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nintendo switch

  1. C

    How many software resets do you have to do in order to get a shiny Palkia in Pokémon Shining Pearl?

    I have put in over 24 hours of game play into Pokémon Shining Pearl on the Switch and I still haven't encountered a single shiny. I am currently software reseting to hopefully get a shiny Palkia. I am on attempt 550 lol. How many software resets did it take other people to get a shiny Palkia...
  2. Mr.Munchlax

    What to Do with My Switch

    Last year my Switch's Micro SD card reader stopped working. It occasionally acts like everything's fine, but most of the time it's been unable to read any of my memory cards (even if I just bought them). I recently sent it to an off-hand repair shop to get the reader fixed, but they said it has...
  3. P

    Way to connect my Switch and my laptop to one monitor

    Hello, First time poster here. I wanted to ask if there is an easy way to connect two devices to one monitor. I only have space for 1 HDMI cable input on the monitor. I heard of splitters but not sure how that works. Is there a device that lets me chose when to switch to the laptop and when to...
  4. WhiteBlair

    Nintendo Switch on 1440p Monitor and Beyond?

    I'm considering to change my current monitor and planning to go for 27" 1440p (2K). However, I have tons of mixed opinions in YT and Reddit whether it would look sharp or not. Are any of you using yours in said resolution? I'd appreciate extra feedback from Curved monitor users. I have to know...
  5. Tony Sharp

    Is the Switch Lite Good Value?

    I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on the Switch Lite? I was looking to buy one as I only have a 2DS at the moment and I want to play the new Pokemon games. The obvious drawback is that you cant play it on a tv but too be honest I don't think I would really make use of this feature anyway...
  6. e6life

    Nintendo Switch Messenger Bag Recommendations?

    Hello, all. As a pedestrian, I'm always carrying my stuff in my handy satchel. Now, with the Switch soon out dating the 3DS, I'm looking for a larger bag that can carry my various items, along with my Switch. For me, I need a bag that can hold my: - Wallet - Keys - Medications - 3DS Games...
  7. CocoEcho

    Activision, Minecraft, and other new 3rd Party Characters in Smash Ultimate

    So limit conversation to 3rd party characters, 3rd party stages, 3rd party videogame music, and new series that haven't been in Smash bros. yet, (Captain Toad is considered to be part of the Mario Franchise, sorry guys, we can't discuss him in depth like the other 3rd Parties that haven't been...
  8. pokedigijedi

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy thoughts and opinions

    I am actually enjoying this, I am playing on the Switch, I didn't own a Playstation as a kid so I never knew what his game series was like, it wasn't until just a couple years I got a PS2 (that's right I only NOW got A PS2 whilst the PS 4 is out) and got a chance to play a few (as in 2) Crash...
  9. Storm the Lycanroc

    DLC Discussion

    With the main series games debuting on the Nintendo Switch it opens up new possibilities. One of those possibilities is DLC which could expand the overall experience of the base game. The question I wish to discuss is if they are going to have DLC for Pokemon Switch what would the positive and...