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  1. R

    Help with 6th member

    Hi, I'm stuck at home and decided to replay Pokemon Emerald. As the title suggests I need help with the last team member. I currently earned my 7th badge. My current team is as follows: Marshstomp - Relaxed (lvl 50) - Ice Beam - Mud Shot - Rollout - Surf Gardevoir - Quirky (lvl 50) -...
  2. Mister Jaime

    Pokemon Emerald Gameboy Advance SP

    Hoping to make some new Gameboy friends so we can trade & share advice! I personally just began a whole new game after not playing for over 10 years and could you any advice y'all have. Thank you in advance!
  3. FluffyMeatloaf

    How far can I get in the Battle Tower with basically two Pokemon...?

    Incidentally... what would be good choices for those two? I've looked a bit back 'round here to see options like Skarmory, Salamence, and Starmie, but I think those all kind of need support from a full, proper team. I can only work with two because one spot's gotta be taken by a Pokemon I want a...
  4. M

    Question about unlimited TMs

    Hi! I am making a list of generation IV TMs that are not limited in number. As items are transferable through the Pal Park, I need some information about the unlimited TMs in generation III too. In the Trainer Hill of Pokémon Emerald, some of the possible rewards for the completion of the tower...
  5. Emboar_Rulez

    What Hoenn Starter did you choose?

    Just curious on what your starter Pokémon was in Hoenn!
  6. Grace B

    Trapinch vs Wooper

    My brother and I have been having this debate for a while, as my favorite pokémon is Wooper and his is Trapinch. In pokémon Emerald and pokémon XD (Gamecube), we were going to raise a level 100 version of both and have them battle, but we got too busy. In my opinion, Wooper would definitely...
  7. xXZ380 D43M0NXx

    I found something out about SM/USUM music...

    Alright, so a bit ago, I listened to the RSE/ORAS intro, cause I enjoy listening to Pokemon music in my free time or while working. Anywho, towards the end of the piece, I though I heard a bit that sounded very familiar... SO, I checked Ultra Necrozma's theme, only to confirm my suspicions...
  8. bobandbill

    3rd Gen Help Thread

    Ask your questions about the 3rd generation games RSE and FRLG here! Once it is compiled and remade, please check the FAQ thread (for now check the existing FAQ thread stickies) before posting your question. Note that there is a Contest Guide thread, and a Battle Frontier Info thread...