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pokedex completion

  1. Rahus

    Home Pokedex Completion

    Looking for some Pokemon from the list below to finish my National Dex in Pokemon Home. I don't care about the quality of the Pokemon, I just need its dex info. I am also willing to do tradebacks. --- Pokemon I'm Looking For: --- Deoxys Phione Manaphy Shaymin Victini Meloetta Genesect Diancie...
  2. H

    Help needed to complete dex!

    Hi I need a hand with a few Pokemon trades to complete my dex in Shield (can't get the first one for the life of me!) Drampa, Arctovish and Clauncher Cheers!
  3. C

    LF these Pokemon. I’ll trade you anything I can

    I got the Shield version, but I also have some Sword exclusives. Trying to finish the dex. Any help would be great, I’ll do my best to help you out too! Here’s the list of Pokemon I’m looking for: Frosmoth Turtanator Drampa Mawile Swinub Shelmet Lucario Togedemaru Arctovish Dracozolt...
  4. C

    I need 3 pokemon to finish my dex

    Hi, I want to complete my pokedex, but I only need 3 more. Grookey Galarian Corsola Throh In return I can give Sword exclusive pokemon My IGN is: Cutie Thank you in advance :)
  5. Z

    Help with pokedex

    I've got 17 pokemon left and most of them are exclusive to Sword. I have Shield, can anyone help me out with a few trades to knock this out?
  6. AgentRavenwolf

    Dex completion?

    i just am wondering of anyone can help me complete my dex im still a little away but im under 100
  7. N

    Completing pokedex

    I'm really close to completing the pokedex, but i need some shield exclusive pokemon T__T Can anyone help me, please? I'm currently looking for: -Oranguru -Sableye -Weavile -Riolu -Silvally -Hitmonlee I don't want to keep it, I just need the entry please Let me know if you're willing to help...
  8. S

    LF: sword exclusives FT: shield exclusives (don't care about stats)

    I'm trying to complete my pokedex and am in need of some sword exclusives! I don't care about stats at all since I can breed for that later. The ones I need are: Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shrifty Turtonator Stonjourner Basculin (red striped) Indeedee (male) I have all the shield exclusives except for...
  9. C

    Shiny Charm Help

    Hi - I'm currently playing Shield and need a few Sword Pokemon to help me finish my pokedex get my charm. Been lucky with random trading but could do with some help. Willing to trade exclusives for exclusives, if anybody playing Sword needs any help
  10. A

    LF: Shield exclusive Pokémon FT: Sword exclusive Pokémon

    Hello! I'm trying to finish my Pokédex and I'm look0ng for the following Pokémon: Spritzee w/Sachet (I'll give another Sachet after the trade, so you don't have to waste one). Croagunk Vullaby Shelmet to trade with Karrablast and trade back. Sableye Oranguru Drampa Lunatone Zamazenta (only...
  11. watchoutforthem

    Finishing my dex

    Hey I'm just looking for someone who can hopefully help me complete my pokedex! I'm only missing 7 Pokemon, and I dont even need every one supplied to me, but here they are: Mawile (I have sword so I can catch it, but the weather hasn't been in my favor) Trapinch Vibrava (tbh if I get a...
  12. tummeys

    Pokémon Sword n Shield - Trade Thread!

    hi litcherally just made an account and idk what im doin! if a thread like this exists already, oops! here's another one, muah this thread will be used to help ppl finish the galar 'dex! pls say which version of the game you have + pokemon you need! or alternatively, post your lists of what...
  13. Nyrhia

    Pokedex completion

    I'm looking for some pokemon to complete my pokedex. A touch trade is also appreciated! Looking for: Appletun Aromatiss Orangu Drampa Lunatone Sableye Eiscue Zamazenta For trade: Indeedee Stonejourner Sirfetche'd Slurpuff Kommo-o Deino Flapple Coalossal lax gigantimax And many more pokemon...
  14. Coaxer

    Looking to Trade for Pokedex

    Currently looking for these for my Pokedex. Scorbunny Golitha Mawile Stonedour Turtonator Darumaka Zacian
  15. F

    LF: Arctovish FT: Arctozolt, Dracozolt,Dracovish or LF: Dino Fossil FT: Drake Fossil, Fish(Complete)

    Also looking to get Malamar and Mawile I have most other pokemon if you want to trade just need to complete Pokedex.
  16. F

    Completing pokedex

    As the thread name implies, I'm missing some mons to complete my pokedex. I'm looking for: Grookey Sobble Seedot Flapple Swirlix Farfetch’d Scraggy Gothita Rufflet Mawile Passimian Turtonator Darumaka Stonjourner Deino Zacian I have pokemon shield and almost, if not all the shield exclusives...
  17. Xenomata

    Need help with the Pokedex: Complete, thanks for the help!

    Pokedex completed, thanks any and all for the help! ... ...if you still want Competitively bred Scorbunny, HA Falinks, Stonjourner, or HA Snom, I'd be willing to discuss I guess?
  18. C

    Filling Pokédex: Have all Shield Version Exclusives, Looking for Sword

    Will trade any Shield version-exclusives except legendaries, but including all 3 starters.
  19. concern


    Hello, I am trying to complete my pokedex and am looking for the following: Mawile Passimian Turtonator Solrock Stonjourner Zacian Sableye (this one is shield exclusive but I haven't gotten it yet due to bad timing on my part) I will return all of your pokemon as I only want the dex entries...
  20. thejudge

    Looking to finish Pokedex

    Consider this post closed.