.”

    “A water type!” said Rocky. “I guess I better be on guard for this battle.” Rocky pulled a poke ball off his belt and said, “Let’s do it, Omanyte!”

    With another flash of light, another pokemon appeared. This time, it was a pokemon with a big, spiraled shell with two eyes at the end and a couple of short tentacles. Eli’s pokedex began shaking, so he pulled it out and listened to what it had to say. “Omanyte, the spiral pokemon. It lived in the ocean millions of years ago. It can retract its body into its shell when it feels threatened.” The battle was started immediately as the trainers shouted out commands.

    “Omanyte, use Rollout!”

    “Shellos, Mud Bomb!”

    Omanyte pulled its tentacles into its shell and started rolling forward. It picked up speed and rammed straight in to Shellos. Shellos then reared up and fired a big ball of mud at Omanyte, who was thrown back by the attack. However, Omanyte continued rolling.

    “Omanyte, keep using Rollout!”

    “Shellos, quickly use Mud Bomb again!”

    Omanyte rolled forward and was just about to ram into Shellos again, this time much faster. However, Shellow had formed a ball of mud in its mouth and shot it straight at Omanyte again. The spiral pokemon flew off course and rammed right into one of the walls of the gym. It shell fell on the ground and stopped spinning. Omanyte didn’t survive the attack.

    “Darn it!” yelled Rocky as he put Omanyte back in its poke ball. “It’s okay, I’ve still got another pokemon. Sudowoodo, let’s go!”

    He then threw another poke ball and a tree-shaped pokemon came out. Its body appeared to be made of wood and it had green balls of foliage at the end of its branches. Eli’s pokedex rumbled yet again and started describing the pokemon before him. “Sudowoodo, the imitation pokemon. It pretends to be a tree by staying absolutely still. However, it hates water.”

    “Hey, that’s not fair!” complained Eli. “You’re a rock gym leader! You can’t use grass types!”

    Kenny, who was watching the battle, tried his hardest to stifle an outburst of laughter. “What?” asked Eli, who seemed affronted that Kenny was amused by him. “Oh well, since Sudowoodo hates water, I might as well use a water attack on him.” Both trainers then shouted out to their pokemon.

    “Sudowoodo, use Rock Throw!”

    “Shellos, Water Pulse!”

    Shellos shot out a couple rings of water from its mouth. The big rings flew through the air toward Sudowoodo, but Sudowoodo was agile enough to jump out of the way. The rings kept going and struck the wall of the gym. After that, Sudowoodo picked up a rock from the ground and threw it through the air. The rock his Shellos right on the head, which cause Shellos to cry out in pain. However, Shellos remained strong long enough for the battle to go on.

    “Shellos, try Water Pulse again!”

    “Sudowoodo, use Low Kick!”

    Shellos shot some rings of water out of its mouth again. Sudowoodo tried dancing around the water again, but to no avail; the rings followed it around and struck Sudowoodo directly. Before the Sudowoodo could attack, however, it started wobbling about uneasily.

    “Eli!” shouted Kenny. “I think your Water Pulse confused Sudowoodo!”

    Just like Kenny said, the Sudowoodo was moving around the battlefield erratically. It tried to follow the orders of its trainer and use Low Kick, but it failed to hit Shellos with the attack. Instead, its foot traveled through the air and struck Sudowoodo right in the face. Sudowoodo the reeled over and fell to the ground with a loud thud. It couldn’t get back up after this.

    “What the flesh?” exclaimed Rocky. “Did I just lose again? Man, you guys are good!”

    “There are just two things I can’t understand. First of all, why the heck did you use a grass-type pokemon in a rock-type gym? And second, how come Water Pulse did so much damage to Sudowoodo? It looks like a grass type!”

    Rocky gave out a loud, bellowing laugh that resonated all throughout the gym. “Ah, foolish boy,” he said with a chuckle, “Sudowoodo is a rock-type pokemon! It just looks like a tree. That’s why it hates water so much.”

    “Ohhhhh,” sighed Eli as if all the questions in the universe had been answered.

    “All right, kid,” Rocky said, “A deal’s a deal. Here’s your Mountain Badge.” Rocky then held out the badge with the triangle design. Eli’s face lit up like a Christmas tree as he accepted the badge and put it in his backpack.

    “You guys are great battlers,” praised Rocky. “I think you guys can become champions of the Fushi league with no problem at all.”

    “Aw, pshh,” said Eli and Kenny modestly in unison.

    “So, I guess we have to go through this entire maze again to get out of here?” sighed Eli.

    “Actually,” said Rocky, “There’s a way out of the gym without going through the maze.” He then pointed over toward a corridor that ran along the edge of the gym. Eli subsequently facepalmed, realizing that he could have exited the gym the easy way the first time he left had he known about the secret corridor. Thanking Rocky, the two of them left out the corridor and left the gym, ready for whatever challenge they may meet next.
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    Chapter IX: Return of Nova

    “I need ideas. NOW”

    Oberon was at the end of a long conference table. There were a couple others in the room, along with Oberon’s Alakazam standing beside him. The room was completely silent, despite the threatening voice of Oberon echoing throughout the room.

    Oberon then put a hand over his face and sighed loudly. “Come on, people, we’re not going to let this… this child get the better of us! He’s bound to find out our plan soon enough, and then his little good-natured self is going to stop us! We’ve got to get Kenny under our control before he gets too strong. He’s already taken out some of our best men.” At that remark, a bald man wearing the grunt uniform growled quietly under his breath and looked down at the table.

    “Come on, he’s just a kid. There’s got to be some way to take care of him. Suggestions?”

    “I say we separate him from that little friend of his,” growled the bald man from across the table. “That other kid is the only reason I couldn’t get Kenny right away, and then be done with him.”

    “Excellent idea,” said Oberon as he pointed at the bald man in approval. “Now, how in the world are we going to do that? More ideas! NOW!”

    “If I may interject, sir,” said the Alakazam, “perhaps we could set some sort of trap for them?”

    “Hmm…” thought Oberon, “That’s an option. However, it seems a little risky. There’s a good chance that Kenny will just avoid the trap altogether. Any more ideas?”

    The bald man shot out of his seat and banged his hands on the table. “I say we push a boulder on them and just get rid of the both of them altogether,” he said in exasperation.

    “For the last time,” sighed Oberon, “we’re not going to kill him. We’re not monsters, we’re just trying to make an honest buck. Anybody else?”

    “Oh boss,” said a voice from the other side of the table. It was a well-dressed man in a black jacket with a stunning red tie. He had a short beard and spoke with a British accent. “Perhaps we could lure him with a pokemon battle? You do know how he can’t resist a battle, of course.”

    “Yeah, that’s true,” said Oberon, “but where are we going to lure him to? What are we going to do with him?”

    “Sir,” interrupted Alakazam, “perhaps brute force would be the best option in this case? I’m sure we could find a way to organize enough of our grunts to overwhelm the child so that he’s forced to come with us.”

    Oberon thought about that idea, and then smiled. “Excellent idea!” he shouted happily. “Why didn’t I think of that? We’ve been going at him one at a time, but that’s not working. We need to hit him with all we’ve got!” Oberon then reached over for a PA system on the table, pressed a button, and started speaking into it. “Organize a squad of grunts to prepare for transport. The top threat will be eliminated in due time.”

    Kenny and Eli were just exiting the golden gates that welcomed them to Goldport city. They were out on the path that they came from, but now they were turning so that they were facing north. A big path stretched out ahead of them that appeared to lead to some sort of mountain. The mountain’s peak was visible way off in the horizon. As Kenny and Eli advanced forward, there were more wooded areas surrounding the path. There weren’t a ton of trainers on this path like there were on the previous one. “Hey, remember how you thought that Sudowoodo was a grass type?” laughed Kenny. “I’m gonna be telling that story to my children, and my children’s children.”

    Not that far outside the city, Kenny and Eli heard a faint mechanical rumbling sound. The sound gradually grew louder as the two of them could see foliage crashing to the ground in the forest. As the sound was getting much closer, Kenny and Eli leapt out of the way as a great big military-looking vehicle crashed out of the forest and careened onto the path right where they boys were standing. A door slid open on the side of the truck as a bunch of men in black trench coats jumped out onto the street. Two men also came out of the driver and passenger seats in the front. The last one to come out of the truck was a man in a black jacket, sporting a stunning red tie. He stroked he beard as he jumped down onto the street.

    “I say,” he complained in a British accent, “travel by truck certainly isn’t the most comfortable way to get places. I’m rather fonder of traveling first class on a luxury passenger jet.” He turned his head around and looked at the forested area which the truck emerged from. “What a pity. We had to travel through so much forest just to get to you.”

    “Are you going to tell me your name or what?” shouted Kenny. “I’m tired of you team Nova clowns. I beat you all the time and you just never give up. What’s going on here, have you finally resorted to taking me by force?”

    “Hah!” chuckled the British man. “Such attitude coming from a little boy. I like it. If you really must know, my name is Sir James the Third, but you can just call me James. My boss, Oberon, sent me here to capture you, as always. If you can defeat all of these men, then we will let you go free. However, if you lose, we’re taking you back to the Nova facility. Understood, pretty boy?”

    “All right then, your highness,” sneered Kenny sarcastically, “we accept your challenge!”

    “Wait a sec, Kenny!” shouted Eli. He whispered in Kenny’s ear, “Those are a lot of grunts. Are you sure we can take all of them? There must be, like… at least twenty!”

    “Relax, I have a plan,” whispered Kenny confidently. “You take out your Quilava and have it use Flame Wheel on the grunts. They’ll be knocked over like bowling pins. That will give us enough time to get back to Goldport city and wait for these goons to leave. Got it?”

    Eli thought about it for a second. “Yeah, I suppose that would work.”

    “Are you quite ready?” called out James, tapping his foot on the ground impatiently.

    “Sure thing!” shouted Kenny. “Eli, are you ready?”

    Just as Eli was reaching for Quilava’s poke ball, a loud rumbling started coming from the forest. They thought it was an earthquake, but they couldn’t feel the ground shaking at all. The rumbling grew louder. They could then see that a huge swarm of pokemon was running out of the forest. They ran out and started jumping all over the team Nova grunts and attacking them. The pokemon resembled tan balls of fur with arms and legs. On their faces were sets of angry eyes and pig-like nostrils. Kenny felt a rumbling in his pants, so he took out his pokedex. It started talking about the raging pokemon. “Mankey, the pig monkey pokemon. It has a very violent disposition and will often rampage for no reason. When someone makes eye contact with it, it takes it as a challenge.”

    Some of the Mankeys in the swarm came over to examine Kenny and Eli. After hearing the pokedex’s advice, they didn’t look at any of the pokemon straight in the eye. Soon enough, the Mankeys left and continued attacking the Nova grunts.

    Once they were finally done rampaging, the Nova grunts all had torn up clothes and faces. They were sitting in a big heap like dead fish. The door on the side of the truck then opened. Sir James the Third peeked out the door to see if any of the Mankeys were still around. Seeing that they had all disappeared into the forest, he emerged from the truck and dusted himself off with his hands. “I say, those creatures have worse manners than Oberon when he’s in a bad mood. Nevertheless, you must be stopped, Kenny, even if it means I have to take you out myself.” James pulled a poke ball out of his jacket pocket. “Are you ready to do battle?”

    “Heck yeah,” responded Kenny. “I can take you on.” However, just before Kenny could pull out a poke ball, he felt something rub against his leg. He looked down, and a Mankey was looking him right in the eye.”

    “My word,” said James, “keep that ill-mannered monkey away from me.”

