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  1. J

    Looking for Psycho Boost Lugia

    Hello, I am looking for a Psycho Boost Lugia from Pokemon XD moved to HOME. I will trade a good amount of Gmax (souped) pokemon, apricorn/special balls, shinies, and legendaries/mythical (like 2018 Jirachi) for said pokemon if you can provide verification of the Lugia being legit.
  2. I

    Looking for a 6iv ditto for a legendary with pokérus

    Hello! I'm looking for a 6IV non-English ditto. I am offering one of the following: A shiny gyarados with pokérus A zekrom with pokérus A celebi with pokérus A cosmog with pokérus A kyurem with pokérus A Solgaleo with pokérus A lunala with pokérus A Necrozma with pokérus A 4IV english ditto...
  3. W

    LF: Sword Exclusives

    I have all of the Shield exclusives ready in return. I also have 31 4IV Ditto and 1 5IV Ditto, all English. I would also like to swap around Karrablast and Shelmet for dex entries and swap Rhydon and Zamazenta. If your Flapple could be holding a Tart Apple as well, that would be great. My...
  4. lunistg

    Looking for Unown, lots to trade

  5. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Johto Legendary Beast?

    Legendary dogs, cats or beasts - whatever you call them, we all have a favourite. Which one is yours? Mine has to be Suicune - it just looks so majestic with its flowing purple mane and ribbons. I also love its design in general as well, and Eusine chasing it around Johto in Crystal and HG/SS...
  6. tcinkwell

    Looking to trade for a Celesteela to complete my National Pokédex. PLEASE HELP!

    Looking to trade for a Celesteela to complete my National Pokédex. I've got extra Xurkitree and Kartana for trade as well as almost anything else you can think of. Please send me a DM if you can help! Thanks, -t.c.inkwell
  7. Kharmaguess

    KhG_Horizons (COMPLETED)

    This is my first of a series of fanfictions which will be labeled under the prefix KhG. Just doing a little world building before I get into anything big. Anyways, reviews are appreciated, so if you have any suggestions for how I can improve, feel free to let me know! Will update every weekend...
  8. Bosumin

    Remember me Not

    Hello! I'm new to this site (haven't used a forum in years too). I'm an amateur writer and not altogether too good at some stuff, but it's fun to do it anyway! This is a story I want to write, and hopefully be the first I ever finish! I'm not too good at tagging. Sorry in advance...
  9. S

    Extra Shiny Poipole Codes in Trade for Zeraora Code

    Hey, everyone! I wasn't able to pick up a mystery gift code for Zeraora in time, however I do have a couple extra codes for Shiny Poipole if anyone else has an extra Zeraora code that they would be interested in trading with me?
  10. Mr.Munchlax

    Do You Ever Use Legendaries for Your In-Game Teams?

    As the title implies, I was wondering if anyone ever uses legendary pokémon when using their in-game teams. Normally, I stopped using them since Ruby & Sapphire since I kind found it unfair due to them being overpowered and you already have your team planned out by the time you catch them. Plus...
  11. W

    Looking to trade March code for April/May codes

    I had two emails signed up properly for the Heatran/Regigigas email distribution in March however NEITHER of them ever came. So frustrating! I'm hoping someone might still have extra codes they're willing to trade. I have a bunch of extra codes from Target in April for Raikou/Entei and four...
  12. shay_bella

    40 Extra codes for the Legendary Pokemon Giveaway Entei / Raikou

    ===== ALL GONE - All codes have been given out. ===== My local Target saw barely any traffic for the codes, so they gave me most of a stack. PM me if you want one to four (because 4 games) of the codes. I have a little over 40 to spare. And, no, I don't want any thing in return. I'll post back...