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  1. Emboar_Rulez

    Favorite Pokemon Game

    What is Everyones Favorite Mainline Pokemon Game?
  2. FluffyFurret

    FT: 5IV English Ditto, LF: 5IV Other Language Ditto

    Hi! I have a 5IV English Ditto w/Pokérus, and in need of any other language 5IV (-Atk preferably) Ditto.
  3. Sarefan

    This Gen's new gimmick.

    Since I could not find a thread about this I wanted to make one. Do you think that a new gimmick will be introducted to this game? Last 2 gens gave us Mega Evolution and Z Moves. Both were a bit spoiled into the Japanese logo's. But this Gen doesn't seem to mark anything special, just a...
  4. P

    Pokémon Sword and Shield - How will they impact the anime?

    Like previous threads. How do you think the first two Generation 8 games will impact the anime?