    Kenny froze in terror. He knew that looking a Mankey in the eye was just asking for it to attack you. However, the Mankey didn’t seem to be hurting him. It grabbed onto Kenny’s leg with its paws and climbed up his body until he was sitting on Kenny’s shoulder. Apparently, this Mankey was much tamer than the others, or it just had an affinity for Kenny.

    “Aw, that’s just so cute,” cooed Eli.

    The Mankey then climbed down onto the ground and stood in front of Kenny, as if it expected something. It was bouncing up and down happily. “What?” Kenny asked, “What do you want?”

    “I think it wants you to catch it,” suggested Eli.

    Kenny looked down at the Mankey. It was nodding its head up and down at Eli’s suggestion. “All right, then,” Kenny agreed as he took an empty poke ball out of his backpack. “Come on, Mankey!” he said as he threw the orb at the pokemon. The ball stopped in midair, converted the Mankey into red energy, and sucked it inside. The pokeball fell onto the ground and started wobbling around. It wobbled once, twice, then three times and it finally stopped. A click sounded from the poke ball and it was no longer moving. Kenny bent down and picked up the poke ball, shouting with joy, “Yeah! I caught a Mankey!”

    “Great work!” congratulated Eli.

    “Excuse me,” shouted James, “but I can’t just wait here forever. Are you ready to engage in combat, young man?”

    “You bet,” said Kenny. He then threw the poke ball out into the battlefield. “Mankey, I choose you!” he yelled as Mankey appeared on the battlefield, ready to fight.

    “All right, then,” said James. “Show this fool what we’re made of, Shuckle!” James threw a poke ball out onto the field and with a flash of light, a little rock-like pokemon appeared. There were some yellow tentacles coming out of holes in the shell, as well as a yellow neck on top with a head. Kenny’s pokedex started shaking. He took it out and it recorded the pokemon’s data. “Shuckle, the mold pokemon. It is known for putting berries in its shell, which eventually turn into nutritious juices.”

    “Hey, Eli,” shouted Kenny to his friend. “If fancy pants here invites us to dinner, remind me not to drink the juice!”

    “Why, you… you’ll regret that, young man!” growled James angrily. “Shuckle, use Wrap!”

    Kenny checked his pokedex briefly to see what moves Mankey knew. “Mankey, use Karate Chop!”

    Mankey hopped across the battlefield, reared up one of its paws, and slammed it down hard onto the Shuckle’s shell. The shuckle took the attack quite well, however. James’ Shuckle then started reaching out with its surprisingly long tentacles and wrapped them around Kenny’s Mankey. Mankey struggled to break free, but to no avail.

    “Hm!” grunted James in approval, “your Mankey is trapped! What do you plan on doing now?”

    Kenny ignored James’ taunts and focused on the battle. “Mankey, use Karate Chop again!”

    “Shuckle, use Struggle Bug!”

    Mankey prepared his hand and fiercely launched a swift chop at Shuckle’s shell. Shuckle kept its head inside its shell to avoid getting hurt. However, it started squeezing much harder on Mankey’s body and flailing around to make Mankey uncomfortable. However, the attack did very little damage to Mankey, who kept hanging on.

    Looking at his pokedex again, Kenny cried out, “Mankey, try Seismic Toss!”

    “Shuckle, use Rest!”

    Mankey tried to jerk its way out of the Shuckle’s grip, but it was only able to free its arm. When both of its arms were free, it grasped Shuckle’s shell and heaved its whole body backwards. Mankey’s force was enough to throw Shuckle into the air and crash onto the ground. However, when the attack was done, Shuckle retracted its tentacles and let go of Mankey. Some snoring could be heard echoing inside the shell. Shuckle had fallen asleep.

    “Hah!” laughed James. “All those attacks for nothing! Now Shuckle is completely healed! What do you plan on doing now, smart one?”

    Kenny looked determined. He issued his commands again. “Mankey, use Karate Chop again!”

    Now that Mankey was free, it had much more room to prepare its attack. It ran forward and raised its paw in the air. Suddenly, if jumped up, flew through the air, and struck Shuckle’s shell hard with its outstretched paw. After a moment, Shuckle’s head emerged from the shell, but it slumped over, unable to move. The attack knocked it out.

    “Whaaaat?” gasped James. “My Shuckle has the best defenses of any pokemon I’ve ever seen! How did you take it out in one hit?”

    “Must have been a critical hit,” answered Kenny nonchalantly. “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

    “Why you little pest,” complained James as he recalled his Shuckle. “All right, then, I guess this calls for more power. Kirlia, I choose you!” he shouted as a poke ball flew through the air and another unknown pokemon emerged onto the battlefield. Its body was white, but it had green legs and a big green head. Two red horns came out of the top of its head. Right on cue, Kenny’s pokedex began rumbling and he took it out.

    “Kirlia, the emotion pokemon. It reacts to its trainer’s emotions. If the trainer is happy, then the pokemon will cheerfully dance around.”

    “Kenny!” shouted Eli from the sidelines. “Kirlia is a psychic-type pokemon. Mankey doesn’t stand a chance against it.”

    Kenny took Eli’s advice and recalled Mankey back to its poke ball. He then took a golden poke ball off his belt and threw it into the fray. “Magikarp, destroy!” he shouted as the golden Magikarp flopped out onto the battlefield.

    “My word,” gasped James, “is that a shiny pokemon? Those are incredibly rare and valuable! However, that doesn’t change the fact that Magikarp is a terrible choice for a pokemon.”

    “We’ll see about that!” shouted Kenny as he issued his commands. “Magikarp, use Tackle!”

    “Kirlia, use Double Team!”

    Magikarp flopped across the ground and rammed into Kirlia with an impressive Tackle, throwing off the pokemon’s balance. However, it got back to its feet and started concentrating. Suddenly, two images of the Kirlia appeared beside it, and it was very hard to tell which was to right one. To make matters worse, the Kirlias were switching places so they got all mixed up.

    “Magikarp, use Tackle!”

    “Kirlia, Confusion!”

    Magikarp charged forward at one of the Kirlias, but it flew right through and the illusory copy faded. Kirlia then put its hands to its head and a pink aura surrounded it. Magikarp started flopping around faster as if it were in pain. The pink aura then disappeared and Magikarp continued bounding around like normal.

    “Magikarp, try Tackle again!”

    “Kirlia, use Confusion!”

    Magikarp then lunged forward at one of the two remaining Kirlias, this time hitting it head-on. The other copy faded. Kirlia fell to the ground and didn’t get back up.

    “Curses!” shouted James. “That was my last pokemon! I can see why none of the other grunts from Team Nova can beat you.”

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever!” yelled Kenny as he recalled Magikarp. “Just get out of here and tell your boss how you lost to me.”

    “Well, maybe I will!” shouted James. He then looked over and kicked one of the Nova grunts who were lying in a heap on the ground. “Hey, you,” he said. “Would you be so kind as to start driving us out of here?” The grunt used all his remaining energy to get up and climb into the driver seat of the truck. The rest of them climbed into the side door, with James following behind. They closed the door of the truck and it turned around, driving out the way they came.

    “Well,” said Eli with a sigh, “that was pretty strange.”

    “How many freaks are working for team Nova anyway?” asked Kenny. As they started walking down the road again, Kenny mentioned, “Man, I still can’t get over that you didn’t know Sudowoodo was a rock type. Didn’t you learn anything when you were a kid?”

    “Whatever,” scoffed Eli as they headed for the mountain that was just visible on the horizon.
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    Chapter X: The Moon Mountains

    There was a small, nondescript cabin sitting at the foot of the mountain. People were walking all about the area and a man wearing a park ranger uniform was shouting and handing out flyers. “Take a tour of the famous Moon Mountains! Experience the wonder and mystery!” he yelled to the people bustling about. Kenny and Eli had walked up here and decided to go listen to what this apparent maniac had to say.

    “Excuse me,” Kenny interrupted as the man was giving his speech.

    “Hey, there, little boy!” the man yelled at the same earsplitting volume that he used to advertise his business.

    Kenny covered his hears and complained, “I’m right here, sir. There’s no need to shout.”

    “Right, sorry,” the man apologized in an indoor voice. “Are you interested in going on a tour of the world famous Moon Mountains?”

    “If these Moon Mountains are so world famous,” interjected Eli, “then how come I haven’t heard of them?”

    The man looked at them blankly, standing in silence for a couple seconds. “That’s beside the point!” he finally said in his normal enthusiastic tone. “The Moon Mountains are a natural formation filled with wonder and mystery! I should know; I give tours here every day.” The man bent his head down and started speaking softly. “They say that millions of years ago, one of our planet’s moons went out of orbit and crashed into this land right here. Local geologists think that’s how the Moon Mountains were created.” He stood up straight again. “Isn’t that just great?”

    “That’s fantastic,” replied Kenny quickly. “Listen, do you know where there are any pokémon gyms around here?”

    The man sighed. “Young people these days, always training their pokémon and such…” he grumbled. “The road near here is shaped like a great big circle going around the Moon Mountains. The mountain terrain was too harsh to develop over, you see. There’s a path that heads up to a town on the other side of the big circle. You can take the long route like the rest of these city slickers and walk around the mountains,” he paused briefly and started smiling, “or you can go the short way and hike over the Moon Mountains like a real adventurer!”

    Kenny thought about this briefly. “I think we can get over the Moon Mountains. It’ll be much more interesting than going the easy way.”

    “Splendid!” the guard shouted. “Not many people are brave enough to go over the mountain. If you like, you can come on a tour that’s scheduled for later today, and I’ll take you guys over the mountain. That’s my job, after all: giving tours of the mountain.”

    With slight hesitation, Kenny said, “Thanks, but no thanks. I think we can get over the mountain just fine by ourselves.”

    The man gave a brief sigh. “If you’re sure,” he said calmly. “There are a few things you should know, though. Moon Mountain is completely barren, so there are no plants or trees or anything. Also, the caves are filled to the brim with wild pokémon, so they can sometimes be dangerous. Just be careful of that.”

    “All right,” confirmed Kenny as he and Eli started walking up the path to the mountain.

    “That man was pretty annoying,” observed Eli. “I didn’t know you could be so polite. I could have sworn you were going to yell at him or something, especially after seeing the way you treat those Team Nova jerks.”

    “Eh,” shrugged Kenny. “I’m polite when I need to be.”

    The hike up the mountain was long and grudging. The tour guide was right when he said the mountain was barren; the landscape was completely devoid of plant life, not even a small patch of grass. That must have been why it was called Moon Mountain. It resembled the surface of the moon.

    “Hey, Kenny, check it out!”

    Eli was motioning for Kenny to look at something. Kenny then saw, just like the tour guide was talking about, a cave entrance in the side of one of the mountains. There was nothing but darkness inside, so no details of the interior could be seen. Just then, some footsteps started echoing from inside.

    “Get down!” Eli exclaimed as he pulled Kenny down behind a large rock on the ground. He peeked his head up to see what was going on.

    “Dude,” complained Kenny, “we’re not hiding from anyone! What gives?”

    “I don’t know!” replied Eli, “I’m just overly cautious! Besides, if it’s someone bad, we have the element of surprise on our side.”

    Out of curiosity, Kenny also peeked over the rock and looked at the cave entrance. A girl started walking out of the cave, and then stopped right outside to shield her eyes from the sunlight. After pushing her long, curly blond hair out of her face, she looked down and started examining the camera that was tied around her neck.

    “See? There’s nothing to be afraid of!” reassured Kenny. “Come on, let’s go talk to her.”

    “All right,” agreed Eli cautiously. Both of them rose from the ground and walked over to where the girl was standing. She briefly looked up from her camera, then looked back down at it.

    “Can I help you?” she asked.

