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Official Mario Kart Wii Code Thread

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Blazios, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    Post MKWii Friend Codes here for Races, Battles and Time Trials, etc. Add nickname if you want.

    It is generally common for PMs to be exchanged before transfer of Friend Codes.

    The List

    (s.i.e) (thijs): 3180-0068-8067

    AerialAce!: 3523-2595-5751

    Alzi (Alzi): 1633-4528-7939

    Amanda77 (Mia/Alkaid): 1591-0510-2656

    arceusdude222(Cody): 1848-7089-0119

    assassinsceptile (Dracula): 5413-4036-7502

    azurill: 4768-7586-3351

    b3an0b0y: 4897-6074-0727

    Barrysun: 0001-4058-3823

    Blazios (Ben): 0860-3387-3567

    BlitzBlast (George): 4125-3565-2043

    Celest M.: 0817-4846-9756

    CharizardMaster (CM_Matt): 3480 2939 6419

    Crasher: 0602-6761-9231

    Cr3a70r (Cr3a70r) 0345-4847-6135

    Drakid (Elmi): 4983-6975-3816

    emosasuke1818 (Jason) 4038-7578-6424

    EmpoleonRules (Art): 2449-8348-7838

    FenixFox (Bobak): 0131-1492-2759

    fhqwhgads: 2277-7182-8652

    Flygon3X (DF*Flygon3x): 4468-1383-4824

    G4Pokefan (Twan): 4210-4374-6882

    Gimples (Nick): 3909-8261-4257

    Igottapoo (Brett): 3566-1950-1288

    iluvwobbuffet (Ilk): 2363-6016-8218

    J-Myc (Oscar): 2878-9936-4446

    Joshua O'Donnell (Joshua O'): 0603-1821-9339

    jt23jk19: 0216-2746-4250

    Krake: 6284-2467-8224

    Little_Pikachu: 2664-2265-3365

    Markisious: 1118-0781-3732

    masterleo (L-MAN): 4941-4342-7962

    Metamence: 4854-7083-1625

    Mew3000 (Andrew): 1848-2484-2925

    Mewtwo870: 5026-4833-1630

    Mikaruge84: 0903-2877-9055

    MysticKenji: 3308-5624-4569

    noobers: 3308-4964-0314

    Moriquendi: 0731-4874-7501

    Mr. Bikini fan (Devil C/Faysal): 4984-1523-2758

    Pachirissu!! (Ivarkentje): 3007-9205-1041

    Peeko (Rick): 0430-8390-5952

    pikachu20: 0989-1847-9346

    pumawolf31: 3780-9254-1876

    ScorpionX (Venom): 5284-1537-3481

    Selfdestruct Togepi: 3695-4425-7407

    Serenitie (Sere): 4726-1971-1841

    Shadowrealm 150 (Aamir): 5070-1379-8612

    ShinxesAreCute: (Ty): 5327-1981-1197

    Skull13 (Sam): 2149-2249-6948

    SonicBoom117: 0731-5726-9288

    Sonic Boom (Sonic Boom): 1597-9374-6028

    SS Jethro ({SS} Jethro): 5284-5849-0176

    starfire_jirachi (Tricia): 0946-5517-9183

    StaryJirachi2 (Yoshimin) 5455-9735-4096

    STUD (STUD): 2750-1486-8826

    SYY (NS_SYY): 4339-3343-0891

    TeddiUrsa (DocDoak): 2793-0953-9162

    the1stpkmnfan (AlexT): 3222-5969-8216

    THE*FUNK*MASTER (Joe): 3781-3760-1168

    The Thrashmeister (Rowan Q.): 4081-5902-8601

    TheUmbreonMaster (Jim): 3524-1627-1431

    the wizard of up: 3738-3632-2382

    Torpoleon (Zach): 0989-1841-0890

    Nickname is the one in brackets.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
  2. ScorpionX

    ScorpionX 820 eggs so far

    Hell, why not.

    Name Venom
    5284 1537 3481

    Just pm me to let me know if you add me.
  3. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    Excellent, changing the title to make it official and also making it a sticky.

    Hooray at me not having to update the list on the first post like I do with the smash one :[
  4. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Kirby.

    So it seems that 2 people so far have Mario Kart Wii and Wi-Fi. Are there no other Europeans on here who like it? I'm presuming that the thread will speed up when it is released in NA.
  5. Peeko

    Peeko Glacier Trainer

    Name: Rick
    Code: 0430-8390-5952

    let me know if you add me :)
  6. ScorpionX

    ScorpionX 820 eggs so far

    Blazios i just tried to add you and i was repeatedly told it's not a valid friend code, are you sure you haven't mixed up a number?

    I managed to add peeko just fine though.
  7. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    Just realised that. The 6 and 8 were mixed up. I'll add you now.

    EDIT: Just added you.
  8. azurill

    azurill Well-Known Member


    4768 7586 3351
  9. Little_Pikachu

    Little_Pikachu With Action Amusing!

    2664-2265-3365 if anyone wants to add me, go ahead, let me know and I'll add you back.
  10. ScorpionX

    ScorpionX 820 eggs so far

    I added your friend code Little_Pikachu, i tried to pm you to let you know but apparently you inbox is full.

    I added you too azurill.
  11. b3an0b0y

    b3an0b0y Well-Known Member

    Hey My FC: 4897-6074-0727 anyone who wants to race pm me!
  12. pumawolf31

    pumawolf31 New Member

    hi guys. my fc is 3780 9254 1876. just remember to message me with you fc if you add me, hope to race you all soon
  13. G4Pokefan


    Just got mines at midnight at Gamestop.

    Here's mine: 4210-4374-6882. Twan

    PM me when you add me
  14. iluvwobbuffet

    iluvwobbuffet WOBBBUFFFFFET!!! XD

    Name: Ilk
    FC: 2363-6016-8218

  15. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

  16. The Thrashmeister

    The Thrashmeister <-- Made of awesome.

    Name: Rowan Q.
    Code: 4081-5902-8601
  17. Flygon3X

    Flygon3X The sunset skies...

    Add me!

    Number: 4468 1383 4824
  18. Mikaruge84

    Mikaruge84 Well-Known Member

    Add me please!
    Number: 0903 2877 9055
    Pm me if you want to race!
  19. TeddiUrsa

    TeddiUrsa Well-Known Member

    2793 0953 9162- DocDoak

    I´ll add all people who are in the first post right now ;)
  20. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2008

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