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pokemon lets go

  1. A


    Anybody interested in doing a tournament for lets go? No Legendaries and if we have enough people we can do doubles. both parties report the winner and we go from there. Super casual but fun.
  2. A

    Competitive Lets Go?

    Hello All! I'm new and wondering if there is any (not in game) system that opts for ranked battling or tournaments like Game battles, or MLG or whatever. Alec
  3. G

    Oddish/Gloom with leech seed?

    Is there any way I can make this happen ? To make an oddish or any of its evolutions learn or have leech seed ? If anyone has one and willing to trade for it, then let me know what you want for it lol If this is completely impossible then does anyone have any suggestions for a similar grass...
  4. D

    Looking for Meowth! (Last Pokemon I need to complete the Dex)

    hey all I really need a meowth to complete the dex, will trade any Pokemon for it except for Mew and Meltan Reply back if interested, we can go decide upon the code and time
  5. NatSack

    Trying to complete the 'Dex so I can get my shiny charm

    I have Pokemon let's go Pikachu, still need all the trading only evolutions as well as Bellsprout, Koffing, & Goldeen Anyone willing to help me I'd greatly appreciate it. If it's easier my IG is @Daddynattsack
  6. J

    Looking for Trade Evos, LGE exclusives & Omanyte

    Hello everyone, I am working on completing my LGP Pokédex, and I am looking for some help with trade evolutions, LGE exclusives, and fossils. Any level, CP, etc. is fine. Specifically, I'm looking for the following: Trade evos - for trade evos, I can send back yours if you'd like :) - Kadabra...
  7. J

    Looking for omanyte. Pokemon Lets go

    Hello i am looking for omanyte it is the only pokemon i need to fill my pokedex in pokemon lets go, if somebody would be willing to trade with me please reply.
  8. T

    Looking for trade evolutions

    Hey guys, looking to trade to get the trade evolutions, gravler for gravler, machoke for machoke etc.
  9. J

    Female shiny alolan vulpix for male

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for a female shiny alolan vulpix because fate decided to be cruel and give me a male after weeks of blood, sweat, and tears trading Pokémon to get a shiny....please I beg of you, any benevolent soul kind enough.... I’ll give you my shiny ninetails too if I have to! (No...
  10. C

    Trade w/ LGPika Players

    Looking to trade for the Pikashu version exclusive. Will trade exclusives from Eevee version or we can negotiate depending on what you want etc. Currently need - Sandshrew Sandlsash Growlithe Oddish Gloom Mankey Primeape Grimer Muk
  11. A

    Pokedex completion help thread?! (Lets help each other!)

    Hello! I need help to evolve all the trade only evolutions (graveler, haunter, poliwhirl, machoke, kadabra) to complete the pokedex! I have spare kabuto and omanyte :) I have LG Eevee with those version exclusives too :) I am happy to also do tradebacks if you want your original (now...
  12. M

    Pokemon Let's Go Johto?

    Hey guys, just curious what Pokefans speculate about the future of the "Let's Go" series after Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. As we know, it is a remake which is a practice The Poke Company started generations ago. So far: 1) Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green 2) Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver...