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  1. Venia Silente

    Playfield Redux: 10th Anniversary Version

    Merry Delayed Saturnalias, dear readers. Since it'd be a bummer that the year was spent without me publishing more stuff here, I decided to update one of my older stories posted in Serebii. "Playfield " was published a good 10 (ten) years ago after being originally published as a submission...
  2. Dramatic Melody

    Last Trip of the Day [one-shot]

    Last Trip of the Day “Thanks for riding with Accel! Have a nice day!” He slammed the car’s door as his reply, and he rushed inside the building like his life depended on it. And, sure, it might have, seeing as he was dressed formally and he was tapping his phone incessantly throughout the...
  3. unrepentantAuthor

    Dispatch Deferred [One-shot, Everyone, PMD]

    Hi there, this is my cute short story originally written for the Bulbagarden Summer 2019 Oneshot comp about an expedited same-century amazon delivery, I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Content: homebrew PMD setting, multiple OC viewpoints, 6,200 words. Extremely mild swearing, light fantasy...
  4. Cresselia92

    SWAP! [One-shot, Everyone, PMD]

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to my one-shot! This is my submission for a competition in another forum, with the theme being "Undelivered Messages" and the words limit being 10k. This story, well... it uses all those 10k words, ahah. Anyway, this is a simple PMD AU story about two Ninetales with...
  5. Dramatic Melody

    Fame [Origins contest entry]

    Fame “C’mon, it’s no big deal. It’s not like you didn’t see this coming.” “... …?” “Don’t give me that. It isn’t called the Fame Checker coz it has a bunch of no-name trainers on it. You saw it for yourself—it has the gym leaders, the Elite Four, and other famous people like Gramps and Old...
  6. Venia Silente

    Making the World Go 'Round [GtI]

    Scenario Notes: Firuz is a human Isekai'd into the PMD world of "Gates to Infinity" as a Tepig. Early during the plot of Gates, Firuz, here going under the name 'Feremiz', has been assisting their team boss Vorylina with various tasks as they look for information about a three-headed dragon...
  7. S. Lee

    Boxed [one-shot]

    [The following is rated PG for some dark themes] Boxed The void. Silence. Emptiness and its awful caress. I beg for anything but it. It’s where the real fades, and the static of a back-lit screen submerges us all; deep into an ocean of darkness. Two hundred and forty hours and counting. The...
  8. Negrek

    [One-Shot] Mute

    Author's Notes: This was my gift exchange gift, a fic for AmericanPi. She gave a lot of fun prompts, some of which were musical pieces. The one I picked for this story was Strauss' "De Fiedermaus" Overture. Listening to it I got the image of a big pokémon orchestra, a super energetic conductor...
  9. Namohysip

    Lunar [One-Shot]

    The following is rated Teen for blood and some dark themes. No Pokemon knowledge is required except for basic lore behind Darkrai and Cresselia. The following was written as part of the 2018 Holiday Gift Exchange event! Information on the premise and so on will be at the bottom. I'd rather it...
  10. AmericanPi

    Police (SkullShipping; one-shot; PG-13/T)

    "Police" A SkullShipping one-shot by AmericanPi Guzma and Plumeria walked in silence in the Alolan forest, searching for a Pokémon that they both liked, Venipede. Guzma glanced at his former charge and sighed softly to himself. Truth to be told, he invited Plumeria on this outing so that she...
  11. Negrek

    [One-Shot] Legends

    Warnings: Violence associated with pokémon battles. Author's Notes: A one-shot for January! (Shhh, I know it's February, I took a couple days to make some edits.) I considered entering this into the platonic contest, but then I didn't. That's about all there is to say about this one. Enjoy...