    “Actually, yes you can,” stated Kenny in a slightly deeper voice than normal. Eli looked over at him and wondered what the heck he was doing. “Me and my partner here, mister Sonny Peach Cake, are lost and need directions. We’re looking for a dark and mysterious cave. We’re amateur spelunkers, you see. We just love… spelunking. Anyway, have you seen any caves around here that are fit for exploring?”

    The girl smiled at him. “Is your partner’s name really Sonny Peach Cake? What a cute name.” Eli blushed slightly at this comment. “I’m sorry, though, I haven’t seen any caves around here. Sorry.”

    “But ma’am,” Kenny continued, “you just came out of a cave. Did you not just see that cave right there?”

    She kept smiling. “If you saw me come out of that cave, then why did you need to ask me?”

    Kenny drew a blank. “Oh, well, I lied about being a spelunker. But I didn’t lie about my partner. He’s very proud of his name.” Eli practically growled at him. “We’re actually pokémon trainers. We couldn’t help but notice that you were coming out of that cave, which we hear is filled with wild pokemon…”

    “Oh you’re pokémon trainers?” she asked. “I’m a trainer too! I have pokémon with me, so I’m perfectly fine. I was just doing some investigating in there.”

    “Investigating,” replied Kenny, pretending to sound interested. “What kind of investigating?”

    “Well,” she started, “I saw some suspicious individuals walking into that cave. I decided to go follow them and see what they were doing. I followed them all the way to the end of the cave path, and guess what I found? They were mining inside the cave!”

    “Wow, that’s interesting,” replied Kenny. “Mining what?”

    “Well, Moon Mountain is known for containing very special rocks that help evolve pokémon, called Moon Stones. They’re valuable to trainers who want to evolve their pokemon. But mining operations have stopped here ever since they passed a law that protected the natural rock formations inside the mountains. I guess these guys must have located an abandoned mining site and now they’re illegally mining inside there.”

    “Interesting,” said Kenny. He thought about it for a second, then asked, “Did you happen to see what clothes they were wearing?”

    The girl then thought for a second and responded, “Yeah, actually, I did. I even took some pictures. Have a look.” The girl held up her digital camera and Kenny examined the picture displayed on it. There were a few men holding pick axes, standing around the wall of a cave. The men were all dressed the same way: all in black, complete with black trench coats.

    “I knew it,” shouted Kenny as he snapped his fingers.

    “Do you know who they are?”

    “Yes, actually, I do!” exclaimed Kenny. “We’ve got to go follow them. Come on, let’s go spelunking.”

    All three of them then started walking into the cave. Unfortunately, they didn’t go very far since there was absolutely no light inside the cave.

    “Dang it,” said Eli, “I can’t see anything!”

    “Don’t worry, Peach Cake,” said the girl sweetly, “I came prepared. Go, Igglybuff!”

    There was a brief flash of light that illuminated the cave for a second, but also blinded everyone inside. They couldn’t see anything, but they could hear the cooing of a small pokémon on the floor of the cave. Kenny felt a rumbling in his pocket, so he took out his Pokédex which he couldn’t see, but started talking anyway. “Igglybuff, the balloon pokemon. Its soft and flexible body causes it to bounce ceaselessly. It can sing a song that puts people and pokemon alike to sleep.”

    The girl then said, “Igglybuff, use Flash!” Igglybuff said something in Pokemon language and suddenly, the room was filled with light. After Kenny’s eyes had adjusted, he could see beams of light shooting out of the eyes of the round, pink pokemon he assumed was Igglybuff.

    “That’s perfect,” remarked Kenny. “Now we can see where we’re going.”

    “Well we better start walking,” said the girl. The three of them started walking down the path of the cave.

    “Say,” Kenny said, breaking a brief silence, “I don’t think we ever got your name. Who are you?”

    “My name’s Clarissa,” she smiled, “but you can just call me Clair if you like.”

    “Clair…” Kenny repeated. “Cool. My name’s Kenny, by the way. Peach Cake and I are out on a journey, challenging gyms and collecting badges.”

    “Actually,” Eli interrupted from behind, “I… uh… have something to say. My name’s not actually… Peach Cake. It’s Eli. Elias Acacia. Don’t call me Peach Cake.”

    “Oh,” sighed Clair, “but I like Peach Cake so much better. Can’t I call you that?”

    “Actually,” Eli started, but then gave up. “All right, you can call me whatever you want.”

    “Great,” Clair smiled. “Did you say you were challenging gyms? That’s so neat! So am I!”

    “Really?” Kenny asked rhetorically. “How many badges do you have?”

    “Well, I only have one, to tell you the truth. In fact, I had to borrow a pokemon from my parents just to beat the gym leader. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

    “Well, we have one badge also!” Kenny said cheerfully. “I assume you were going to the next gym when you saw these guys in the cave?”

    “That’s right,” replied Clair. “Oh, be quiet, I think we’re here.”

    Everyone grew silent and stopped. They could hear some faint speech and clanging of metal. Igglybuff walked forward with its shining eyes and looked around the corner of a cave corridor. The others followed suit and peeked around the corner. They saw a great big empty space in front of them, as well as some cloth tents and big sets of lighting equipment. There were several men, five in total, who were chipping away at the wall with pick axes and collecting the debris that fell to the floor. One of them started speaking. “You heard what the boss said. The more Moon Stones we collect, the richer we get. Don’t forget that we’re dividing the loot five ways! So keep digging!”

    “That’s it,” said Kenny. “I’m going after them.”

    “Wait!” whispered Clair. “What if they’re dangerous?”

    Kenny scoffed loudly. “Don’t worry, Clair,” he reassured her, “they’re about as dangerous as circus clowns.” Kenny marched forward and the other two, including Igglybuff, shrugged and followed him.

    “Hey, Team Nova!” Kenny shouted as he walked toward them and they turned their heads around to meet his eyes, “That’s your name, isn’t it? I’m gonna have to ask you to leave all those Moon Stones here and get your butts out of the cave, understand? If you don’t, then I’ll make you, and you don’t want me to do that!”

    “Hey,” said one of the Nova grunts nervously, “the boss warned us of that boy! Said he was dangerous!”

    “Don’t worry,” said another grunt more confidently, “the boss gave us a pokemon to protect ourselves with. He told us to use a Moon Stone to evolve it, remember? Evolved pokemon are really powerful!”

    “You think you can beat me with your special pokemon?” scoffed Kenny. “I can beat any old Team Nova fool, including you guys. Come on, bring it on! I dare you.”

    Chuckling evilly, one of the grunts took a Great Ball off his belt and threw it in the air. He shouted, “Nidoking, take care of this kid!”

    The poke ball opened and a large pokemon emerged from the ball. It was purple all over, except its belly, which was gray. There was a long horn protruding from the top of its head. Kenny’s pokedex vibrated in his pocket. He took it out and it showed a picture of the pokemon. “Nidoking, the drill pokemon. Its tail is strong enough to fell a tree. Its horn is filled with poison which hurts pokemon that come into contact with it.”

    Kenny was about to take out a poke ball from his belt when a shout came from behind. “Kenny!” Clair said, “Let me battle this guy! My Igglybuff needs the training.”

    “Are you sure about that?” asked Kenny, looking incredulously at the cute little pink ball. “Do you think your Igglybuff can take on that thing?”

    Clair pointed a finger in Kenny’s face. “Don’t underestimate my pokemon,” she growled. She then walked forward and said, “I can beat that Nidoking easy. Igglybuff, I choose you!” Igglybuff then bounced forward and assumed it battle stance.

    “Bwa ha ha!” the grunt bellowed. “Do you seriously think you can beat me with that thing? I’m not going easy on you, kid. Nidoking, use Thrash!”

    “Igglybuff, dodge it and use Sweet Kiss!”

    Nidoking started flailing its arms wildly, slamming into everything in sight, even the floor of the cave. It started heading for Igglybuff. However, the balloon pokemon started bouncing around the Nidoking, narrowly avoiding its heavy arms. It then jumped up next to the Nidoking’s face and gave it a kiss right on the cheek. Nidoking then smiled stupidly and started flailing a little more slowly.

    “Nidoking, keep using Thrash!” barked out the grunt.

    “Igglybuff, use Psychic!”

    Nidoking was still smiling. It was spinning its arms in circles and turning around, making itself dizzy. It then hit itself in the head with its heavy arm and fell to the ground. When it got back up, it had snapped out of confusion. However, Igglybuff started concentrating and a pink glow emanated around it. Nidoking started clutching its head and screaming in pain. When Igglybuff broke its concentration, Nidoking stopped holding its head, but it subsequently fell onto the ground with a loud thud that echoed throughout the cave.

    Kenny and Eli’s jaws were practically falling to the floor as they witnessed the tiny pink ball of a pokemon execute such a strong attack. The Nova grunt angrily withdrew Nidoking to its Great Ball and said, “So, whatever. You beat me. It’s not like you can make us get out of here or anything. We have rights.”

    As if on cue, some sort of rock hovered through the air toward the Team Nova grunts. Everyone was silent as they watched a big, crescent-shaped rock slowly float over to where the Nova grunts were standing. Suddenly, a beak-like opening on the inside of the crescent opened. A white beam shot out of the beak and directly hit one of the grunts. He was completely encased in a block of ice in an instant.

    “Oh, jeez!” exclaimed one of the grunts as he hoisted the block of ice over his shoulder, “Let’s get out of here!” All of the other grunts started bolting out of the cave and were not seen again. The floating rock started shooting beams at the bag full of Moon Stones and the mining tools, freezing them solid.

    To Kenny and Eli’s surprise, they could hear a vibration, but neither of them could feel it coming from their pockets. They looked over at Clair, who took a Pokédex out of her pocket. It was pink instead of the red ones that Kenny and Eli had. “You have a Pokédex too?” asked Eli.

    “Of course, Peach Cake!” she responded. “I need it so I know what Pokémon I see.” An image of the floating rock appeared on Clair’s pokedex.

    “Lunatone, the meteorite pokémon. It becomes active on nights of the full moon. It is thought to have come from space.”

    “Wow, that’s neat!” said Clair. “That Lunatone is so powerful! I must have it as my own. Igglybuff, use Sing!”

    Igglybuff bounced over toward the Lunatone and started singing a song. Upon hearing the song, Clair covered her ears. Kenny took this as a cue to do the same. However, Eli didn’t take the hint and he started yawning loudly. He slumped over and finally fell to the floor of the cave, sound asleep. By the time Igglybuff was done its song, Lunatone had done the same, slowly closing its wide red eyes. Lunatone was sleeping peacefully as it bobbed up and down in the air.

    “I think that should do it,” decided Clair as she took a poké ball off her belt. She heaved the poké ball into the air toward Lunatone, shouting, “Poké ball, go!” The poké ball shot through the air, opened up, and pulled Lunatone inside. The ball then fell to the ground and started wobbling. It wobbled once, then twice…

    …and then burst open. The poké ball split in half, allowing the Lunatone to escape while the two halves of the ball disintegrated into thin air. Surprisingly, the Lunatone had somehow slept through the whole thing, and it was still sound asleep.

    Kenny expected Eli to shout out to Clair with some sort of advice, but he glanced down and saw that Eli had collapsed on the floor and was snoring loudly. Instead, Kenny shouted, “Clair! You have to weaken a pokemon before you can catch it, especially really strong ones!”

    “Right,” acknowledged Clair as the prepared to give another command. “Igglybuff, use Psychic!” The balloon pokemon then started concentrating hard as it was surrounded in a pink aura. Lunatone didn’t appear to take any damage from the attack. It wasn’t disturbed enough from the attack to wake up.

    “Better try a great ball this time,” advised Clair to herself as she tossed a blue poke ball with some red markings on the top half. It flew right into Lunatone and sucked the meteorite pokemon inside. The great ball then fell to the ground and started wobbling. It shook once, then twice, then finally three times. It clicked and stopped moving altogether.

