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  1. V

    Pokemon might be dead in the 2020s decade

    Ever since we’ve had the failure known as Gen 8, Pokemon could possibly be finished after gen 9 or gen 10 since their lack of ideas with pokemon designs are starting to show as 90% of the gen 8 pokemon were hated! Welp, it was fun while it lasted, but Pokemon might be over this decade after what...
  2. B

    LF non ENG Ditto

    [Pokemon You Want:] Ditto non-ENG [Pokemon You're Offering:] Ditto ENG [Country of Origin:] ENG [Comments:] 0852 2580 [Player Name:] Bonfire
  3. D

    Need a shiny eevee

    I need a shiny eevee but I don't have the shiny charm so can someone catch or hatch one for me and we cn trade, gender doesn't matter, also I need it for swsh
  4. D

    Need a shiny buneary for swsh

    I know it's to much to ask, but can I someone trade a shiny female buneary with me? I have 2 gmax alcreamies, all you have to do is catch it in a heal ball and name it Ochaco, like the character from my hero academia. Please if anyone sees this and wants to trade with me please do, I dont have...
  5. D

    Does anyone have a diancie

    I want a diancie, but I dont have the money to get the expansion pass, so if anyone with the expansion pass has a diancie (shiny doesnt matter I dont really like shinies) can we trade, I dont have any legendaries or shinies though so I hope that's fine, if anyone sees this the link code will be...
  6. B

    LF: 6iv foreign Ditto

    LF: 6iv, non-English Ditto Also Urshifu single strike and Galarian Slopoke for trade evolution. FT: Lvl 55 Shiny Wishiwashi, female, 4iv with modest nature in a net ball. Nicknamed Ann Chovy. Lvl 1 Shiny Toxel, female, 4iv with naive nature in an ultra ball. Nicknamed Amy Lee. Ability rattled...
  7. ohjeezitskim

    LF: Swanna, Whirlipede, ect for living dex || FT: Apri/Bank ball mons

    I'm looking for these pokemon (that we would have to trade within Pokemon Home besides one) Swanna, Whirlipede, Zebstrika, Chingling, Cherubi, Wormadam, Kriketot I have a spreadsheet of all my bankball mons. I will have to breed almost all of them as requested except for some spares that I get...
  8. D

    FT: HA and Apriball pokemon LF: HA and Apriball pokemon

    Hi Hi :3 I have several HA & Matching Ball Pokemon. Looking to trade with HA & Matching Ball that i don't own yet. HA Pokemon i have: Gen 1 - Caterpie - Eevee - Koffin - Krabby - Timer Ball - Machop - Magikarp - Dive Ball - Snorlax - Heavy Ball Gen 2 - Natu - Dusk Ball - Sneasel - Swinub -...
  9. ghostedZorua

    A Pack of Potatoes and other new things in SwSh

    Something interesting I saw near the end of the Pokemon Sword and Shield treehouse E3 video, just before the Big Bad News, was that an item was received called "A Pack of Potatoes", and that it was placed in an "Ingredients Pouch". What do you guys think this will entail for the games? Will we...