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  1. R

    finizen/palafin evo (completed)

  2. T

    Incorrect evolution mechanics

    Hi guys! I've used serebii.net for years, but I have some issues with gen 9 evolutions and that prompted me to make a forum account. Several pokemon seem to have bad evolution mechanics listed. Bonsly - My Bonsly is level 28 and was retaught Mimic around level 20 from the Pokemon summary...
  3. CaptainPileDriver

    In need of 3 items: Dusk Stone, Magmarizer, and Protector

    Just looking to get my hands on these 3 items, don't really have much for trade but i would really appreciate if someone has extras and is willing to send them over.
  4. ShadowJourney

    LF Alcremie and their evolution items

    I'm mostly looking for Flower, Ribbon, and Star sweets. Strawberry sweets are fairly easy to get so I'm not really looking for those. I'd also like the Ribbon, Clover, Blueberry, and Heart sweets. I'm offering evolution stones and items, Pokemon (ask and I'll see if I have it or can breed it)...
  5. Valamis

    Content deleted by user

    Content deleted by user.
  6. E

    Ability change through evolution.

    I am breeding to get a perfect IV galarian zigzagoon so i can get an obstagoon with guts, however, zigzagoons abilities are pickup or gluttony while obstagoons are reckless or guts. If i get a zigzagoon with gluttony, will it always be an obstagoon with guts or is it random which ability it gets...
  7. MarineSkies

    Do you need to use Pokemon Camp to evolve Snom?

    Is Pokemon Camp necessary to raise Snom's happiness level to where it will evolve? I'm asking this because I want to avoid getting the battle bonuses from Pokemon Camp, like the chance of not being knocked out by a move. I also caught my Snom with a friend ball.
  8. Emboar_Rulez

    If Megas could hold items would be some interesting combinations

    What kind of items would you give to your mega evolved Pokémon if it was allowed?
  9. J

    Best evolution level in Pokemon S&S

    Hi Everyone, I have a question about when I should evolve my pokemons to get the strongest pokemon. 1. Do they get stronger when you wait with evolving your Pokemons or vice versa; evolving them when that is possible. 2. Why would you wait with evolving your Pokemon? So that you can get a...
  10. JVG

    Pokémon only available through evolution? (Cannot be caught in wild)

    Basically the title. For all of the living dex-ers out there, it would really help to know which Pokémon cannot be easily caught through finding them in the wild. While leveling up in this game isn't super difficult, I've always found it easier in past games to simply catch already evolved...
  11. thedarkdragon11

    Will Ash's Rowlet evolve into Dartrix/Decidueye without his Everstone?

    Without the Everstone, will Ash's Rowlet evolve into Dartrix and Decidueye given the training and battles it got since finding its Everstone (since Hau's Dartrix rematch)?
  12. K


    This post is for the least talked about Pokémon; Porygon. It’s also the only Pokémon banned from being in any show or movie due to seizures being caused in its only episode (which actually were from pikachus attacks). With sword and shield coming out soon, many of us had hoped Porygon Z would...