    “Yes!” shouted Clair enthusiastically while she picked the great ball on the floor. “I caught a Lunatone!”

    “That’s awesome!” congratulated Kenny from behind. “So, are we getting out of this cave now?”

    “Sure,” said Clair, “but not until we do something about this.” She looked down at Eli, who was curled up on the floor sleeping like a baby.

    “Huh,” replied Kenny. “I suppose we could wait for him to get up, or wake him up ourselves?”

    “Nah,” said Clair. “Peach Cake needs his sleep. We can take care of him.” She then bent down to the floor and picked up Eli by the legs, casting his whole body over her shoulders. Kenny was completely taken by surprise at the fact that a girl like Clair could pick up a large teenage boy and carry him with little effort. “Come on, Kenny!” she said. “We can’t hang around here all day. We’ve got to get our next badge!” She started walking down the path of the cave, guided by the light of her Igglybuff’s glowing eyes. Kenny followed close behind.
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    Made a bookmark :) Looks very nice, and indeed - great writing quality!
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    Thank you so much for the feedback. I've been waiting ten chapters for someone to say something nice. I try to be descriptive with my writing, to paint a picture in the readers' heads.
  13. Treecko's Awesomeness

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    Wow. This writing is very good. I like the way you write pokemon battles, and team nova was a good Idea. I imagine it must be hard to create a whole new region for your fic. Oh and that homeless joke was funny. My only complaint is that sometimes things seem to move too fast. It becomes hard to keep track of the story. Well, keep up the good work!
    EDIT: Rank up!
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    Well, I'm actually taking the ideas from my fake region in my forum. The link's in my sig. Since I created the map for the region, I'm really allowed to do whatever I want with it. I'm using the map as a guideline so I know where the characters are going. Here's a link: http://i768.photobucket.com/albums/xx324/Gelatino95/Map_resize-1.png?t=1312833583 Each black dot signifies a gym in that town. The bottom-right town is Pikes town, which is supposed to be the starting town in the fan game. We're probably not going to use the same names and stuff that I use in the fic, since I just came up with those on the spot and they're not very good.

    Anyways, here's the next chapter.

    Chapter XI: The Oberon Face-off

    “I’m sorry, boss. That kid came into the cave and his friend beat our Nidoking and made it look easy. Then some pokemon came by and cleaned our clocks. We had no choice but to scram.”

    The conference room was mostly empty except for the team Nova grunts who were in the Moon Mountain cave, James, the bald man, and Oberon, who was sitting at the end of the table. In one corner of the room, some Nova grunts were holding some running hair dryers up to a block of ice that contained the frozen body of another terrified grunt.

    “Very well,” snarled Oberon, trying his hardest to contain his rage. “Anything else you’d like to say for yourself?”

    “Well,” continued the grunt, “you said that the kid would be traveling with just one companion, but when he found us, he had two others with him. One of them was a blond-haired girl name Clair, and the other was a boy about his age. I think they said his name was Peach Cake.”

    “So,” smiled Oberon, “Kenny’s got a girlfriend now? I’m sure we can exploit that some time in the future.” Oberon’s smile promptly disappeared. “Until then, you guys are DISMISSED.” The grunts all disappeared out the door, carrying the block of ice and hair dryers with them.

    Oberon sat down calmly in front of the two other men. “Now, since you two buffoons couldn’t stand up to that little kid, it looks like I’ll have to take care of him myself. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    “Do be careful,” said James. “He’s stronger than he seems.”

    “Don’t show the kid any mercy,” growled the bald man. “Or his little friends.”

    “Now, I know you’re all angry about losing to Kenny,” reassured Oberon, “but I think I know how to take care of myself.” The bald man was about to say something, but he let out a breath and decided not to. Oberon then reached over for the PA system in front of him and said, “Get a chopper ready. I’m ready to move out.”

    The only thing Eli could see were Clair’s legs as she hiked along the rocky terrain. “Hey, put me down!” he protested as he finally became wide awake.

    “Well, it looks like Peach Cake is finally awake!” said Clair sweetly as she hoisted Eli’s body over hear shoulders and plunked him down on the ground. “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

    “I demand to know what’s going on here,” stated Eli. “All I remember is being in that cave and defeating that Nidoking…”

    “Man, how long were you sleeping?” said Kenny. “You fell asleep when Igglybuff started singing, and you’ve been sleeping ever since. We had to lie down and go to bed when the sun finally went down, and you were still sleeping! We’ve been walking ever since dawn. Anyway, I think we’re almost down the mountain.”

    The three of them could all clearly see the road ahead at the foot of the mountain. It was nearly identical to the other side of the mountain from which they came, complete with the same pavement on the street. However, fewer people were walking around on this side of the mountain and there was no annoying tour guide hassling people here. They continued down the mountain and finally set foot on the road.

    “Yay, we’ve made it over Moon Mountain!” said Clair. “Where’s the next town?”

    “Hmm, I guess we should have brought a map with us when we were in Goldport,” said Eli. “Oh well, I guess we can pick one up in the next town. Hey, I think the path’s over there.” Eli pointed out a branch in the path that led off into the distance. Some modest buildings were visible off on the horizon.

    However, just as they were about to continue forward, some loud noise could clearly be heard from behind them. They turned around, and suddenly the noise grew louder. They could see a large helicopter coming from over Moon Mountain. The helicopter hovered over in front of the trio and stood in place. It gradually lowered itself and finally touched the pavement below and the spinning of the gigantic propeller slowly wound down. As the helicopter stopped moving, three men emerged from inside. Two of them were standard Nova grunts wearing the regular black uniforms, and the other one was a man in a pinstripe black suit and a striking white collar with red markings on it.

    “So, we meet again, Kenny!” shouted Oberon to Kenny.

    “It’s a real pleasure to see you, Oberon,” replied Kenny sarcastically. “Not!”

    Oberon smirked. “Listen, I’ve seen how you’ve been able to beat some of my top men in battle, and none of them have been able to take you because you’re simply too strong. That moon stone operation I had going on wasn’t even top priority, but you just had to shut that down, didn’t you? Listen, I haven’t met anyone stronger than you in ages. You could become the best addition to Team Nova ever, and then we would be unstoppable. Won’t you please consider joining Team Nova? We need incredible talent like yours!”

    “Flattery will get you nowhere,” Kenny responded as soon as Oberon’s speech was done. “I’m not joining you, so just get out of my way already!”

    Oberon lowered his head. “If you will not voluntarily come with me,” he said in a futile effort to sound intimidating, “then I will have to take you by force. I shall beat you in a pokemon battle, and they you’ll be forced to come. Understood?”

    “Yeah, whatever!” yelled Kenny. “If I can beat any of your other goons, I can beat you too! Bring it, old man!”

    Before Oberon could respond with another comeback, someone started running up to the scene of the verbal fight. It was a shirtless man who was panting heavily and stopped right in the middle. Kenny immediately recognized this man. “Hey, Rocky! What are you doing here?”

    The leader of the Goldport gym stood there for a second to catch his breath, and then said, “Hey, Kenny! Didn’t expect to see you here. I’m just out for my daily jog around Moon Mountain. It’s how I stay in shape.” Clair was staring at Rocky’s chiseled body as he spoke, so he shot her a quick smile and she looked away, her cheeks turning red.

    “Well,” replied Kenny, “Have you met my friend Oberon yet?”

    Rocky looked over at Oberon, standing on the opposite side. “Actually, yes, I have. He beat me in a battle before. But that was a long time ago.”

    “Indeed,” added Oberon. “Anybody who doesn’t join Team Nova gets no mercy, especially in battle.”

    “Oberon here was just about to challenge me to a battle,” Kenny said. “You want to watch?”

    “Do I?” responded Rocky rhetorically. “Not only do I want to watch, I want to join! Come on, let’s do a double battle! Me and Kenny against Oberon!”

    “Fine,” agreed Oberon, “but I still won’t show any mercy. Be prepared for the fight of your life.” Oberon then pulled out two poke balls out of his jacket pocket. Kenny noticed that one of the poke balls had opposite colors, with white on top and red on bottom, and a jagged red mark on the front. It must have been custom-made, since he didn’t recognize any other poke ball like it. Oberon then threw the poke balls in the air and shouted, “Zangoose, Duskull, I choose you!”

    Two pokemon appeared on the battlefield. On one side there was a mostly gray pokemon with bone designs on its back and a big skull-shaped face, with a red orb showing through the eye holes on the skull. The other pokemon was white with lots of red marks on its body. Most notably, there was a jagged red mark on its abdomen which matched its poke ball design. Kenny also saw the red markings on its face and realized that they matched the red designs on Oberon’s white necktie. Without warning, both Kenny and Eli’s pokedexes started shaking like crazy. They took out the pokedexes and they each displayed a picture of the opposing pokemon.

    “Duskull, the requiem pokemon. It only comes out at night, and restlessly pursues prey. It is also said to enjoy the crying of children.”

    “Zangoose, the cat ferret pokemon. It has sharp claws that can tear up foes in battle. It has a bitter rivalry with Seviper.”

    Rocky then took out a poke ball of his own. He shouted, “Go, Rhyhorn!” With a flash of light, a large quadrupedal pokemon appeared. Its body appeared to be made of rocks and it had a short but sharp horn on its nose. This time, Clair’s pokedex started rumbling. She took it out and listened to what it had to say.

    “Rhyhorn, the spikes pokemon. It runs in a straight line and completely demolishes everything in its path. Once it starts running, it can’t stop.”

    Kenny thought for a second and took an ordinary poke ball off his belt. “Go, Mankey!” he shouted as his Mankey materialized on the ground. However, instead of going into battle, it ran over to Kenny and climbed up onto his shoulder.

    “Aw, how cute!” Clair squealed at the sight of Kenny’s affectionate pokemon.

    “Mankey, there’s no time for that!” Kenny chastised. “Right now, you have to focus on battling!” Mankey understood his instructions and jumped off of Kenny, getting into a fierce battle stance. Shortly after, the trainers issued their orders.

    “Zangoose, use Brick Break on Rhyhorn! Duskull, use Will-o-wisp on Mankey!”

    “Rhyhorn, use Scary Face!”

    “Mankey, Karate Chop on Zangoose!”

    Zangoose ran forward and prepared a swift chop with his clawed hand. However, Rhyhorn started shooting a menacing look at it. Zangoose shivered with fear at the ice-cold stare and started slowing down dramatically. Rhyhorn was easily able to step out of the way of Zangoose, who kept running forward, albeit at an unbelievably slow pace. Mankey then hopped over toward the terrified Zangoose, jumped up in the air, and landed a crushing chop right on Zangoose’s skull. Zangoose collapsed on the ground, but was quickly able to get up and jump away from the Rhyhorn, which it was still watching warily. Meanwhile, Duskull had launched a ball of purple flame from its empty skull which traveled slowly over to Mankey. In all the confusion, Mankey had not even noticed the ball of flame. It struck Kenny’s pokemon directly and Mankey’s body started emanating a pulsating red glow.

    “Kenny!” shouted Eli. “Mankey’s been burned! It’s slowly losing its health!”

    “Thanks a lot, captain obvious!” replied Kenny, who was focusing on the battle. He gave his orders for the next turn.

    “Mankey, use Karate Chop again!”

    “Rhyhorn, use Rock Blast on Duskull!”

    “Zangoose, use Crush Claw! Duskull, use Shadow Sneak!”

