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  1. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Your memories of your first shiny

    I decided to make a thread about your very first shiny pokemon. But, my first Shiny was an SOS Magikarp I shiny hunted for in about 1hr 20mins in Sun. But it doesn't end there. Shortly after I got my first Shiny, I was in Lush Jungle for some reason and I ended up finding a full odds shiny...
  2. johtrio

    Shiny Breeding Odds?

    hey y'all quick question. esp for the people who r good at shiny breeding/hunting lol so after using the masuda method n abt .. 450 eggs later (it took A While. like goddamn) i finally hatched the shiny pkmn i wanted. anyways. do the odds reset after hatching one shiny? this is like my 2nd...
  3. Sightless

    Closed Ty <3

    Got two shiny scorbunnys for trade and if needed can go get a 5IV+ US Ditto to add on. Might give 1 shiny scorbunny and a shiny vespiquen instead if that sounds interesting. Message or comment if interested, thank you!
  4. D

    LF Shiny Tapu(s) and shiny poipole/zeraora events (uncloned if possible)

    I have lots of perfect IVs all around pokemon some of which (most shiny versions will have 2-5 perfect IVs) are shiny. I really want a Im personally looking for the shiny tapus/poipole event that I was too busy to get last year. I prefer if there uncloned but Im not to picky. Any of these and...
  5. Emboar_Rulez

    Shiny help

    So I’ve been trying to find a shiny Poliwag for almost a week now and was wondering if anyone has any advice I have looked in cerulean cave and the route right before victory road and got my catch chain to 450 I have a lure active always and have the shiny charm.What am I doing wrong? I will...
  6. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Best Shinies

    I'm wondering what are some favorite shines of Pokemon you can catch in USUM. I need new ideas on what new Pokemon to shiny hunt for. You can also mention any shines you've caught here. Right now, I'm shiny hunting a Paras and shinies I've caught before are a Magikarp/Gyarados, Yungoos, some...
  7. G

    Gen 3 Shiny hunting

    I was wondering if anybody knew the secret ID associated with the trainer ID: 42272. I recently caught my first shiny pokemon and attempted to deduce my SID but came up with 3 options for it. I don't know how I would go about testing them, and was wondering if A) anybody knew the SID associated...
  8. X

    LF: Cheat-Free Diancie / FT: Events, IVs, Shinies, Rash Diancie

    LF: A cheat-free naive/hasty Diancie. So please no clones/RNG stuff/whatever. Just a regular Diancie (that you ideally got yourself). FT: Got lots of event PKMN, a couple of bred ones (I could breed more), and a few non-event shinies (careful Phantump, timid HA Eevee, jolly Alolan Meowth, mild...
  9. M.A.C.H

    Original Generation 1 (Shiny) Sprites

    Not too sure why I decided to do this maybe nostalgia, Japanese Blue and international Red/Blue Shiny Pokemon Sprites including shiny Missingno :D:D
  10. T

    LF: Mythical Untouched Events

    Hello there, I am trying to collect all mythical Pokemon. I need untouched events of the following, as long as they are the same level and have the same movesets and are English events, that is fine, as long as they are untouched it can be any event. I need the following: Arceus, Victini...