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  1. Blaze Master X

    Video Game Characters Face-Off (2 hour cooldown)

    This will be a Face-Off between video game characters (main characters, villains, monsters, enemies, and NPCs of video games). In this thread, all kinds of fictional characters from video games will get to Face-Off against each other. This thread was inspired by @keepitsimple 's Villains...
  2. Dragalge

    Video Games Face-Off (2 hour cooldown)

    Co-owner(s): keepitsimple Welcome to the video games face-off! Here, you can nominate video games from anywhere that have been released on Nintendo, Sony, XBox, PC, Mobile, etc platforms! You can nominate up to six video games of your choice! They can be from any franchise including Pokemon...
  3. N

    Mario Kart Wii-fi Classic!

    Hello, you may remember me from such tournaments as SPPF Smash Bros Big 32 and SPPF Round Robin 16. I am here now to tell you- I have Mario Kart Wii, and I fully intend to play competitively on Wifi. I havent decided as of yet as to how I should organize this tournament or what style to make...
  4. B

    Official Mario Kart Wii Code Thread

    Post MKWii Friend Codes here for Races, Battles and Time Trials, etc. Add nickname if you want. It is generally common for PMs to be exchanged before transfer of Friend Codes. The List (s.i.e) (thijs): 3180-0068-8067 AerialAce!: 3523-2595-5751 Alzi (Alzi): 1633-4528-7939 Amanda77...