    Before anybody could make a move, Dukull’s shadow suddenly extended across the battlefield. It crept up behind Rhyhorn, and in one swift movement, Duskull disappeared, reappeared at the end of its shadow, and struck Rhyhorn with the extensions of cloth that made up its arms. Suddenly, before Rhyhorn could turn its head around and see what was attacking it, Duskull reappeared on its side of the battlefield. Just then, Mankey jumped across the field over toward Zangoose. It prepared a swift chop with its paw and hit Zangoose hard right on the head again, but Zangoose gave no reaction. Instead, it smiled with its sharp teeth and lashed out at Mankey with its sharp claws, sending Mankey flying back to Kenny. Finally, Rhyhorn started shooting large rocks out of its mouth. The rocks flew over to Duskull and hit it a bunch of times in a row.

    “What the heck?” complained Kenny, who was examining his injured Mankey. “Why did Mankey’s attack do so little damage?”

    Before Eli could chime in to say “I don’t know,” Clair shouted out, “Mankey is burned, remember? That means its attack power is cut in half!”

    Despite Mankey’s burn and its claw marks penetrating its hair, the determined pokemon got back up and continued to battle. The trainers started barking out orders to their pokemon again.

    “Duskull, use Will-o-wisp on Rhyhorn! Zangoose, use Crush Claw again!”

    “Mankey, try Seismic Toss!”

    “Rhyhorn, use Rock Blast again!”

    Mankey was the first to move. It ran over to Zangoose at top speed, grabbed it tightly, and flung it into the air. Mankey kept hanging on as the Zangoose flew through the air and hit the pavement head-first, right as Mankey jumped off just in time to land safely. Zangoose tried raising one of its arms, but then dropped it and stopped moving. Duskull then released another ball of purple flames from its mouth, but Rhyhorn made the ball explode in mid-air as it shot some rocks over toward Duskull. It appeared to take very little damage from the attack, however. When all the rocks had hit it, a necklace with a purple orb attached to the end fell out of Duskull’s cloak and was visible to everybody.

    “Hey, Kenny!” interrupted Clair upon seeing the purple orb, “that’s an Eviolite! It’s raising Duskull’s defenses! That’s why it’s so hard to take down.”

    Hearing Clair’s observation, Kenny looked down at his pokedex and started pressing buttons. After a few moments, a frown came upon his face. “Hey, guys,” he said in a disappointed voice, “Duskull is a ghost-type, right? My Mankey doesn’t have any moves that can hit it! All it knows are fighting and normal-type moves!”

    “Oh yeah!” exclaimed Rocky, snapping his fingers. He then dug around in his pocket and pulled out a brown disk. “Here, catch!” he said quickly as he flung the disk at Kenny like a Frisbee. Kenny caught it and examined it carefully. “That’s a Technical Machine, or TM for short,” Rocky explained. “It can teach moves to a pokemon. That one contains the move Smack Down. I meant to give it to you at the gym, but I forgot. Here’s one for you too, Eli.” Rocky threw another identical disk at Eli, but he wasn’t paying attention and it hit him right in the head, sending him tumbling to the ground. “Kenny, I bet your Mankey can learn it. Try using it.”

    Kenny took Rocky’s advice and placed the TM on Mankey’s forehead. The disk started glowing brightly and white energy started flowing into Mankey’s head. Suddenly, it stopped and Kenny took the disk off of Mankey. Kenny expected the disk to crack in half, but it stayed intact.

    “Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re from Hoenn!” laughed Rocky. “The TMs here in Fushi don’t break when you use them. You can use them as many times as you want.”

    “Awesome!” shouted Kenny. He stuffed the disk into his backpack and said, “Hey, Rocky, can you take this turn on your own? I’m going to give Mankey a burn heal.”

    “Sure thing,” replied Rocky as Kenny started taking a green bottle out of his backpack. Meanwhile, the two trainers were giving their orders for the next turn.

    “Rhyhorn, use Rock Blast again!”

    “Duskull, try Will-o-wisp!”

    Duskull launched another purple fiery ball at Rhyhorn. However, Rhyhorn started shooting rocks at the Duskull again. The Will-o-wisp started swerving around, dodging all the rocks that Rhyhorn shot at Duskull. The ball then exploded on Rhyhorn, causing it to glow red.

    “Darn it!” exclaimed Rocky. “My Rhyhorn’s burned! Are you ready yet, Kenny?”

    “Sure am!” Kenny said as Mankey cheerfully started jumping around. Mankey then ran forward and got into battle. Kenny then said, “Mankey, try your Smack Down!”

    “Duskull, use Shadow Ball!”

    As Duskull was forming a black cloudy ball in its hands, Mankey picked up a nearby rock from the ground. It closed one eye and aimed carefully, then heaved the rock through the air. It flew straight for Duskull, who was about to launch off its Shadow Ball. However, Duskull failed to execute its attack when the rock struck Duskull right on the head and sent it flying down to the ground. Duskull was no longer levitating in the air. It sat on the ground instead.

    “All right, time for the finishing blow!” Rocky said. “Kenny, you might want to put Mankey back in its poke ball.”

    Kenny trusted Rocky’s reasoning, so he took out Mankey’s poke ball and recalled it, saying, “Mankey, return.” Just then, before Duskull could get back up, Rocky shouted, “Rhyhorn, use Earthquake!”

    Rhyhorn started stomping the ground maniacally. The earth started shaking underneath everybody’s feet as a great big patch of ground erupted from underneath Duskull. The pokemon flew up in the air from the attack, and when it hit the ground again, it continued to bounce around uncontrollably from the rumbling ground. Eventually, the shaking stopped and Duskull sat still on the ground. The red light slowly faded from in its eye sockets.

    “Curses!” shouted Oberon as he recalled his other pokemon. “I trained these pokemon so carefully! How could I lose to you lot?” He looked over at Kenny and scowled. “Oh well, that wasn’t a fair match anyway. I was outnumbered.”

    “That was a fair match and you know it!” yelled Rocky across the battlefield.

    “Oh, well,” Oberon sighed. “I can see why my other men have been complaining about how strong you are. We’ll meet again someday, Kenny, and I’ll defeat you. We won’t have you meddling in our plans, do you understand me?” Oberon then climbed into the helicopter, accompanied by his two grunts. The helicopter started spinning its propeller and took off, flying over the mountain the same way it came.

    “Well,” sighed Rocky, “that was pretty interesting. Man, I hardly even use my Rhyhorn, too. Oberon must be losing his touch.” Rocky started stretching his legs and said, “Oh well, I can’t stay around to chat any more. I’ve got to get back to my gym. I can’t have that homeless guy running the place, after all. See you guys later.” Rocky then took off running down the road around Moon Mountain.

    “Ah, I hope we see him again,” said Clair with a dreamy expression on her face.

    “How come?” inquired Kenny.

    “Oh, no reason,” she said, looking off into the distance and stroking her hair.

    “All right,” said Eli, “let’s not waste any more time. Let’s start walking over to the next town. We’ve got to get those badges!”

    “Whatever you say, Peach Cake,” replied Clair. “Hey, Kenny, can I see your Mankey again?”

    “I wouldn’t suggest it, Clair,” advised Eli. “Mankeys are ferocious pokemon! They can attack anyone with no notice!”

    “Oh, be quiet, Peach Cake,” she curtly replied. Kenny shrugged and took out Mankey’s poke ball. He pressed the button on the front and Mankey emerged onto the ground. Clair bent down and looked at the Mankey. “Aww, you’re such a cute little fur ball!” she cooed as she stroked Mankey’s messy fur. “Why don’t you ride on my shoulder? It will be lots of fun!” Mankey was more than happy to oblige, so it climbed up Clair’s body and stood on her shoulder, hanging on to her neck. “That’s just so cute!” she squealed as she led the way down the deserted path ahead. Kenny and Eli followed behind her, on their way to their next gym battle.
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    Chapter XII: The Poisonwood Tomb

    Kenny, Eli, and Clair were approaching a town near the end of a long path. The first thing that any of them felt was the sudden rise in humidity as they approached this town. Their first greeting to the town they had was an old, wooden sign that hung at the top of an ornamental wooden arch. It simply read, “POISONWOOD TOWN”. Not much of note was happening in this town. A few people were walking around the town, but it was still empty. They could almost feel the wind whistling through the ramshackle wooden homes that stood around the town. None of the houses were made of brick or concrete or anything more advances than plain wood paneling. Even the pokemon center, which was only recognizable by the poke ball-shaped sign out in front, was just made of wood. The grass in this town was a darker shade of green than in the other parts of the region, likely due to the extra moisture in the air.

    Suddenly, a man wearing what appeared to be traditional Japanese robes who had his hair tied up in a small ponytail on the top of his head approached the trio. “Greetings,” he said hastily with a strikingly exotic accent, “Sensei is expecting you. Come.” The man then turned around quickly and started speed-walking in the opposite direction. Kenny shrugged and started following him, causing the others to do the same.

    The man led them to a much larger building than the others. “Sensei is inside,” the man said with a low bow. Out of politeness, Kenny gave a small bow back to him and pushed open the wooden door on the front of the building. Eli and Clair followed close behind.

    Inside this large building was not like the inside of any other building the group had seen before. Instead of a solid floor beneath them, bright green grass covered the area. Vines were growing all over the interior walls, covering everything in sight with bright green foliage. A small body of water sat in front of them, like a wide river that stretched across each wall of the building. The water flowed quickly through the room. At one end where the water came from, there were a few metal bars and a great big empty space where the river presumably came through the building. At the other end, there was another big empty space with nothing but darkness inside as far as they eye could see. This is where the water drained through the gym.

    “Ah, so you made it!” came a voice from across the room. Kenny, Eli, and Clair all turned their heads around quickly to see an old man wearing a purple cloak. He was completely bald and had a long moustache hanging down from his face. His wizened eyes squinted at the trio that stood at the other end of the room. He was also holding a cane made of the branch of a tree. The cane had a beautiful red orb attached to the top of it. The old man slowly hobbled forward and stopped at the opposite end of the river. He looked across the river at the three of them and smiled. “I sensed that you would come. Welcome to my ever-so-humble home, Poisonwood town. It is an honor to meet you. The building that you stand in is the Poisonwood pokemon gym, and I am its leader. My name is Venerol, but you can just call me Sensei. It is what everyone calls me.”

    “Cool, this is the pokemon gym?” said Kenny, impressed at the interior design.

    “Wow, you knew that we were coming?” said Eli. “You must be a psychic gym leader!”

    “BAH!” exclaimed Venerol angrily at that remark. “All that ‘psychic’ stuff is nonsense. I am a master of poison types, that I am. It is all I know. My powers of perception are merely a byproduct of years of training.”

    “That sounds fascinating,” commented Clair.

    “It is not only fascinating!” responded Venerol, “It is a way of life. I am the master who taught the famous Elite Four member Koga the ways of the ninja. Training the weak is my duty in life.”

    “You’re a ninja?” added Eli. “That is so awesome!”

    “I am merely a Sensei now, young boy,” Venerol said calmly. “Nowadays, I train my pokemon to learn the ways of the ninja. That is why they appointed me as the gym leader of this town.”

    “Coolio,” responded Kenny. “So, when do we get to challenge you?”

    Venerol looked at Kenny and smiled. “You have courage, young man, and ambition. I like it. I will now show you what you must do in order to prepare for battle.” Venerol picked up his cane and hit the ground hard. The ground then shook briefly as the grinding of stone could be heard underfoot. Out of the water, three rows of stone blocks arose. The rows were no more than a foot wide. “These pathways are your way across the raging river beneath,” said Venerol in a menacing voice. “However, things are not as they seem. Many of the blocks that make up the path will crumble when you set foot upon them. You must trust your sixth sense and walk across the deceiving path. Only then will you be allowed to challenge me.”

