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  1. M

    Question about unlimited TMs

    Hi! I am making a list of generation IV TMs that are not limited in number. As items are transferable through the Pal Park, I need some information about the unlimited TMs in generation III too. In the Trainer Hill of Pokémon Emerald, some of the possible rewards for the completion of the tower...
  2. W

    Help Me Transfer Some Items? (G-Max Pokemon for Your Troubles!)

    So, I have exactly three items I need to move between my two games. I'll attach them to a junk Pokemon (I mean, feel free to keep it if you want, as long as you attach the item to another Pokemon and trade it back to me!), trade for your junk Pokemon, then switch to my other game and trade for...
  3. W

    How Do I Transfer ITEMS Between Games?

    I'm just beyond frustrated right now that I apparently can't use Home to transfer items. How am I supposed to move Zamazenta's shield? How am I supposed to get the other fossil Pokemon? Seriously, how? I Googled it and literally everything I saw was about moving Pokemon. I know how to do that.
  4. Ghost94

    FT: G-Max, Apricorns, HA, Mints, Shiny

    For Trade: Open to offers.
  5. Crystoll

    LF (Milcery/Alcremie) Ribbon Sweet

    Hello, as the title states I am in search for a Ribbon Sweet. I am offering 3 Sweets in return; one Love Sweet, Two Strawberry Sweets, and one Berry Sweet. I do have a few pokemon to hopefully entice the offer, but I cannot check IVs as I refuse to progress the game until I have said specific...
  6. Holopleather

    Can someone give me a Clover Topping?

    If anyone has one they don’t want to use, I would like to use a Clover Topping to evolve my Milcery into Alcreamie (it’s just my favorite topping aesthetically). I Understand it’s a drop at the Battle Cafe however I haven’t gotten one from there yet and I don’t know how long it will take to...
  7. Emboar_Rulez

    If Megas could hold items would be some interesting combinations

    What kind of items would you give to your mega evolved Pokémon if it was allowed?
  8. PorygonZeta

    Pickup Equivalent in Let's Go (and Hidden Items)

    NOTE: GUYS, I WANT FEEDBACK, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. I REALIZE THIS IS A LITTLE INFO-DENSE, SO HERE'S SOMETHING A LITTLE EASIER TO TALK ABOUT: 1) Who noticed/didn't notice this mechanic before? 2) Any ideas for what to call this mechanic? -------- So, I noticed that every once in a while, when...