    Without speaking, Kenny, Eli, and Clair concentrated on the challenge before them. The first to set foot on the stone bridge in front of him was Kenny. He quickly set both his feet down and stood on the first block. Shortly after, he set foot on the second block. Then the third block. However, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He decided to skip the next block, so he stretched his legs over and set foot on the next block. He then took another step forward, skipped over another block, and he was shortly on the other side of the river, standing next to Venerol. “Excellent job!” congratulated Venerol as the stone blocks that Kenny crossed over retreated back into the water. “Your spiritual balance is strong. Now, the next child must advance!”

    Eli bravely stepped on to the first block in his row. He decided to skip the next block in case it was a trap, so he stepped on to the third block instead. He then placed his foot upon the block in front of him. However, the block fell apart right where he was standing. He thought fast and jumped right on to the next block, sending the remains of the crumbled block drifting down the river. Catching his breath and his balance, Eli skipped over the next block and set foot on dry land once again. “Very good!” praised Venerol. “You have a strong mind, and an even stronger heart. Now the girl will come across!”

    Clair stepped on the first block in the row without hesitation. She then set foot on the second rock. She decided to skip the third one and reached her leg over to set foot on the next block in the row. Just as she was shifting her weight over, the block crumpled into dust and Clair completely lost her balance. She splashed right into the river below. Clair swam up to the surface, gasping for breath. She tried grabbing on to one of the remaining stone blocks, but it crumbled away once she got a grip on it. Clair was simply no match for the swift force of the river. She was carried away into the dark tunnel that carried the water out of the gym, her terrified screams echoing into nothingness.

    “What the heck!” shouted Kenny, a terrified look on his face. “Does this usually happen at your gym?”

    “Well, no,” replied Venerol, looking concerned. “Usually the people who fall in the water are much better swimmers.”

    “Well, DIDN’T YOU EVEN THINK TO PUT SOME BARS OVER THE HOLE???” Kenny was screaming in rage at the old man.

    “No need to stress yourself, young man,” Venerol said calmly. “Now I know to install some bars next time I get the chance. However, we should probably focus on more important things, like helping your girlfriend.”

    Eli then spoke up. “Mister Venerol, Sensei, where does that water go?”

    “Well, all of the water in Poisonwood village goes into the Poisonwood swamp just nearby. That swamp is filled with terrible ghosts and poisonous monsters. It’s incredibly dangerous to go there alone. Oh, and the water in the Poisonwood swamp eventually enters out into the ocean. I hear that it’s Sharpedo mating season around this time of year. Isn’t the miracle of life just fascinating?” Venerol started smiling and closing his eyes.

    “This is no time for daydreaming!” yelled Kenny, trying not to slap the old man in the face. “If what you said is true, then Clair is in danger. We’ve got to get to the Poisonwood swamp, immediately! Are you coming, old man?”

    “Oh, no,” said Venerol, “I couldn’t possibly go to the Poisonwood swamp. It’s far too dangerous for an old coot like me. Besides, I have to watch the gym.”

    “All right, then. Eli, let’s go!” Kenny walked back a little bit, ran up to the river, and made one long leap across the water, running at full speed out the door. Eli, on the other hand, remembered the stones that he stepped on and walked across the bridge, sprinting after Kenny once he got across.


    Kenny and Eli had been following the river leading out of the gym for quite a while, but Clair was nowhere in sight. The river’s current was simply too strong and fast. Nonetheless, they had to follow the river until they found Clair. As if the humidity in the air couldn’t get any worse, the ground started turning soggy and a forest started growing thicker as they continued. Eventually, they were in a complete swamp. Kenny and Eli had to watch their step carefully to make sure they didn’t fall in a concealed body of water. However, the river was still visible, but its flow had slowed down considerably. Before them, a large stone structure was visible and the river seemed to lead toward it. Kenny and Eli continued following the river, but the water suddenly disappeared before them. A loud roar could be heard coming from inside the great big stone structure where the water flowed into.

    “Wow, is this man-made?” inquired Eli.

    “I suppose so,” agreed Kenny. “But if this is where the water flows, it must be where Clair went. So, I guess we’ve got to go in the same way she did!” Kenny then grasped the stone above the river and flung his body into this mysterious structure. With great hesitation, Eli decided to do the same.

    Kenny was quickly sliding down a wall of stone along with all the water. Eventually, he crashed down in a great pool of water sitting at the bottom of the waterfall and got to his feet. Eli splashed down shortly after. Kenny and Eli then stepped out of this pool of water onto dry land. They appeared to be in some sort of room. All the walls were made of stone, as well as the ceiling and floor. Some torches burned on the wall, providing light to the entire room.

    “Are you okay?” asked Kenny.

    “I’m wet,” complained Eli.

    “Well, don’t be a wuss,” replied Kenny. “Remember what we’re here for. It doesn’t look like Clair’s in here, so let’s find a way out.”

    Eli walked over toward a wall and found a stone door in the wall. There was a small indentation which he assumed was a handle. He pulled on the stone slab with all his might and it slowly slid out of place, allowing them to walk through to another torch-lit room. This time, there was a long hallway waiting for them. Kenny and Eli simply walked forward. Eli, however, started looking around warily.

    “…Kenny?” he said cautiously.

    “Yeah, Eli?”

    “Remember how that old guy said that the swamp was filled with ghosts?”

    “Oh, yeah. He’s probably just trying to scare us.”

    “I don’t know… some of the ghosts might be in here…”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Well, don’t ghosts like dark, scary places?”

    “Yeah, probably.”

    “Doesn’t this place seem dark and scary?”

    Kenny stopped and turned around, looking at Eli. “Look, there’s nothing to be scared of, okay? We’re just going to find Clair and find a way out of this depressing tomb or whatever. If we find any ghosts, we can just sic our pokemon on them. Understand?”

    Slowly, Eli said, “…yeah…”

    “All right, good now come on.”

    As soon as Kenny turned around to continue walking, he was facing a pig, purple cloud. He jumped back in surprise as a great big pair of white, glowing eyes appeared on the cloud. “Gaaaaastlyyyyy…” it moaned as Kenny and Eli were shivering in fear before it. Kenny’s pocket started rumbling madly, so he took out his pokedex immediately, in hopes of discovering what this horrible scary thing was. The pokedex started speaking.


    Nothing. The pokedex screen just displayed static. The horrible cloud moaned again, paralyzing the two boys with fear. Kenny remembered Clair, who was still stuck somewhere inside this creepy building. He summoned all his courage and reached into his backpack. He pulled out a handheld fan, the cheap kind with blades made of foam. He pressed a button and the fan started spinning rapidly. The ball of gas before them changed its facial expression as the purple cloud disintegrated and started disappearing into the air around them. Finally, the gases were spread out around the room and the ghost was no longer there.

    “It’s gone!” yelled Kenny quickly. “Come on!” He grabbed Kenny by the arm and pulled him through the hall, getting closer to a door on the other end. A ghostly moaning sounded behind him as Kenny turned his head around and saw that the ghost was regaining its shape. He ran much faster down the hall as he reached the stone door. He pulled it open with so much strength that it slammed against the wall when it was pulled open. Kenny and Eli bolted in the next room as the ghost was fast approaching. Kenny then grabbed the door again and pulled it closed right before the ghost got to them.

    Kenny started breathing heavily as Eli fainted right there on the floor. Kenny bent down and slapped Eli’s face repeatedly until he regained consciousness. “Phew,” sighed Kenny, “that was close. Imagine what that ghost would have done to us.”

    “I don’t think I want to,” moaned Eli.

    Kenny turned and looked at what was in this room. His jaw almost dropped to the floor as he stared at all the gleaming and glistening gold in the room. Tons of golden treasures were laid all across the floor and climbing up the walls, rivaling Kenny’s golden poke balls on his belt. Goblets and statues and jewels of all kinds were overflowing throughout this room. Eli had a similar expression to Kenny when he witnessed this treasure. Kenny was so busy looking at all the treasure, he didn’t even notice a girl sitting on the floor, examining a golden cup in her hand.

    Kenny ran up to Clair and gave her a big hug. When he let go, Clair said, “…Okay, that was a bit unnecessary. It’s about time you showed up here. What took you so long, anyway? Scared of a little ghost?”

    Kenny gave a fake scoff. “Me? Naw. Ghosts aren’t scary. There’s nothing wrong with ghosts, anyway. In fact, I like them.”

    “Really?” asked Clair sarcastically. “So do I! That’s why I caught one!” Clair then looked over at the other side of the room. Kenny and Eli mirrored her action. The gaseous ghost that they saw before was moving through the solid stone wall, floating into the room. Kenny and Eli hugged each other in fear and screamed at the sight of the ghost. “Gastly, return!” Upon hearing Clair’s voice, the boys looked over as she held out a poke ball, which shot a red beam of energy at the purple cloudy ghost and drew it inside. “So, you’re not afraid of ghosts?” she smiled as she put the poke ball on her belt.

    “That was YOURS?” exclaimed Eli. “That was not nice!”

    “What’s the matter, Peach Cake? My Gastly is a very nice ghost. I just found it while I was in here and decided to catch it. It’s really scary, as you can see.” Clair smiled. “Here, let me show you.” She took out her pokedex and brought up a picture of the ghost pokemon.

    “Gastly, the gas pokemon. It can surround an enemy and put it to sleep instantly. However, its gaseous body is highly susceptible to strong wind.”

    “Oh well,” said Kenny, “we have to find a way out of here anyway. Whoah, check it out!” Kenny saw a strange shape sticking out from under the pile of gold. He grabbed onto it and pulled it. A bunch of gold trinkets fell out from on top of this object as Kenny pulled it. The object was larger than he thought, bigger than a person. Kenny kept pulling until it was all the way out. It was a great big human-sized gold object.

    “Hey, I think that’s a sarcophagus!” exclaimed Eli. “They’re like caskets, except for mummies. Man, this must be really valuable.”

    “It must be worth a fortune,” said Kenny, who practically had dollar signs in his eyes, imagining how rich he could be if he sold such a valuable artifact. However, Kenny gave out a loud scream when he felt something brush against his back. He jumped away and looked behind him. There was a creepy black hand touching his back. He followed the arm to see where the hand was attached to, and it led back to the sarcophagus. Suddenly, everyone froze in terror as a couple pieces of the sarcophagus slid out of place to reveal piercing red eyes and sharp white teeth. The sarcophagus then floated in the air as three more ghostly hands extended from its body. Kenny’s pokedex vibrated in his pocket, so he immediately took it out and listened.

    “Cofagrigus, the coffin pokemon. They disguise themselves as elaborate gold-plated coffins. It is said that they eat people and turn them into mummies.”

    “Oh, man, it’s another ghost!” screamed Eli as he fainted again.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this,” reassured Clair. “Go, Gastly!” She took a poke ball off her belt and threw it out, revealing Gastly in the air. “Gastly, use Hypnosis!”

    Gastly then started staring at Cofagrigus and spinning around in a circle. Cofagrigus followed its gaze and its eyes closed slowly. It then closed up its face panels and withdrew its hands, but continued to float in the air. It didn’t strike back.

    “Now, Gastly, use Shadow Ball!” Clair ordered as Gastly started forming a blob of dark energy in front of it. It then launched the orb straight at Cofagrigus, who flew back a little bit and woke up from the force of the attack. Cofagrigus then pointed its arms at Gastly and released some purple wind from its arms. Gastly was damages by this purple wind, and Cofagrigus started glowing faintly.

    “Clair!” shouted Kenny. “I read about that before. It’s called Ominus Wind! It raised all of Cofagrigus’ stats! Watch out!”

    “All right,” said Clair in response. “Gastly, use Shadow Ball again!” Gastly then formed another ball of darkness in front of it, and fired it at Cofagrigus. The Shadow Ball attack struck it directly, sending Cofagrigus flying back. It slammed against the wall. It no longer had the energy to battle, so it retreated its arms and face into the fake coffin, then fell to the ground and landed among the gold treasures on the floor.

    “Man, that was scary!” sighed Kenny. “Your Gastly sure is strong.”

    “I think Gastly will make a great addition to my team!” observed Clair. “Oh, look. Peach Cake is sleeping again.” Indeed, Eli was curled up on the floor like before.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.” Kenny then stepped forward and grabbed on to Eli to pick him up. However, Eli was too heavy, and Kenny kept on straining, trying to hoist up his body. Clair stepped forward and grabbed onto Eli’s shoulders, effortlessly slinging him over her shoulder.

    “It’s okay, Kenny. I’ve got it,” she smiled. “Now, let’s find a way out of here.” Kenny looked at the fainted Cofagrigus, realizing that it had landed on a stone pedestal. Kenny pushed the fainted body of the Cofagrigus off the pedestal and stood on it, examining the ceiling.

    “Hey, Clair!” he said. “I think I found a way out!” Kenny then pushed up a stone slab into the ceiling and slid it out of the way. He then climbed up into the hole that it made. Clair stepped onto the pedestal and threw Eli’s unconscious body into the ceiling, then climbed up herself. She then picked up Eli’s body again and stood up. Kenny found a stone door in the room and slid it open. Both of them had to cover their eyes as bright daylight streamed through the open door. Kenny stepped out into the Poisonwood swamp, followed by Clair with Eli over her shoulder. Kenny then went back and closed the door to the tomb. When he turned around once again, he met the gaze of Venerol, who was standing right in front of him.

    “Ah, very good!” praised Venerol. “It appears that you’ve rescued your girlfriend. You are a very brave boy, Kenny!”

    “Well, she’s not exactly my girlfriend…” Kenny blushed. “And I thought you said you couldn’t come into Poisonwood swamp? You said it was too dangerous for you!”

    “Hah!” chortled Venerol. “I lied about that. The only ghosts around here are in that tomb you just came out of. You must be very skilled trainers to have gotten out of there without losing your wits.”

    “Cool,” replied Kenny. “So, are we ready to do the gym battle yet?”

    “Absolutely!” confirmed Venerol. “You just come back to my gym whenever you’re ready, and we can start the battle.” Venerol then turned around and started walking back toward Poisonwood town, with Kenny, Clair, and the unconscious Eli following behind.
  16. Treecko's Awesomeness

    Treecko's Awesomeness Treecko is claimed!

    Good work on the chapters! You're writing them faster than I can read them! I liked the scene in the tomb, and the way you wrote configiarus (or however you spell it) was realy good too. I can't wait for the gym battle, so keep up the good work!

  17. Gelatino95

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    I usually manage to get in at least one chapter each day, sometimes more. I can already tell you that the next gym battle is going to be a full, six-on-six battle since I don't have much else planned for the chapter. However, you never know. I might think of something while I'm writing it. (a lot of my ideas come to me while I'm writing)
  18. Shinymonkey8

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    Hey there!

    As the others have said, this is a very high-quality story. I saw only 2 typos in all the 12 chapters. Good proofreading! The low typo count really increases the flow of the story!

    You haven't gotten any constructive criticism yet, so I'm here to give you some.

    Your storyline is very overused. A trainer goes on a journey with his pokemon, fights gyms, meets new friends, and defeats all trainers who get in the way! This has been done thousands of times. The addition of Oberon and the new region help the originality, but often Oberon does things that are unreasonable, like not sending out his Alakazam to battle.

    Speaking of battles, you are very good at writing them. That said, I advise you to lessen the battle count of your story. Most of it is battles, battles, battles, and it puts a huge hindrance on your development of characters, which is my next point. Right now, your story is pretty much a retelling of one of the pokemon games.

    As for your character development, it is severely lacking. You have a few instances thrown in, but as of now, your characters are very empty. This is partially due to all the focus you put on writing battles.

    Try breaking out of the loop when it comes to your plotline; try finding ways that you can develop your characters farther than where they are now. It's a challenge, but it will drastically increase the quality of your story.

    This is also the reason why I believe your story isn't getting very many reviews. After a while, the story gets very monotonous, because it's just battle after battle. Also, it seems like your fic is intended for a young audience, seeing as you have to explain almost everything that happens. (ex. Eli yelling out that leer lowers defense and so on). I believe that this is unneeded, because this is Serebii, and most of the people reading Pokemon fanfiction are going to know al lot about pokemon.

    All that said, you do have a strong point. Your work with description has paid off, and it is quite easy to get a picture in your head when reading this. Good work with the imagery.

    You have great dedication, but try not to make reviews your sole motivation for writing. They are enjoyable, yes, but try to find other motivations.

    Keep writing, and I guarantee you will improve! Also, I'd appreciate if you could check out my fic in return for this review (link in my sig). Of course it's up to you, but it would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for the review! As for the Alakazam issue you mentioned, I've been thinking about that and I'm probably going to fit it into the story at some point. The plot does seem a bit overused, but I was planning on making this journey fic the first part of the story, then release a sequel that has a completely unique plotline. In other words, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    As for character development, that's definitely one point that I have to work on. And you're absolutely right, I should probably make the story less battle-heavy. That said, you're probably not going to like the next chapter since the gym battle takes up most of the chapter.

    Speaking of the next chapter, it's definitely going to be released today.
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    Chapter XIII: Poisonwood Gym Brawl

    Eli’s eyes slowly opened as he woke up. He looked around and saw nothing but green. As his eyes started to come into focus, he recognized the room. He was back in the Poisonwood pokemon gym, across the river where there was plenty of open space. However, when he finally got to his senses, he noticed that he was viewing the room upside-down. His feet were in the air. Suddenly, it came to him. “Hey, Clair, you can put me down now!”

    “Peach Cake’s awake!” said Clair happily as she lifted Eli over her shoulders and onto the ground.

    “Ah, the other boy is awake!” observed Venerol, who was standing before the three of them. “That means we can begin at once!”

    “Uh… begin what?” asked Eli groggily, still waking up from his nap.

    Venerol smiled at him. “We are ready to begin the gym battle, of course! Through this battle, I will be able to teach you all the ways of a true warrior. Perhaps you will learn something from this battle. Now, since there are three of you and only one of me, we shall make this a triple battle. I use six of my pokemon and each of you uses two of your own. Is that fine?”

    “Sure thing!” replied Kenny, taking two golden poke balls off his belt. “Let’s battle already!”

    “Very well,” agreed Venerol as he slowly walked over to the other side of the gym. He then reached under his purple robe and withdrew three poke balls. He grasped these three balls in his hand and swiftly tossed them out to the middle of the field.

    On the battlefield emerged three pokemon. The first one was a gigantic purple blob with a long moustache and black diamonds on its body. The second one had a huge, gaping mouth and was hovering in the air, held up by its bat-like wings. The third one was a Gastly, identical to the one that Clair caught in the Poisonwood Swamp. Suddenly, Eli and Clair’s pokedexes started shaking their pants. They took the pokedexes out of their pockets and studied the pictured pokemon.

    “Swalot, the poison bag pokemon. It can completely swallow anything that’s not larger than itself. It sprays its prey with poisonous fluid to weaken it.”

    “Golbat, the bat pokemon. Its diet consists mainly of other creatures’ blood. It is most active at night or in dark places, like caves.”

    After that, each trainer from the other side chose some pokemon of their own.

    Clair shouted, “Go, Gastly!”

    Eli said, “Let’s go, Quilava!”

    Finally, Kenny exclaimed, “Trapinch, destroy!”

    All three of their pokemon appeared on the battlefield and without another word, the battle commenced.

    “Swalot, use Body Slam! Golbat, Supersonic! Gastly, use Shadow Ball!”

    “Trapinch, use Bite on Gastly!”

    “Quilava, Flame Wheel on Swalot!”

    “Gastly, use Hypnosis on the other Gastly!”

    Golbat started screeching with such a high pitch that nobody could hear it. However, Clair’s Gastly appeared to hear it very clearly, so it started wobbling around and wavering back and forth in the air unsteadily. However, Gastly was able to concentrate long enough to execute its attack. It stared at Venerol’s Gastly and started moving around in a circle. Unfortunately, Gastly was able to avert its gaze from the Hypnosis before it could work. Then, Venerol’s Gastly built up a ball of dark energy and hurled it at Clair’s Gastly. The ghost pokemon took the hit directly and went down immediately. Clair’s Gastly fainted from the attack.

    Quilava then started coating its body in intense flames. It curled up in a ball and started rolling quickly toward Swalot. Swalot took the hit well and took the opportunity to inch over toward Quilava and drop its entire body on the poor pokemon. Swalot quickly got up and Quilava was able to sprint back to its trainer. Trapinch then walked over to Gastly across the field and chomped at it. The attack didn’t seem to work at first since Trapinch’s fangs hit nothing, but the Gastly cried out in pain when Trapinch bit it. When Trapinch let go, Gastly stopped moving entirely. It didn’t survive the attack.

    “Very nice strategy,” commented Venerol as he withdrew the fainted Gastly. He then took another poke ball from under his robe and cast it out into the battlefield. The pokemon appeared with a burst of light. It appeared to be a small green, quadrupedal dinosaur with a huge flower bud on its back.

    Just as Clair was recalling her Gastly to its poke ball, her pokedex vibrated again. She took it out and it displayed an image of the new pokemon. “Ivysaur, the seed pokemon. The bud on its back emits a sweet aroma after it rains. It is said to blossom into a large flower once it has absorbed enough energy.”

    Clair then put her pokedex away and took another poke ball from her belt. “Go, Igglybuff!” she shouted as the cute pink ball of fluff emerged from its poke ball. After this, the trainers gave out some more orders.

    “Quilava, use Ember on Ivysaur!”

    “Trapinch, use Sand Tomb on Swalot!”

    “Igglybuff, use Flash!”

    “Swalot, use Yawn! Golbat, Wing Attack! Ivysaur, use Vine Whip on Igglybuff!”

    Golbat started flapping its wings furiously. Great blades of air started flying toward Trapinch, who stood its ground as the Wing Attack hit it. Quilava then started shooting flames out of its mouth which flew through the air toward Ivysaur, singeing the pokemon’s leaves. Ivysaur started extending two long vines from its body, but it didn’t hit Igglybuff like it was told. It used the vines to start strangling Quilava as punishment for burning its beautiful foliage. However, Quilava just had a vacant expression as Ivysaur made the attack, since it was an unfavorable type matchup for Ivysaur.

    Swalot then opened its cavernous mouth and let out a long yawn. This caused Trapinch, who was watching, to yawn as well. A bright light then started piercing through the room. Igglybuff’s eyes were shining brightly as it stared down the pokemon on the opposite side of the battlefield. Beams of light were being aimed right at the opponent’s eyes. Soon enough, Igglybuff’s lights turned off while the other pokemon were all blinded by the flash of light. Trapinch, who was not affected by the Flash attack, started pounding its feet on the ground as a vortex of sand grew beneath Swalot. The poison bad pokemon was thrown around in the vortex and hit the ground hard. Its blob-like body slowly deflated once it ceased to move.

    Venerol recalled his fainted Swalot and drew yet another poke ball from his robe. He threw it out into battle and out came another pokemon. At first, Kenny, Eli, and Clair saw a poke ball come out of Venerol’s poke ball. But upon closer inspection, it appeared to be some sort of mushroom with a poke ball design on its cap. Kenny’s pokedex rumbled as he took it out and listened to whatever it had to say. “Foongus, the mushroom pokemon. It uses its natural poke ball pattern to lure in foes, then shower them with poisonous spores.”

    Before the trainers could issue their orders, Kenny unexpectedly took out his golden poke ball and retuned Trapinch. “Hey, Kenny,” asked Eli, “why did you recall Trapinch? It looked like it was doing fine.”

    Kenny sarcastically rolled his eyes. “Well, isn’t it obvious? Swalot used Yawn, so if I kept Trapinch in the battle, it would have fallen asleep!” Kenny then took another golden poke ball from his belt and threw it with little hesitation. “Magikarp, I choose you!” The sparkling golden fish pokemon appeared on the floor of the gym. Clair gasped loudly, which caused Kenny to realize that Clair had never seen Magikarp before.

    “Oh my GOD,” gasped Clair, “Is that a shiny pokemon? Those things are so rare! How on earth did you get that?”

    “I’ll tell you later,” replied Kenny. “Let’s focus on winning those badges, okay?” Shortly after, the trainers started giving orders.

    “Igglybuff, use Psychic on Foongus!”

    “Quilava, use Flame Wheel on Ivysaur!”

    “Magikarp, Tackle on Golbat!”

    “Foongus, use Giga Drain! Golbat, Bite! Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf!”

    Golbat flew over to the Magikarp which was flopping around aimlessly on the floor. However, Magikarp’s erratic movement coupled with Golbat’s eye damage from Igglybuff caused it to bite the air a couple times before it finally gave up and flew back into position. Magikarp then decided to flop over and make its attack. With an impressive leap, Magikarp flew up in the air and hit Golbat directly. Quilava then coated its body in fire and rolled up into a ball, spinning toward its target. Ivysaur was hit hard by the Flame Wheel attack, and it flew back and couldn’t get back up.

    Igglybuff then started concentrating hard as a pink aura surrounded it. Foongus was just about to execute its attack, but before it could, it started shaking wildly in pain. It continued shaking around in a similar fashion to Magikarp. Once Igglybuff broke its concentration, Foongus tried to keep its balance, but it immediately fell over on the ground. Venerol incredulously recalled his two fainted pokemon.

    “Well, this is turning out to be quite a fight!” Venerol said enthusiastically, “but I’ve still got my secret weapon. This pokemon has been training with me ever since Koga was a young boy, training in my gym. All right then, enough talk. Come on out, Arbok!” Venerol then threw another poke ball into the fray. It opened to reveal a massive purple snake with an intricate design on its belly.

    Kenny’s pokedex began vibrating, so he took it out and examined this huge pokemon. “Arbok, the cobra pokemon. Its body is incredibly powerful, strong enough to crush steel. It poisons opponents with its fangs to weaken them.” Immediately, the trainers gave out their orders.

    “Arbok, use Poison Fang. Golbat, use Acrobatics.”

    “Magikarp, use Tackle on Golbat again!”

    “Quilava, use Quick Attack!”

    “Igglybuff, use Psychic!”

    Before anybody could make a move, Quilava started running at blinding speed. It jumped up in the air faster than anyone could see and struck Golbat directly. Golbat then retaliated by flapping over to Quilava and doing a bunch of acrobatic maneuvers to strike Quilava. The volcano pokemon could no longer stand to be in battle, so it fell to the ground. Arbok then slithered across the ground and sunk its fangs right into Magikarp’s body. The poor fish couldn’t move as it was held still by Arbok’s fangs. Magikarp started pulsing a faint purple, likely caused by Arbok’s poison. As soon as Arbok let go, Magikarp was no longer flopping around. It fainted from the attack.

    Igglybuff was the last to make a move. Just like before, it started concentrating hard and glowed bright pink. Golbat suddenly looked pained as its wings stopped moving and it hit the ground, writhing in pain. Igglybuff let go and Golbat stopped moving. It tried flapping its wings one more time, but couldn’t get itself aloft. Shortly after, Venerol recalled Golbat and Arbok was the only pokemon left on the field. Venerol concentrated hard and focused on the battle.

    Kenny then sent out Trapinch, his last pokemon. Eli did the same, sending out his Shellos instead. The trainers then issued their orders for the next round.

    “Igglybuff, use Sing!”

    “Shellos, Mud Bomb!”

    “Trapinch, Bite!”

    “Arbok, use Dig!”

    Before any of the other pokemon could make a move, Arbok dove into the ground face-first and disappeared, leaving only a hole behind. The pokemon on the other side of the field looked confused, glancing back at their trainers for advice. Nobody moved during that turn of the battle. However, Kenny knelt down next to his Trapinch and whispered a few words to it. Trapinch slowly nodded in approval and Kenny got back into position. Suddenly, the ground started shaking under everyone’s feet. The ground erupted from right in front of Eli, where Arbok came from underneath Shellos and gripped it in its teeth. Shellos was then tossed through the air back to its original location. Shellos slumped over on the ground, completely exhausted from the attack. It was taken out in one hit. Venerol smiled to himself smugly as Eli withdrew his last pokemon. Now, Kenny and Clair were the only ones left in battle.

    It was now the next turn, so the remaining battlers gave out their orders.

    “Arbok, use Dig again!”

    “Trapinch, quickly, Sand tomb!”

    “Igglybuff, use Psychic!”

    Arbok once again jumped up and dove face-first into the earth. However, Trapinch rapidly started slamming its feet on the ground and a vortex of sand sprung up from right underneath Arbok. The cobra pokemon was flying around in the air, being tossed around by the attack. Finally, its heavy body fell to the ground with a loud thud. Taking that as its cue to attack, Igglybuff put its hands to its head and started thinking hard. A pink glow surrounded Igglybuff as Arbok started flailing around without warning. Arbok continued shaking until Igglybuff released its pshychic grip. Arbok sat on its back and couldn’t get up after the attack. Venerol recalled it to its poke ball.

    “Excellent, excellent…” congratulated Venerol as he clapped his hands. “You are true battlers at heart. All three of you, working together like that… It’s very rare that I am bested in battle. Excellent work, young trainers! I’m sure you will go far. Now that you’ve defeated me, I would like to give you… huh?”

    Everybody looked at Clair’s Igglybuff. It started glowing very brightly. Right before everyone’s eyes, the room was enveloped in light and Igglybuff grew bigger and started changing shape! After a few suspenseful seconds, the white glow disappeared and a different pokemon was standing in Igglybuff’s place. It was a big larger and had bigger eyes with gigantic blue pupils. Clair was practically jumping for joy as she excitedly pulled out her pokedex before it even started rumbling.

    “Jigglypuff, the balloon pokemon, and the evolved form of Igglybuff. Its song puts everybody to sleep, people and pokemon alike. It has great control of its vocal cords, allowing it to sing at a precise wavelength that puts pokemon to sleep.”

    Clair squealed with joy as she hugged her new Jigglypuff. “Yay, I got a Jigglypuff! You must really love me, don’t you?” Clair looked over at Kenny and Eli. “You know, Igglybuff only evolves when it loves its trainer!”

    “That is a very heartwarming story,” interrupted Venerol, “but I think I have something that you want.” Venerol held out his hand and there were three badges inside. Each one was purple and shaped like a drop of water. “These are Venom badges,” said Venerol. “They prove that you have bested me in combat. Take them; you deserve them.”

    Each participating trainer took a badge except Eli. He simply looked at Venerol nervously. “Don’t be shy, boy,” Venerol told him. “You were a member of the winning team, so even though you lost, you get a badge as well!” Eli’s expression changed to a happy one as he claimed his Venom badge.

    “Thank you, Sensei!” said Kenny.

    “But of course,” said Venerol. “The badges are yours. I sincerely hope that you have good luck on your journey. Take with you the experience that you got from this battle!”


    After healing up at the pokemon center, Kenny, Eli, and Clair were just leaving Poisonwood town, escorted by the same man who brought them to Venerol’s gym. This man was insistent to go with them until they leave the town.

    “You must be very experienced trainers to defeat Sensei,” the man commented.

    “Well,” replied Kenny modestly, “we try our best.”

    Before they could get any further, the four of them spotted a couple of people walking down the path in the opposite direction. There were three men approaching the group. The one in the middle had a black pinstripe suit with a purple shirt underneath and a white bowtie with red markings. Beside him was a man with a short beard who was wearing a black suit with a magnificent red tie. On the other side, there was a man wearing a black trench coat who’s head was completely shaven.

    “Oh my God,” sighed Kenny, “can we ever get away from you fools?”

    “Oh dear,” exclaimed the man who escorted the trio out of the village, “I must warn Sensei immediately.” He then sprinted back toward the gym before anybody could ask why.

    “Kenny!” said Oberon cheerfully, “You know my friends, don’t you?” He motioned to James and the unnamed bald man walking beside him. “You know why we’re here, don’t you? Just come with us and we won’t have to cause such a problem for you!”

    “No way, weirdo!” yelled Kenny. “I told you, I’m not going with you! I’ve got much more important stuff to do!”

    Oberon lowered his head. “Very well then,” he warned. “In that case, we will have to take care of you with our pokemon. Are you ready for battle?”

    Before anybody could take out their poke balls, a loud whistle came from behind in the town. Kenny, Eli, and Clair simultaneously turned their heads around to see some people in black clothing running forward at full speed. Standing behind them were the man they had met before and Venerol. In one swift movement, the black-suited people ran forward, jumped in the air, pulled some long wooden weapons from their backs, and landed around the group of Team Nova leaders in a circle, pointing their weapons at the targets.

    As the Nova leaders stood frozen with fear, Venerol walked forward slowly. He then spoke out in a loud, commanding voice. “Team Nova! We have seen you and welcomed you in the past. However, your actions are dishonorable, and for this reason, we forbid you to come near the peaceful Poisonwood town. Leave at once or suffer dire consequences!” Venerol waved his hand with a shooing motion, and the black-suited people prodded the Team Nova members with their wooden staffs, pushing them away from the town.

    “You haven’t seen the last of me!” Oberon shouted as he and the others ran down the road and disappeared into the distance.

    “Wow,” commented Eli to Venerol, “what was all that about?”

    Venerol explained, “As I said, Team Nova has been to our town in the past. We welcomed them, of course, as we do to all strangers. However, their dishonorable actions have caused them to be forbidden from this town forever. I have a team of ninja warriors that I personally trained to keep out the forbidden”

    “That is so cool,” Eli replied, “but what did they do anyway?”

    “You remember that room in the tomb that was filled with treasure?” The three of them nodded to Venerol. “Well, Team Nova came to our town simply so they could steal the treasures from that tomb and sell them. They do not understand that true happiness is found in the soul, not in the bank. However, you are allowed to enter the room because you are honorable trainers.” Venerol smiled and bowed slightly.

    “Sir,” came the voice of the mysterious man from before, “Sensei, I took the liberty of escorting the children out of the town.”

    “Very nice work, Chou,” Venerol praised the man. He then addressed the trio. “I see you have met my friend, Chou. He is learning the ways of the ninja as well. He is very loyal to me. I see he has returned the favor to you.” Venerol paused shortly. “Well, my work here is done. Your journey, however, is far from over. Leave this town now and go find your next challenge immediately! Waste no time!” Venerol then slowly walked back to his gym.

    Kenny, Eli, and Clair finally started walking out of the town, uninterrupted by any members of Team Nova this time. After a few moments, Clair spoke.


    Kenny looked at her and responded, “Yeah?”

    “I never got to thank you for coming to rescue me from that swamp. I could take care of myself perfectly fine, but I know you meant well. So, thank you for doing that.” She looked at Eli. “You too, Peach Cake.”

    “Well, you’re very welcome,” replied Eli.

    “Sure thing,” said Kenny curtly. Clair looked away and didn’t say anything else as the three of them continued their hike to the next town, wherever it may be.

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